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Found 15 results

  1. I have a Skåne with a 13 point captain, having preventive maintenance, last stand, torpedo reload and CE. Since I am still grinding this line, I am wondering whether BFT would be a good choice to fit in this tech tree. It seems legit to furhter improve the dpm and AA but that also means I need to trade SE or superindendent, maybe even trading BFT with AR. Has anyone tried BFT with Europe DD? How does it feel like? Would losing one of the 3-point skill brings a huge impact?
  2. For those who don't already know, there is a free captain skill reset with 0.8.7. However, this is not an automatic process! You have to activate it first: 1) Go to: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-087-french-destroyers-part-2/ 2) Make sure you are logged in. 3) Scroll down after the Priority Sector AA changes. 3) Click on the participate button. Remember! You must click on the participate button! You won't get the free reset if you don't! The reset will last until Aug 29.
  3. The value of the 4-point Concealment Expert captain skill has fallen greatly since 0.8.0. First because for all ship types it was literally nerfed, the reduction in detection radius being capped to a flat 10% regardless of class. Second because, as flamu makes it very clear in a recent vid, in CV games most ships spend most of the game spotted. The utility of the CE skill is therefore far less. ... and I'm actually really happy about this, on a number of levels: Prior to the update, CE was a mandatory skill. Now, you have 4 skill points you can assign to other skills instead, which is both interesting and useful. Especially for BBs, but even for certain cruisers one can at least contemplate going with manual AA or IFHE instead. Also, it significantly nerfs the ability of BBs to sneak up on smaller ships. Infamously, the Conqueror. It also gives DDs a little more breathing room from enemy cruisers. I've gone ahead and de-specc'd CE off all my T7 and below BB captains. Looking seriously at doing the same for Yorck and New Orleans. Not sure if I'm ready to take this to my T8s though.
  4. Dendi_Superman

    Freddie the-not-so Great

    With the current meta, how should I spec the captain? CQB or Flamu's tank build? Or perhaps the meta will change once the CV and concealment changes go thru? After playing a few rather short lived games, I find that I can't click with her yet. Get close to try to support DD, gets IFHE to death by Worcester (yes, 100 to port), guns are controlled not by me but by rng, triple cits in one game but overpens and misses for the rest. So errrr, need some help. Notice me senpai!
  5. Currently running [PT] [EM] [V] [AFT] with Secondary battery mod 2 equipped. Warspite has enough secondary armaments to make AFT viable, but not enough to make the choice a no brainer. [CE] and aiming system mod 1 seem to me equally viable, perhaps more. The standard BB 10 pointer [PT] [EM] [SI] [CE] seems to me a reasonable default. Either way the order to take the three point skills seems to be fairly open. I rationalized vigilance as follows: I'm going secondaries, so I want to get within 7 km of DDs. Even if I don't, the armor is optimal at medium-short engagement distances. Conclusion: Warpite is a DD/torp magnet. Low torp protection but narrow turning circle means the ship is supposed to dodge not soak. Vigilance helps a BB to dodge more than on smaller ships, since more time is needed. Not taking SI is mitigated by running premium heal consumable. For later, I'm considering expert loader, JoT, SI of course, and perhaps BFT... Perhaps someone can comment on how well the secondary build works. I can confirm it's fun. I'm not sure if it's especially effective.
  6. I have never used RDF, but I am considering it as a last pick on a high level DD captain. I've read up about it of course and watched You Tubers use it and explain how they use it and I get it, I do, but it seems like such a two edged sword. I have played against RDF a lot and I am sure it is a powerful tool when used correctly but if you look at where your fleet is while you are detected by RDF, you can sometimes reverse plot it and get an idea of where the person using RDF on you is themselves. I am not rich and would rather keep a few hundred doubloons to go towards a new ship than to respect a high level captain if I don't like it. Have you ever regretted taking RDF? Have you ever respecced a captain because of taking RDF?
  7. Hi all, I would like to know if anyone who plays carriers, use the captain skill Evasive Maneuver for their planes?? i am toying with the idea for my Independence, but i want to know if anyone else uses it, as it slows planes down when returning to the carrier..... raises hitpoints though & reduces detectability.... Discussion please...... Ordrazz
  8. What will be your last 6 points going to be? 1) AFT(4) + EL(1)+Catapult(1) 2) Vigilance(3) + Jack of All Trades(2) + EL(1) 3) Any other recommendations?
  9. So I am trying to a build Secondary focused Captain for my German BBs. I will be transferring this Captain from ship to ship as I move up the tiers. The tier III and IV Captain skills I am looking at are: 1) BFT 2) Superintendent 3) Manual Control for Secondaries 4) IFHE 5) AFT The problem is I won't have the points to get all of these, so I must give one of them up. But which one should I give up? BFT also increases AA damage in addition buffing Secondaries, so it also protects against CVs. Superintendent gives an extra heal, and together with flags plus the Premium Repair Party consumable allows me to tank quite a lot of damage, plus its a lot easier to farm to farm more Dreadnought achievements for flags, which would allow me to farm even more and so on and so forth. Manual Control improves accuracy which is important considering the Secondary guns are manned by Imperial Stormtroopers. I heard IFHE is good for German BBs, as the secondaries fire mostly HE in higher tiers, and can penetrate enemy BBs. AFT increases range, which is probably the most important factor in a Secondary build. So which skill should I forego? I'm inclined to drop either IFHE or BFT. Is that a good idea? Should I lose Superintendent instead? Or should I grab a totally different skill like CE? What do you all think? Thanks in advance!
  10. Updated the Captain Skill Calculator over the weekend. Not only does it allow you to generate a Build URL for sharing via social media/forums, but now it also has a Recommend Builds by Ship based on community submitted specs to the site. If someone submits the same build for that exact ship, it will upvote the spec. If you load a recommended build, you can then also upvote it or modify that build as a starter. Right now the system is brand new so the top builds are limited. I am asking the community to help populate it by submitting their favorite builds by ship and also upvoting the good ones. This is just the start, wanted to get it out soon as possible as many in the community are looking for guidance on what builds they should use. http://ShipComrade.com/CaptCalc P.S. plan to add a mouse over on the builds & optimize some code (to speed it up) in the near future. Also plan to add these top builds on the individual ship pages in our ship trees.
  11. As you guys may have know it, the catapult fighter's duration has been nerfed. The duration was nerfed to 60s in PT, but the nerf is dialed back a bit to 90s in the upcoming live version. So, what do you guys think about the Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft skill. It is worth it on battleships?
  12. amazinghuh

