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  1. 當我使用航空母艦時,有蠻多次會在我使用自動駕駛,離開自動駕駛視窗的時候,發生滑鼠與鍵盤(儘可以使用當前飛機前後左右WSAD,當前飛機陣亡後將無法做任何動作)無法控制,而且是整場遊戲都無法控制的情況,這個情況很糟糕,不知道甚麼時候才打算修復,故障的畫面如附件 When I use an aircraft carrier, there are quite a few times when I use autopilot, and when I leave the autopilot window, the mouse and the keyboard cannot do anything ( can only use the current aircraft with the WSAD scan, when the current aircraft down, nothing after the battlecan be Control), and it is a situation lett the whole game can't control. This situation is very bad. I don't know when WG plan to fix it. The faulty picture is attached.
  2. WarGaming is still balancing aircraft carriers (CV) and anti-aircraft (AA) in this game so that players who play CV and those who counter them would be satisfied without ruining each other’s gameplays and enjoyment. Therefore, I would humbly contribute a few of my own suggestions with some comprehensive explanations for CV and AA to be considered by the developers. 1. Reversion to 0.8.4 continuous AA with some tweaks Update 0.8.5 is a massive change to how continuous AA behaves. Starting from this update, continuous AA damage focuses only on a single plane instead of spreading out the damage on several random planes. This causes one plane to take continuous AA damage until it is taken down. Consequently, it is much easier to take down planes as long as the hostile plane squadrons are in AA range. This is good for those who are playing against CV but bad for the CV players especially those who unfortunately get dumped as bottom tier such as Shokaku in a tier 10 match. This also causes CV with little initial plane capacity such as Saipan and RN CVs to get deplaned before the match ends. Hence, it would be wise to revert back to 0.8.4 AA system of which continuous AA damage is spread out on three or more planes. Of course this should come with some improvements. First of all, medium and long AA ranges should be overlapped. This is to ensure higher chance to shoot planes down. Since the AA ranges are overlapped, flaks could be removed from long range AA because overlapped AA should be enough to deal damage on planes thus taking them down. Last but not least, continuous AA damage on a single plane should only be possible by the usage of AA priority sector reinforcement. The AA guns on a ship will focus damage on multiple planes instead if the player does not reinforce AA priority sector. 2. Limitation to plane capacity and removal of plane regeneration ability Yes, you are reading this right. Each CV should have limited plane capacity just like in the RTS era based on this table. For that reason, CV hull should no longer be able to regenerate planes. This change is so that CV players would be more careful in delivering their attack instead of deliberately wasting their planes on grouped ships with combined AA. This change should reward CV players who plan their attacks excellently and punish those who play badly by wasting their planes. Players should consider pre-dropping their payloads on water or land masses to prevent from being deplaned (run out of planes) early. With this change, the old AA Defense Expert achievement should be reintroduced when any type of ship manages to shoot down at least 80% of total hostile aircrafts in a single battle. It is undeniably disastrous if a CV is deplaned. If such case happened, the CV hull should get extra +10% surface and air concealment so that the player can hide until the end of the battle. To prevent from being deplaned early, the Air Supremacy captain skill should give 2 extra planes for each plane type. For example, Hosho with initial 24 planes capacity can have up to 30 planes with this skill. This skill should be the first one to be chosen by players. 3. Repair party consumable for all types of planes regardless of tiers All types of planes should be given Repair party consumable regardless of their tiers. Currently, only torpedo bombers of tier 8 and 10 CVs have this consumable. This consumable is useful to restore planes HP and to prevent excessive plane lost which may cause a CV to be deplaned easily. 4. More buff for Survivability Expert commander skill on planes As of update, Survivability Expert commander skill gives extra +25 HP on planes for each CV tier. This is not enough with the renewed single-plane-focus AA system. Therefore, it is suggested for this skill to give extra +50 HP on plane per CV tier to ensure the longer endurance of aircrafts especially if 0.8.5 AA mechanic is permanent. For example, one torpedo bomber of Graf Zeppelin has 1470 HP. With this proposed SE skill, it would have 1870 HP. This is a major improvement that should be considered to minimize aircraft losses. 5. Panic effect of fighter planes & DFAA while taking down planes Currently, fighter planes (ship-borne catapult fighters and patrol fighters) shoot down hostile planes with the 1:1 trade-off. For example, a ship that launches 3 fighter planes is able to shoot down 3 hostile planes. Meanwhile, Defensive Fire Anti-Aircraft (DFAA) increases the continuous AA damage for limited period of time. Since the CV rework, fighter planes and DFAA do not cause panic effect on plane attack despite being able to shoot down or at least damage the planes. When a ship uses DFAA, the flaks that it produces are dark orange-reddish compared to bright orange-yellowish flaks without DFAA. Therefore, I would suggest the reintroduction of panic effect on attack just like during the pre-rework era. If a squadron is doing attack run within an AA range of a ship currently using DFAA or while being engaged by fighter planes, the drop reticle should be widened. For instance, rocket and bomb reticle should be enlarged to 3 or 4 times of its minimum size. Meanwhile, torpedo drop path could be widened to an extreme 70-80° angle so that the enemy ship could try to dodge the torpedoes thus increasing its survivability chance. 