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Found 20 results

  1. GroundedMuslimYT

    More PTS doubloons?

    Hey, So when i joined PTS a few days back i got 30k doubloons which i spent on tier 10 perma space camo for testing purposes costs me 8k+ 8k + 8k = 24k doubloons, now i have 6k doubloons left.. but i wanted more doubloons to use it on more camo or maybe something else in future, but i don't see where i get more doubloons in PTS or anything.. can i return those camo and get back the doubloons or get more doubloons by any chance? PS: camos shouldn't cost that much considering its pTS, people are there to test new features and having some fun.. but where's the fun if we loose all the doubloons they give ends up in getting 3 camo..
  2. Robby_Hermanto

    How to make a ship skin MOD?

    Hi guys, I am excited to make skin mod for ships. There are some questions I would ask: 1. What application used to make a mod? 2. What is the extension of the final product? 3. How to submit the skin for WG approval to make it dowload able from mod station? 4. Is it possible to donate the skin to WG to make it a perma camo? I will give it for free, no royalty requested. For I am a fan, not intent to make money from WG. Thank you in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Cusagupalupagup

    Camo BUG

    Dear Wargaming GODS, i dunno where to submit this bug from PUBLIC TEST so i went before YOUR ALMIGHTY presence.. this concerns when i apply a camo on my ship, it doesnt stick. i learned that after going in a battle then clicking leave queue the camo THEN gets applied.. see thru the pics, and also same way if demounting the camo w/out any replacement. this happens on CO-OP, RANDOM, & RANKED battles. it seems to be a wee bit of a problem that anybody would be alarmed, but i notice this irregularity and it doesn't involve lagging internet connection.
  4. March 8 (today) is "International Women's Day" and in celebration of 50% of the world's population Wargaming did what... oh they put just 1 earnable IWD camo in the 'Fly! Strike! Win!' event, wow!?!?, the girls playing this game must be parting like its 1999. I thought WG's Valentine's Day response was p!$$ poor, this is even better. And to earn this 1 camo you need to shot down 15 aircraft in Random Battles. I'm struggling to even find matches now with CVs in them to shot aircraft down, so just 1 IWD camo that in really difficult to unlock, yeah!!!. As a guy I was just hoping to get some free pink camos (yeah I watched 'Operation Petticoat' on the TV the other day so I want some pink ships now) but I imagine if I was a girl I'd probably be really angry at this. Their is still time, maybe WG will pull something out of their butts, like with Valentine's Day, trying to get you to buy something from the Premium Shop yet again. PS. To anyone who clicked on this topic thinking there would be a code here to get some free camos or a flag, or something/anything, sorry but maybe someone from Wargaming might be so kind as to post such a code here, and in doing so prove me wrong. PPS: Correction - There is actually 4 IWD camos you can unlock through the 'Fly! Strike! Win!' event, still hoop dee f'ing doo. The last of these requires you to shoot down another 20 aircraft. I've been playing for hours today trying to shoot down the first lot of 15, I've got 4 so far, this is painful.
  5. InfiniteVoid

    Scharnhorst Artic Camo

    Noticed that Scharn's Artic Camo was available for purchase at 4000 doubloons under its camo tab. What a pleasant surprise, on the amount too. Have neglected scharny for quite some time. My poor German Death Machine needs some love again. Now I'm wondering was it already available prior to the anniversary event or it was introduced together with the sharkbek, and Z32 camo? Any idea whether it's gonna be permanent or be pull out till the next update. Can't seem to find the info related on WG's news.
  6. Mistbreaker

