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Found 1 result

  1. So I've had some good games recently and even got myself a pair of Krakens which is always pretty difficult to get but my problem is that when I do get a Kraken my team always loses. You feel yourself getting on a roll your shots are all hitting your getting Citadels left right & centre, capping bases, defending bases and sinking any ship within range basically a 1 man show. Then you look at your team DD's who refuse to cap, the BB who refuses to let his ships paint be scratched, Cruisers who don't know when to push towards a cap to put pressure on the enemy ships (and this is the good news). And then we have the other half of your team who have lost the will to live and die within 5min of the battle with enemy torp walls catching them off guard, devastating strikes occurring and the dreaded Detonation (Fun & Engaging) at which point you know deep within you that the game can't be won. As a result of many games like this recently me and some Div mates have had to revise what amount of damage we need to carry a team like this, previously we thought around 300k damage should be more than needed but we now think we need to push towards the 400k mark So show me your failed carry Kraken so i don't feel alone in my despair. I will get us started with a couple of my own