6. Ability of planes to spot torpedoes Before the rework, planes were able to spot hostile torpedoes thus saving the life of ships by giving them enough time to react and torpedobeat. However, this splendid feature was removed once 0.8.0 update hit the live server. Currently, the only way to be aware of incoming torpedoes early is by taking Vigilance commander skill or having a teammate to spot them for you. Therefore, this feature of all types of planes being able to spot torpedoes should be re-implemented. This is to diversify the usefulness of planes. For example, catapult spotter is only able to extend the firing range for a few percentages. With the reintroduction of this ability, it can spot torpedoes once it flies right on top of them. CV-borne aircrafts also should be able to spot torpedoes coming from hostile ship hiding in smoke. 7. Planes take off delay During the RTS era, all CV-based planes had preparation time at the start of the game. The duration of preparation time varied with CV tiers and number of planes in a squadron. In the current reworked CV gameplay, there is literally no preparation time for aircrafts. An aircraft carrier is able to instantly launch aircraft squadron right at the moment when a match starts. Planes are able to spot enemy ships and the direction of their movements in less than 1 minute. This somehow disrupts the ships from moving stealthily to capture points or strategic areas especially for destroyers (DD). WG actually experimented with plane preparation time in the Public Test Server. However, this feature was cancelled when it was supposed to be implemented in 0.8.4 patch. Therefore, the developers should re-implement this feature with some balancing. The aircrafts preparation time for CV is suggested as in Table 2. With this feature, ships of both teams can go to their strategic areas without being spotted too early. A new Upgrade to reduce the plane preparation time by 5 seconds should be provided for CVs of tier 8 and above. Table 2: Suggestion for plane preparation time CV tier Plane preparation time in seconds 4 10 5 15 6 20 7 25 8 30 9 35 10 40 8. Ability to turn off automated consumable usage on CV hull in settings Currently, consumables usage for CV hull is automated. When CV hull is detected by enemy aircraft or ship, escort fighters will be automatically launched and fly around the hull for six minute. Other than that, the Damage Control Party (DCP) will be automatically used when the CV hull is on fire/flooding or when any module on CV hull is incapacitated. This automation is so that CV players can keep controlling their plane squadron without going back to their hull control mode in order to use consumable. Moreover, the developers stated that this is for not spreading the player’s attention too thin in battle and reducing the overload of micromanagement. This automation has its own detriments and can be easily exploited by enemy CV. There is a slight cooldown time of fighters consumable for about 40 seconds once the six-minute patrol has ended. An enemy CV who intends to CV snipe can wait for the patrolling catapult fighters to land and attack the CV during the cooldown period, provided that the enemy CV can avoid the flaks. It is quite bad when the DCP activates only because the rudder/engine is incapacitated or the hull is on fire which will automatically extinguish in just 5 seconds. It is absolutely head tilting when the CV hull is flooding during the DCP cooldown period because it has been wasted just to repair incapacitated module or 5-second fire. Hence, there should be an option to turn off automated consumable usage in Settings just like how the collision avoidance system can be turned on and off. When this option is turned off, a CV player can decide whether to use the consumable or not by cancelling their plane control and going back to the CV hull control mode. Another alternative and much better option is to allow CV hull consumable to be used manually while being in planes control mode. The developers just simply need to adjust the UI of planes control mode by allocating a space for the consumable buttons. An example is shown in the figure below. When a CV player is controlling their planes, they can decide to use the hull consumable by pressing the button assigned to the desired consumable. 9. Zoomable tactical map for precise waypoints setting Currently, CV players rely on waypoints to set their course while piloting their planes. Sometimes, the waypoints fail to navigate the CV hull in the correct direction, causing the hull to be stranded on island or ram friendly ship. This failure often puts CV in dangerous and awkward positions thus making them vulnerable to enemy attacks once detected. This is always caused by complex waypoints being set through islands with small gaps between them even with the collision avoidance system enabled. Therefore, I suggest a tactical map that can be zoomed exactly to 4 horizontal grids so that CV player can set more precise waypoints through islands thus slightly reducing the chance to run aground. A CV player can use the default M button to go to tactical map view and use the mouse wheel to control the zoom level. They can go back to normal view by pressing M again or Esc. This feature should be limited for CV only because it is the only type of ship that uses waypoints for navigation. 10. Reintroduction of odd tier CVs with special planes Odd tier CVs such as Bogue, Hiryu and Essex existed during the glorious RTS CV era. Once update 0.8.0 is released, odd tier CVs are completely removed from the research trees whereas tier 7 Saipan and Kaga are uptiered to 8. There was once a plan to re-implement those old odd tier CVs in alternate CV line but until today, there has been no news about it. Therefore, I would like to suggest the odd tier CVs reintroduction with planes of special functions which emphasis on team support that vary for each nation. The special planes should replace or be optional with the rocket planes. For example, odd tier IJN CVs should have planes that can lay off smokes. The squadron should be set in 2×1 configuration. Once a player starts smoking run, the plane will fly as low as torpedo bombers in attacking phase while generating smokes that can last for about 1 minute. The smoke should be able to cover the whole flank thus blocking enemy’s line of sight. Secondly, odd tier RN CVs should have planes that can extinguish fire on friendly ships. The squadron should be set in 3×1 configuration. The cruising speed of the planes should be 95 knots. The fire extinguishing mechanism should be the same as the RN carpet bombs dropping mechanism. When doing fire extinguishing run, the plane will sprinkle water on friendly ship. This is really helpful for ships