    RN captain skills

    Hey guys! I just got my Leander and i was wondering which skills would suit her best, also imma use her captain till i reach Minotaur then i think i might have readjust the cap skills or maybe not if i have enough point on her captain so yeah which should i start off with BoS or BFT and what bout the remaining skills? much thanks
  13. Hey there fellas! I was wondering which of the 3 skills would be most useful for my Bimarck which would be a secondary build. Right now im training my captain on Bayern and i do like brawling quite a lot. I have personally done some research and high alert seems quite right but than again vigilance is also quite tempting.. Opinions and suggestion? Thanks!
  14. I'd like to suggest another 'tree' for players to invest their captain's skill points in. They've covered "Artillery", "Secondary Armaments", "Durability", "Concealment", "Aircraft", and "Specials"- And it felt a tad bit too bland on some ships. I mean, considering that a tier 5 skill magically makes something as large as a battleship only appear in a range a CA normally would (Tirpitz), why not? Adding another tree would increase the multitude of builds. For example, would a captain choose better rudder shift(Example) or Advanced Firing Training as a tier 4 skill? It also gives giant whaleships a bit more maneuverability while essentially making DDs ninja- In exchange for their usual skills, of course. Examples I thought of: T1 - Efficient Engines - -7% time to reach full engine power T2 - Last Stand - Same as Vanilla. Allows penalized movement when engine and/or rudder are disabled T3 - Draft Reduction - -15% to turning circle T4 - Fast Switch - -15% time to rudder shift T5 - Streamlined - +5% maximum ship speed on destroyers and cruisers, +10% maximum ship speed to carriers and battleships, +10% time to maximum engine power
  15. I read several years ago a naval history book that stated that the imperial japanese crews trained extensively for night engagements which gave them an edge over their US counterparts. (Alas i will have to find the book to reference it again). This got me thinking about Captain Skills and the proposed weather impacts on game. If we get rain, night, fog, etc would it be worth having a high tier skill that aided the crew in main battery range for those conditions to simulate that training? Id say reduce the dispersion but that may not be a popular one. As its only for certain maps, this skill would be of benefit only at certain times but if its made tempting enough may be worth a captain using that skill.