    GO NAVY/Freedom Camo Disable

    Hello! I kind of like historical camo and wish to replace the eye soring camo with skins from like Tanz's shipyard, is there any way to replace or at least disable Go Navy camo while still retain it's economy and combat bonuses ? Thanks!
  7. Uploaded camo design yesterday but the image is not displayed in Gallery section of the page Had uploaded yesterday - it said thank you for submitting your entry, but today it says nothing. My design does not appear in Gallery section likes others that i can see. So how can i know whether my design has been accepted, rejected ? Am i suppose to upload it again or just wait ? or assume it got rejected and redesign and re upload again ? https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/contests/camo-content-helena/ This is news link for camo contest details http://paintmyhelena.hscampaigns.com/#enter-now This is the upload page and Gallery section
  8. It is my number one frustration with this game and World of Tanks also that camo factors are ridiculously high. If a bloody destroyer moves or a tank moves in open seas or field IT HAS TO LOOSE IT"S CAMO RATING!! It is bloody well visible. If you make it otherwise you are destroying the reality of the game. And you guys bash on endlessly about how realistic the game has to be. I call BULLDUSHT. And for the poor sods that bleat that destroyers wouldn't be able to sink battleships, well that would be a fact wouldn't it. Destroyers only sank battleships that had been pummelled by other battleships or heavy cruisers Get it right because there are a lot of games that don't pander to this camo bollocks
  9. Made a short poll so WG can heed my call. I personally love the camos , really wish i could purchase those , looks pretty badass to say the least.
  10. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    Yamato premium skin, what's the point?

    With the new Yamato skin from HSF, is there really any point in having the premium skin? I mean this in the sense that since I have the HSF skin, can I get a refund in doubloons or something by selling the premium skin? There's literally no point in even having it as I believe that the HSF skin is better and more worth it as you can grind commander xp at a better rate.
  11. karrablaster123

    Camouflage sorting

    A feature to sort camouflages based on the bonuses. When one has a lot of different camouflages and one needs to grind free xp for example, it would be nice if there was a way to sort camos by free xp.
  12. As per title, just my thoughts, constructive critic is welcomed. I wanted to write this post because in the recent WoWS 2nd Year Anniversary, there is 200% on first victory and premium. Spamming my signals allows me to gain 100K of free EXP in 3 days. What happens when you spams: NOTE: It will be a slow grind, use doubloons is the fastest way. This is just a casual gaming guide for poor users. For those who is lazy to read, Simplified Conclusion: Main Text: I usually do is to use the signals and camo when there is premium time. Example: with 50% Equal Speed Charlie London. Normal: Effective multiplier = 1.0 (normal) x 1.5 = 1.5 Premium: Effective multiplier = 1.5 (premium) x 1.5 = 2.25 From the example, you are getting more from the signals when you use them during premium times. Effects on signals and camo are added together, and multiple in the EXP equation. Premium time is a direct multiplier in the equation, which means you are getting 50% more from whatever you used. It is not hard to see when WARGAMING keep showing you the result screen with premium effects. Free EXP signals are usually in the hundreds. For example Papa Papa, +300%, your Free EXP will increase from 5% to 15% (see below for the formula). Stating the obvious, to increase your free EXP, put more signals for both base and free EXP, not forgetting the camo also. When should I use my signals/camo? Condition 1-> Researching the ship/modules Normal days: Save up unless you have a lot of them. Premium: SPAM ALL signals and camo, on first Victory ships. If you lose, just take it as EXP earning. Special signals can spam lesser, since they are rarer. Premium + special bonus (like 200% first victory): SPAM ALL!!! Condition 2-> Not researching anything, training commander and earning credits. Normal days: Save up unless you have a lot of signals/doubloon camo. Credit camo should still be used on ships like DD. Premium: Use those you need, like Zulu (+20% credit) and Zulu Hotel (+50% commander EXP) Premium + special bonus (like 200% first victory): SPAM those you need, especially on first victories. NOTE2: Spam at ships that you are researching and/or higher tier. Reason: 1) so you will minimise wasting those ship EXP that are useless without Doubloons. 2) Higher tier (like 8+) usually earn more base EXP, unless you seal club at tier 5-7 (i.e. don’t waste on lower tier ships). NOTE3: EXP gained from Base EXP Modifiers are added to the Commander EXP, under “Ship’s bonuses”, so you are also training your Commander. NOTE7: Where can I get more camo/signals/premium time? 1) Public test: usually play 1 battle and earn 3 signals from all type expect special signals. There are also camo and premium time, but you have to spend more time on it. 2) Campaigns and Missions: camo, signals, premium are the rewards in some 3) Supply Crate: 2000exp is easiest to get. 4) World of Tanks: Yes, for those play WoT, they do have premium in some of their missions. Premiums are shared across account. Appendix:
  13. Yesterday I purchased premium IJN BB Kii with kobayashi camo.Also I received kobayashi camo.To put it bluntly, I am not satisfied with design.I bought camo pack because of kobayashi camo's additional function.In my port I can sort the camo effect through the gear option in the lower right corner.However, when I unchecked kobayshi camo visual effects, the set function is also disabled.In conclusion, I want to use kobayashi camo's functions without visual effects.Just like ARP or HSF ships. plz adjust Kill camo. And please drop the range finder that looks like a grasshopper. Looking forward to improvements in the following patches :)
  14. A simple quality of life interface improvement: Add some options for mounting on all ships when right clicking on a flag/signal/consumable. e.g. right click menu for a dismounted item Mount on this ship Mount on all ships Mount on all ships of same nation Mount on all ships of same type Would save a lot of time when using something like the ranked season flags, for example.
  15. Commander_GALEN