especially BB with long fire duration. When a ship is on fire and their DCP is in cooldown period or when all the DCPs have been used up for RU BB, the player should ask the CV with the water sprinklers to help them extinguish the fire. Next, odd tier USN CVs should be provided with seaplane that can land on capture points thus capturing them. Only one seaplane can be launched at a time. During the capturing process, the CV player cannot launch another plane or the capture will stop. Of course the capture seaplane is susceptible to hostile AA and fighters. Therefore, it is only sensible to capture the points together with the presence of allied ships when there is no hostile ship in the vicinity. This is also a novel way for CV to get Capture or Assisted in Capture ribbons without using their own hull to cap. Odd tier IJN and USN CVs should be given different type of bomb from their even tier nation counterparts. HE bombs should be provided to odd tier IJN CVs meanwhile AP bombs are for their USN counterpart. The tables above show the suggested plane capacity of the odd tier CVs and their plane preparation time respectively. Since I am not familiar with Royal Navy ships, I will leave that to WG to decide which odd tier RN CVs to be added. 11. Restriction of one CV per team for tier 8+ CVs Before the CV rework, CVs of tier 8 and above were not accompanied by another CV of same or different tier in a team. Therefore, there was only one CV per team given that the CV tier is 8 and above. This restriction should be implemented once again because tier 8+ CVs are quite impactful in high tier matches despite having lower alpha damage output. This is also to ensure that two queuing CVs get into a match faster without having to wait for the 3rd CV in the queue. 12. ±1 tier matchmaking limitation for CV The matchmaking for CV should be limited to ±1 tier which means that CV should always be midtiered. Currently, CV has ±2 tier matchmaking except for tier 4 CVs of which they are restricted to ±1 unless if they are in failed division. If a CV is the top tier ship in a ±2 tier match, surely the bottom tier ships will be the easy targets for the CV especially if the bottom tier ship is alone or having bad AA. For example, Normandie in a double tier 8 CV match against Lexington and Saipan. In addition, CV being the bottom tier ship in a ±2 tier match is detrimental for the CV player too. As an instance, Shokaku being placed in a tier 10 match against Minotaur and Worcester with overpowered AA. Despite having regenerable planes, bottom-tiered CVs can always be deplaned by ships with AA two tiers higher. Therefore, a matchmaking limitation of ±1 tier for CV must be implemented. 13. Repair Party consumable for destroyers regardless of tier DD is the type of ship with the least amount of HP. Even with the reduction of attack time for rocket aircrafts and the change of HE bomb reticle, DD is always being an easy target for CV especially those with weak AA. Smoke is used by DDs to temporary hide themselves from CV attack but once it has ended, they are vulnerable to CV attack again during the smoke cooldown period. The usage of radar also renders smoke useless for DD, giving chance for CV and other ship types to attack them. Therefore, all DDs should be provided with catapult fighters Repair Party consumable regardless of their tier and nation. Currently, tier 9+ Russian destroyers and Kidd are the only DDs with this consumable. With the provision of Repair Party for DD, their survivability is improved and they can live a bit longer despite being attacked by CV or any other ship types. Even in a match without CV, Repair Party could be useful for them to restore their HP after being hit by shells or torpedoes. If the developers can provide Repair Party for all ships in WoWs Blitz, then they should do the same for at least all DDs in WoWs PC. 14. Improvements to Graf Zeppelin’s bombs and torpedoes Currently, the damage of AP bombs and torpedoes carried by the planes of Graf Zeppelin (GZ) are pretty anemic. The AP bombs often ricochet, do not penetrate or overpenetrate even with the normalization improvement by 5° in the 0.8.5 update. Usually, the bombs do not even hit their targets at all due to the large scatter of bomb drops. The torpedoes still deal little damage even after its alpha damage has been increased to 5333 in the 0.8.5 update. The existence of torpedo bulge on ships makes GZ’s torpedoes less impactful. Therefore, I would suggest a few balancing parameters for bombs and torpedoes of GZ. 14.1 AP bomb improvements The AP bombs could be improved by the following means. The first alternative is to add two more bombers in an attack run. A good loadout would be 3×4 bombers which means that there are 3 attack flights with 4 planes per flight. This should be able to increase the probability of bomb hits on ships especially BB. The second alternative is that a plane should carry 2 AP bombs just like how Midway and Lexington can bring 2 HE bombs per plane. The loadout should be kept as 4×2 bombers with two AP bombs per plane to increase the chance of bomb hitting target ship. With 4 successful hits to citadel, the bomb could deal up to 28k damage. The bomb normalization angle should be improved by 5° more to reduce ricochet and overpen. 14.2 Torpedo improvements There should be two modules of torpedo bombers that can be chosen by players. The first module is the default 3×3 loadout with tier 8 Ta-152C-1/R14 planes. One torpedo deals up to 5333 damage with 6.7 km range. The torpedo damage for this default module is pretty weak thus I suggest for another alternative. The second alternative module has 4×2 loadout with tier 7 planes that should have 200 less HP and 30 knots slower than the default tier 8 torpedo bombers. However, one torpedo should be able to deal up to 9500 damage given that the planes survive in AA auras. The torpedo range should be shortened to 5.3 km too for balancing. In conclusion, the alternative module has torpedoes that can deal more damage which is balanced by weaker and slower planes. Careful and planned attack will reward players with more impactful damage. This concludes my suggestions for CV and AA tweaks for this game. Thank you for taking your time reading this lengthy post. Lastly, I hope that WG takes at least one of the ideas for their consideration.
  3. Fellow Gamers, I am not a Unicum, we're part of a small community that doesn't have much of a voice compared to EU and NA, and I am pretty much preaching in the void, but anyway. Thanks in advance for reading, at any rate. Sorry I didn't post that under the "buff CV" topic currently on top - I am not posting about buffing them, I am posting about, yet again, re-working them into something that doesn't frustrate anyone, be them CV players or preys. Sorry if some if not all these ideas have been pitched before (it must probably be the #748th topic about this anyway...) for I might not have come across them, but more generally it is more of a way for me to vent off steam than anything. I write this with my own background in mind, being first and foremost a DD player. I like the adrenaline, the knife fighting, the ninja strikes... But I am also very attached personally (if not romantically ^^) to carriers IRL - so much that I am literally making a game about them right now. But that ain't the topic. The point is, I fancy myself believing that I am not too biased, and that I did my best in order to keep balance and fun alive in this humble commentary. CV carriers in WoWs have always kinda surprised me. Whether it's pre or post-rework, there's something that immediately feels wrong about them - their target hierarchy and their means to deal with it. I know WoWs doesn't aim at historicity beyond the global feel, but we all know that there are a few logical assumptions that still work well: 6 inchers CL are nimble, fire fast and sweep away DDs ; 8 inchers CA prey on 6 inchers but feel naked against a BB, BBs penetrate everybody but are pretty bad at avoiding anything, DDs are sneaky and will ruin your day with a good torpedo spread. Immediately, there's something that doesn't feel right about that: the CVs in their current state are not somewhere in this close loop, what I will call our meta food cycle. They prey on everybody and fear technically no-one, being only vulnerable when their own team collapses or the CV player suicides. They are not actually part of the food cycle: much like us humans in our own environment, they are above it. Gameplay-wise it is wrong, we all know that, but first and foremost, it has no historical and logical basis. We know why, because we also know who should be its natural predator and is awkwardly nowhere to be seen in game: the enemy CV. See, IRL the target hierarchy of a CV would be something like CV first > then major combatants > DD Because obviously the highest level of threat comes first, then the major and easier targets come next in order. Somehow, it is perfectly inverted in-game: the first natural target of a CV has become the DD, then major combatants, then the CV when there's nothing left. To me, it defies any sort of common logic and makes it all the less intuitive to any new player having a vague idea of what a carrier battle is or was. But, again, we're not playing a historical simulation so whatever. Problem is, this has repercussions in gameplay too. It's tough enough for surface combatants to be left unable to get rid of the CV by themselves (which is understandable and follows historical logic) but what makes it worst is that they do not have any active way to get rid of what is thrown at them. The only actual defense (AAA) isn't even skill-based, which is in a way a big joke both to CV players and their targets. And don't tell me about maneuvering better: in order for the experience not to be too frustrating for the CV players, we ended up making surface combatants too easy to hit. Before Mikuma and Mogami got struck, anyone knows how many american bombs were dropped fruitlessly at surface IJN ships at Midway? Hell, Tanikaze got attacked by a grand total 61 SBDs that only managed a couple near misses. Directly attacking DDs should be the last thing a CV player who wants to conserve striking power would do. Doesn't mean DDs should be immune to the CV, but they should be dispatched by other means, that might include, erm, teamwork? I am not asking anybody to actually nerf the CVs. It's not about buffing them either. I am asking to have them live a new sort of life that will be respectful of the time CV player invest in their skills, while not being totally unbalanced for other categories, especially DD players who pretty much live in the permanent fear of being rocketed to death - or worse, not protected by their own carrier when that happens. I don't claim to have the solution to all problems, but obviously I think that carriers should have their own meta and XP system that encourages them to: - go after the enemy carrier(s), including with some XP incentive if needed - actively and passively support allied surface units through a number of new properties that would reflect IRL experience (scouting, directing CAP, hell even laying smoke!) - only feel the need to actively attack lesser, smaller, faster surface units (CA, CL, DDs) when there's no CV or BB around to strike, and be rightfully hampered by a low chance of hitting them when trying so. Harassing them with shadowing planes should be encouraged, on the other hand. A few examples : - We all see the abuse of the fighter cover system right now: CV players found that it is more interesting to drop CAP over an enemy target to keep it spotted instead of dropping it over a friendly unit... Well, just give carriers what they needed from the start: a scout consumable. Let them drop a long-term, high altitude scout consumable attached to an enemy target that would end up not being reachable by in-game AAA. The scout would follow the target and keep her spotted. You wouldn't abuse the system too much by simply : 1 - limiting the total number of consumable uses 2 - limiting the number of active scouts instances at the same time (2 for instance) 3 - make it countered by dropping some fighter cover over your tagged friendlies in order to get rid of it. BBs and CAs with the proper consumable in particular would find a new and useful use to their seaplane fighters, and wouldn't be left defenseless. This would encourage the CV player to drop shadowing scouts over smaller fries. As a DD player, I am perfectly fine with the idea of being shadowed by an enemy plane and needing extra help or extra time to get rid of it. In game logic, this amounts to the same as radar (which is limited by a well-known range, which makes it somewhat predictable to a careful DD player): if you get rekt after that, that's your fault and you had your chance. And even then, if you end up far behind enemy lines and get shadowed with no hope of extra help, you still have a chance as long as you can escape the enemy gunboats - to the very least, you're not gonna get immediately rekt around the clock by rocket planes you can't do anything against. If he comes for you with DBs and TBs, well twist your butt like you used to in pre-rework era - planes should be able to slow a DD to a snail pace and make it vulnerable to other surface units, and such a crisis should require skill from both the CV player and DD player in order to be solved. 