    Bismarck Camo Visual suggestion

    Wargaming, in update 0.6.6 you include and update the Bismarck visual exterior (better ropes appearance) My suggestion: by the way you forgot to update the camouflage (ropes appearance) of Bismarck the last conquest Can you fix this in the upcoming update? thanks!
  16. At the moment, only Tier 10 permanent camos enjoy a 20% credit bonus in addition of 50% repair fee discount for 5000 doubloons, while on the other hand, Tier 9 permanent camos only enjoy a 20% repair cost discount for 4000 doubloons. Both tier 9 & 10 permanent camos offer 2 combat bonus ( -3% detection, +4% dispersion) and 100% ship experience bonus. The required doubloons for tier 9 & 10 are comparable, yet they differ a lot for their in-game credit profitability. It would be nice if tier 9 permanent camos get more love, adding a 10-15% credit bonus with 30-40% repair cost reduction. Right now, tier 10 permanent camos are way too good compared with tier 9's. Are there any one share the love for tier 9 warships? Permanent Camo wiki: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage#Permanent_Camouflage
  17. DutchDelightsNL


    FREE FREE CAMMO AND FLAGGS (original from REDDIT Magnus_Lux Submarine Captain for credits) http://bit.ly/2Flaggs (maybe thank you?) Hey guys,Since I know how much you all love free stuff, here are some bonus codes I found while stumbling through the Twitter-verse. PT060CAMMO6 - 10x Type 6 camo PT060FLAGS3 - 3x every flag (inc. Dragons) PT0606CAMMO - 10x Type 6 camo PT0603FLAGS - 3x every flag (inc. Dragons) As far as I can tell they should work on all servers (have tested both ASIA & NA and the code came from EU) Enjoy! Confirmed EU,NA,RU&SAE
  18. I think this topic has been made a couple of times. Or probably not. But how about releasing like the code designation or ship name (IJN for example) paint jobs for the ships. Just to add a bit of customization. Nothing fancy, just something to liven up things. Sure there are more pressing matters but how about a little something like this. It would be nice to sortie out it IOWA(BB-63 Missouri) appearing on the Team Line up or getting KAGERO(Yukikaze)(complete with her name emblazoned at her side like the real one).
  19. Now as you can see Minekaze was the most successful IJN Destroyer. With her 10 km fast reload torp and decent guns So WG, As usual, Nerf her very badly not only on her torpedoes but her guns too Down to 7 km range (with her stock camo is 6.2 km) making this ship much much even worse than Isokaze (6.1 km camo, 10 km gun range, 7 km torp range) this ship should deserves something better than that!
  20. Krieg

    Purchasable, Permanent Camo

    Hi Team, Could we please get permanent, purchasable camo along the same lines as WoT? Cheers, Krieg