4 - make scouting/naval search sexy. Give it an extra XP reward for CV players only, make them understand that it's in their interest to keep the enemy fleet spotted with their new tools. Hell, give them a good reason to keep you from hammering F7, it's in the interest of everybody, including their own. - Pre-war fleet exercises actually made provisions for the use of air-laid smokescreens. Put it in the game! It is no less historical than all these planes everywhere flying with rockets. Make it a consumable for the CV, that might lay down a screen for a long distance in a straight line. Such a screen can be easily defeated by a scout plane that wouldn't be taken care of, but then again that's your CV player's job to make sure that he just does that. Even better: encourage CV players to do just that by rewarding them with XP not just everytime they spot somebody, but also when using that sort of consumables they hide somebody. - There are many ways to encourage carrier players to go against other carriers. This include XP modifiers, but also new ways to make carrier hunting satisfying. Carrier should be much more nimble than they are. Let the players drive them like a normal ship already! And if you want to put a limitation to compensate for this, let's just add a "wind indicator" that will force them to go into the wind with a minimum speed to be able to launch planes at all. These are little touch that make driving CVs still skill-based, while they have something to care about on the long-term (that is, staying operational AND alive). - Future inclusion of submarines could very well give the CV's missions a new meaning, and give it yet another way to shine (or to worry about itself), the same way it would deeply influence the DD meta. TL;DR: If unable to fit in the main food cycle, CVs should have their own parallel meta-game happening at the same time as surface ships have their own. They shouldn't be part of the basic brawl but should be actively support it, and be rewarded creatively for that. Their main target should be the enemy CVs, and without being game-changing they should be able to influence it noticeably. Sorry for the long post. It's good sometimes to put things on paper. Helps with the burden. Don't get me wrong. I love the game. But I believe it could be a bit better for all of us, and entice more people to actually play carriers without generating some sort of full-scale [content removed] ... Good steamin', everyone! Inappropriate use of medical term. Post edited. ~Beaufighter
  4. Ok so I know I've done Commonwealth (CW) tech lines before (DD and CL) this post builds on that, shifting a few things around based on feedback, adds premium ships and **shock** even manages some CVs... Feel free to theorycraft, criticise or compliment any content in here, I'm doing this for the hordes of us folks from Commonwealth nations because we are often forgotten in the annuals of history... So this one is for you all you unspoken legends... The Commonwealth contributed some of the largest amounts of man-power and resources in the first and second World Wars, particularly in view of our populations and economic strength (or lack thereof). By an large these lines borrow heavily from the RN for ships but World of Warships is an arcade game and as such there's plenty of room for our own flavour. The priority was to get ships that were actually built and used and by the most amount of CW nations... Tech Tree would look like something below... Don't be quick to jump on certain ships, please read further below before dismissing a ship... I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X DD S-class V-class Scott-class A-class H-class W-class Tribal-class N-class Daring-class CL Grimsby-class Pelorus-class Challenger-class Chatham-class Dunedin Mod-Leander Bellona-class Crown Colony Swiftsure-class ZA Design CV Ruler-class (Bogue) Colossus-class Majestic-class Premiums DD HMAS Vampire HMCS Saskatchewan HMCS Sioux HMCS Haida CL/A HMAS Perth (CL) INS Dehli (CL) HMAS Australia (CA) HMNZS Black Prince (CL) HMCS Quebec (CL) HMNZS Gambia (CL) INS Mysore (CL) HMCS Ontario (CL) BB HMNZS New Zealand (BC) CV HMS Nabob (HMCS Crew) The CW CL line would be defined by frequently being older ships at higher tiers however CW nations often added extra gear or customised their ships heavily, borrowing from various allies and installing systems to suit themselves. The CW DD line is far more up-to-date, often having cutting-edge RN DDs that were then customised. They would often receive these ships as they were commissioned, so the DD line reflects that. The CW CV line is an amalgamation of the various CVs CW nations crewed or utilised during and after WW2. I know this one will be controversial but please bare with me and give it a read. [WIP] Edit: Removed Viraat from T4
  5. headles_chicken

    UK audacious [T10} CV aim bug

    i try to find other thread/article regarding this but can't find any.. so i strart new one here. Bug : planes from CV doesn't fly in a formation, they fly like flies on top of food. Where and when the "BUG" happens : its happen in random occasion, non predictable when it will happens. I experienced most in T10 UK CV Audacious and sometimes in other CV. Bug description : when flying the planes and try to aim at something, plane formation disrupted and fail to move to designated cursor. they fly like the 1st sortie pattern when the animated formation form at the beginning from sortie(this fly pattern always looping). This bug cause planes strike crosshair change overtime and create a circular flying pattern(you can't strike something when this happens) . Alternate fix in game : - just fire and press F to sortie another squadron then hope it will not happen again.(sometimes it work!!) - go to task manager, kill the game process (so you don't quit the game) and reconnect. (it works but take times) any replays doesn't work, because after i play the game it is 100% normal animation. but not in game... thx..
  6. WG CC Flambass talks about stuff at CC Summit, some of it was interesting and it still LIVE right now Some WG stats tool-stuff were quite interesting "Carrier not op"
  7. OK so I've been seeing so many remarks, comments, complaints, etc (Reddit, forums and otherwise). Most of them can be boiled down into 'CV OP', 'AA Broken', 'Delete CVs'. Even when there's constructive feedback on an issue it rarely addresses all the problems folks are raising or that are there. So in simple terms, IMO here's what's needed to fix the CV/AA and ship interaction issue with a few common remarks debunked. The main areas I'll go over: Where do we sit as of 0851 Common Inaccuracies Damage & XP Rewards CV:AA, The Tiering Issue CV:DD, Cause & Effect Where do we sit as of 0851? CVs can do well when top tier, T4 is fairly easy to get some damage numbers that are respectable, overall CV population at this tier is high. Otherwise, being top tier, CVs are ok and it's possible to get some decent numbers, bottom tier they are useless and mid-tier it's hit and miss. For the ships in battle, certain ships are far more likely to be punished and this contributes to the anecdotal evidence 'CV OP'. Outside DDs, this generally comes down to CV:AA balance ship-to-ship. For DDs concealment also plays a part. So: CV interaction with certain ships is poor. CV interaction with DDs is still an issue. CV interaction with uptiering/downtiering is obviously skewed. CV:AA is still all over the place. So as I mentioned above, CV:AA interaction needs to be fixed and CV:ship interaction needs to be fixed. Common Inaccuracies 'Plane speed is an issue' No it isn't. If the speed of planes was the issue, simply adjusting it's metric would fix the whole CV condition, it won't. They've tried to do this with an element of 'national flavour' to IJN CVs, it's barely noticeable. I notice the speed difference between IJN and RN but the biggest difference I notice between the two WRT actual combat performance is HP, not speed. If you nerfed plane speed you would need to increase something else to make up for DPM, which means alpha strike damage. This is the exact opposite of what the player-base would want. Alpha-strike is one of the most rage-inducing things in Warships, think Yamato deleting you at 25km or detonating... 'The ability to strike anywhere without being hit is the problem' This is a popular one, often championed by folks like Flamu. No your royal WeeGeeness this isn't the issue. To keep the gameplay engaging and fair there needs to be a risk-reward element. At the moment trust me, try being a bottom-tier CV and to strike anywhere at whim... Without mitigating plane-losses you will quickly notice you have no DPM because you only have 1-2 planes to launch per wing. And this is where there is a big issue that you notice when you are targeted in a flanker or DD by a CV, CV:AA interaction. 'Zero interaction CV:CV is the problem' Again a fallacy. It is possible to get a balanced game if you nail the CV:AA interaction to a balanced state without a proper plane:plane interaction being involved. One of the main reasons CV:CV interaction was all but removed was due to the CV skill disparity so drastically affecting matches. By removing it WG effectively reduced the potential impact of de-planing or alpha-striking the enemy CVs. 'Spotting power is an issue' Spotting is a factor in the CV issue but it isn't a major one outside DDs. Most ships outside BBs are spotted when you get to AA range which is often around the 5-7km mark. CVs get a bit of an early spot on enemy BBs comparative to DDs but usually this just confirms the classic clock-motion play that happens in most maps, just a bit earlier. This is actually enabling the match to get on with it earlier rather than later. Damage & XP Rewards Before I start with the CV specific stuff there's one global element in Warships that's a major contributing factor that making changes to would improve the immediate situation even if you ignored all the other changes I suggest. That is the ratios of XP Rewards to Damage over Spotting, Tanking and Assisted Damage (what I classify is damage on a target someone else is engaging). Basically XP rewards from Damage should be drastically reduced and rewards for Spotting and Tanking be boosted. It encourages types of gameplay for the team and that often lead to victory but are not really rewarded enough in game. Assisted Damage is an extra modifier I would add. Basically it'd be a small reward for focusing on an enemy your ally is focusing on or perhaps being focused by. It doesn't need to be too drastic but would reward team play. Overall (for CVs and DDs) spotting damage XP buffs would make these classes rewarded for being a team player instead of trying to farm damage. Tanking damage would reward kiting ships and BBs that soak potential damage for their teams as opposed to sniping and farming trash damage at range. (The epitome of trash damage is fire damage on ships with uber-heals, eg. Conqueror, RN CLs). Any damage that is healed, I would add to Tanking damage - this directly rewards players who frequently get Dreadnoughts but aren't rewarded for it. Basically make damage-farming for XP not useless but not the only way to top the boards aside from capping/defending ribbons. These XP changes I think should occur regardless of CV:AA changes. CV:AA, The Tiering Issue The biggest inconsistency with CVs and AA right through the game is when you are top tier or bottom tier. Generally speaking if you are top tier, you can strike most opponents with ease and if you are bottom tier you can barely strike any. This leads into issues like targeting only weak AA targets (ie DDs, see CV:DD, Cause & Effect further on). The easiest way to fix CV and AA balance in this condition is to flatten the curve. Basically this means reducing the AA damage difference tier to tier. When you do this you effectively allow a T6 CV to target all but the best T8 AA ships. To maintain balance you flatten plane HP as well. The at-tier difference between a T6 CV and a T6 ship remains relatively similar, however the difference between a T6 CV and a T8 ship is reduced. Yes it's a big thing to introduce but the CV Rework was a far more drastic change than what is essentially some numbers. So how do you differentiate CVs up/down tiers, simple. Do it with number of possible bombs/torps per drop and by number of aircraft per wing that they already do. A note here, IMO the AA would still be OP compared to CV possible damage output, personally I'd drop the overall damage per strike but make AA kill less planes but that's something you can fiddle with after you fix CV:AA tiering issues. The reason for my suggestion like this is that you reduce the damage suffered difference between 0 AA ships and uber AA ships but it's a fine line to tread. But this point isn't part of my thread, it's just a personal footnote idea. CV:DD, Cause & Effect Out of all interactions in the game, the CV:DD one is the worst. DDs get caps, win games and have huge damage potentials because of how crucial this role is, they are natural targets for CVs and so there's a fine line between the two. The two issues with the CV:DD interaction is that the CV can spot/do damage to the DD without the DD being able to do much. This issue applies to some flanker ships as well and my solution will cover this as well. The first thing I've noticed in the more recent updates is that certain DDs I can't spot-then-attack with rocket planes. What I mean by this is spot them then start my attack run immediately, I actually need to make a second pass. For many of these interactions, this is almost in a good place. For DDs I'd suggest buffing their Air-Detected range a bit more and for flankers with poor AA, do the same. This way, CVs would be able to do damage to DDs most of the time but gives the DDs a bit more wiggle room for skill. As I said earlier it's almost there, I miss my rocket runs sometimes, a swing a bit more towards the DD would be good. Basically make it so DDs and flankers keep their AA off until they are spotted. The trick is balancing the air detectability with the various ship AA ratings, ie you don't want a Mino suddenly being like 'bye bye planes' and have no chance for the CV to even get a plane or two out. The effects of all these changes would be to make DDs far more viable and make them hard enough to strike that it's almost worth pulling out a different wing of aircraft and going after something else. With changes to XP rewards, CVs would be rewarded for spotting and not farming damage, which is currently an issue but more than that there would be a choice involved to keep trying to strike a ship and make successive passes or take the plane losses and let the team deal with DD/flanker. Conclusion Overall the current CV:AA system is still borked, not to mention DD issues and XP issues. Some games CVs enable teams to win by spotting targets or striking a weak outlier to get those urgently needed points but only to rank bottom 3 in XP. Other games CVs farm damage and due to doing so to 'save a star' or for stats, they lose but top XP and think to themselves 'yeah but I topped'. Too many games CVs are useless and have no ability to not be so. No matter how many T10s are in a match, I can have a decent game in my Amagi, Atago, CM or Rich or just about any T8 CA/BB as long as I can get some AA cover from allies where needed. In my Shokaku or Implac, I have no such luck, there are legit games where I can annoy/strike the lone DD and that's about it. After that I spot but I'm essentially resigned to being bottom of the XP board. At the same time you can be top-tier in a CV and laugh at all the ships you can easily strike. The changes I suggest above would address all that. NB: Obviously the actual numbers would need to be refined but as long as you set some sort of success conditions you can always adjust towards success. It really does feel like WGs measures of success are far too generic and need to be more specific down to ship, plane and torpedo. I hope you enjoyed this.
  8. The USS Hornet, was past, a Yorktown-class aircraft carrier of the United States Navy. During World War II in the Pacific Theater, she launched the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo and participated in the Battle of Midway and the Buin-Faisi-Tonolai Raid. In the Solomon Islands campaign, she was involved in the capture and defense of Guadalcanal and the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands where she was irreparably damaged by enemy torpedo and dive bombers. Faced with an approaching Japanese surface force, Hornet was abandoned and later torpedoed and sunk by approaching Japanese destroyers. Hornet was in service for a year and six days and was the last US fleet carrier ever sunk by enemy fire. For these actions, she was awarded four service stars, a citation for the Doolittle Raid in 1942, and her Torpedo Squadron 8 received a Presidential Unit Citation for extraordinary heroism for the Battle of Midway. In honor of the USS Hornet,the fourth Essex-class carrier,USS Kearsarge,was renamed as the USS Hornet,finally reborned as the much larger,and more powerful carrier. Doolittle Raid on the sea As a Yorktown-class aircraft carrier,she launched 16 B-25 Mitchell medium bombers,without fighter escort from the carrier. They successfully bombed military targets in Japan, killed about 50 people, including civilians, and injured 400. The raid caused negligible material damage to Japan, but it had major psychological effects. In the United States, it raised morale. In Japan, it raised doubt about the ability of military leaders to defend the home islands, but the bombing and strafing of civilians also steeled the resolve to gain retribution and was exploited for propaganda purposes. It also contributed to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's decision to attack Midway Island in the Central Pacific—an attack that turned into a decisive strategic defeat of the Imperial Japanese Navy by the U.S. Navy in the Battle of Midway. In the World of Warships, the legendary but all new carrier-based B-25N Mitchell bombers, with their heroic air joined the Doolittle Raid, returned service onboard the reborned USS Hornet. The new B-25N Mitchell medium bombers received a foldable wing, two more powerful engines, larger bomb bay, reinforced body and extra armor, and an arrest hook for carrier service. The B-25 medium bombers aboard the USS Hornet serves as both dive and torpedo bomber role. As for dive bomber role, B-25 could carry four 1000lbs HE bombs, or two 1600lbs AP bombs. While B-25 was not designed for dive-bombing and could not launch dive attack, B-25 performs level-bombing to release payload, very similar to British bombers. but with their Norden bombsight, their bomb was still very accurately, and deadly. The B-25s could also carry torpedoes to attack enemy ships. Due to their size and capacity, the B-25s could carry standard sized 21-inch torpedoes which onboard the US destroyers and submarines, instead of the much weaker aircraft torpedoes. These torpedoes have more damage and much higher influent probability, could be the greatest threat to even battleships. The USS Hornet also carries Grumman F8F Bearcat fighters as attack aircrafts. While B-25s was quite hard to maneuver and less effective to destroyers, the Bearcats make up well about this, but still less effective: While the USS Midway and IJN Hakuryu both have 9 fighters in a squadron, the USS Hornet has only 6, she was more of depending on her allies to elimiate enemy destroyers. Survive from Kamikaze attack The USS Hornet sustained several kamikaze attacks, but the crazy and fearless pilot could even not obviously damage her, and still on station. Her crews repaired her after each kamikaze attacks, keep her afloat and ready for engage. Regard of this, the USS Hornet could carry Repair Party, restore some damage of the ship, this is very unique for even an aircraft carrier, though she has less hit point and armor than any other tier X carriers. Dive: B-25 medium bombers, 6 bombers in a squadron, 2 in each wave, four 1000 lbs HE bombs or two 1600 lbs AP bomb each plane. Torpedo: B-25 medium bombers, 6 bombers in a squadron, 2 in each wave, one torpedo each plane. Attack: F8F Bearcats, 6 fighters in a squadron, 2 in each wave, three Tiny Tims each plane. Pros: Very durable, devastive and the most terrifying B-25 bombers, able to sustain heavy anti-aircraft fire, and drop massive payload to enemy ships. Even a single B-25 could be the worst problem to even a battleship. Repair Party for the carrier herself, make her could sustain heavy air raid and still in combat. Eight HE bombs or four AP bombs each wave, has the highest DPH. Cons: Less effective to destroyers, she is more of depending on her allies than herself to elimiate enemy destroyers. Only 6 attack aircrafts in a squadron. B-25s are quite hard to maneuver, and cannot use speed boost. B-25s can only perform level bombing, and bombs will take some time to hit, very similar to British bombers. Less hit point and armor than any other tier X carriers. Cost steel to have the USS Hornet in the port.
  9. The autopilot sometimes makes my CV move at 1/4 speed instead of full speed. I experienced this in two separate games in two days. 20190604_032925_PBSA108-Implacable_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay 20190605_040906_PBSA108-Implacable_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay In both games I took a lot of damage because I did not expect the CV to put itself at 1/4 speed for no reason. I also had to recall my planes just to increase my speed. In the second game my team almost lost because of bug. WG please make sure your autopilot works if you don't want to give CV players full hull control.
  10. Reisen_MK2


    辛苦点出船后准备好好欣赏一下这艘船,然后我后悔坚持英航线了,做建模的是审美有问题吗? 密密麻麻的眼,看得我密集恐惧症都要犯了
  11. Since every man and his dog is making CV threads, I felt compelled. I had to come to the defence of the poor, misunderstood CV See, CVs are really important , and vital. If we got rid of CVs, well our cars would have all the suspension capability of a soap box racer. So, no more get rid of CV threads please, they are really really needed!
  12. HEllo to cv [content removed] i am getting frustrated day by day just played game with moskva and you know what hakuryu arrive with dive bombers and killed me with AP dive bombers .. ever time he hits me with citadel and damage 17 to 22 k each time in 6 to 7 minute i was dead focused by cv ...and AA is garbage until thy drop no plane shot down after drop 6 to 7 plane down by defensive AA ,, wow great rework ... whats the meaning of AA then if you cant shot down any incoming planes ... not even CA in yamato or GK or any other BB you play you always end-up by cv .. i am not against cv old cv was good thy has many things to do like fighters and all now this is completely target practice game. when this is going to be playable again?? no tactics worked here no stelth no team work after this patch i always found cv in game and experiance player knows what to do but can not do any thing bcoz that air [content removed] . now this game becomes like HUG with each other and stay alive. WE NEED CHANGES
  13. EmperorThor

    CV in matchmaking

    Can we not just get an option when going into match making to que up with or without CV's? Like they dont include them in clan battles so we not have an option to do random battles without carriers? There is just too much plane spam going on now. Playing randoms between t7 and t10 and you can get stuck with up to 3 CV's all just torp spamming the shit out of everyone and its just not enjoyable.
  14. First post, simply because i have finally reached that point where I am so fed up with carriers that I am actually making a post. This post will be primarily referring to the capabilities of T6-10 warships and carriers. The primary point which i will be attempting to address is the durability of Aircraft Power Creep (specifically referring to the AA power of cruisers and how carriers have far surpassed them) Cruisers, before the CV balance, were renowned for their AA capabilities, specifically with the AA defence consumable being able to decimate entire squadrons of like-tier aircraft and disperse incoming attacks from higher-tier aircraft. That is practically non-existent at this point. simply put, the AA defense of all ships has been surpassed by the power-creep of carriers and their aircraft: The new way in which aircraft take damage by spreading it out equally amongst each plane makes it to that, in order to shoot down a single plane, you must deal damage near-equal-to/surpassing the total HP of all aircraft in a squadron or detachment because of how it is spread which almost never happens because a detachment of aircraft or even the entire squadron usually dis-appear and become invincible before you can deal enough damage for the spreading of damage to knock out one of the planes. those planes may be damaged to the point of falling apart at the seams but that all means nothing if it survives and gets recycled into another squadron. Cruisers are only able to reliably knock out aircraft with the DAAF consumable and sector reinforcement combined, otherwise even the reinforcement isn't even near enough to make any meaningful impact on AA defence. This basically requires for DAAF in order to make any impact on a CV temporarily (because remember, they can regen aircraft now). Any ship without DAAF has practically no AA ability since IF (A BIT IF) you shoot down an aircraft, by the time a carrier cycles though their squadron that aircraft is regenerated and ready to roll again. AA gun placement durability, when considered with how powerful carriers have become even at the beginning of the game, just makes CVs all the more powerful. the points above were in the context of having full durability on your AA placements, the power of CVs is increased exponentially with AA placement degradation overtime, making any hope of shooting down any aircraft after taking a match-worth of incoming fire from other warships and aircraft attack misplaced. Just the fact that AA defence dies off over time is enough to make carriers overpowered with the balancing since a carrier can regenerate any shot down aircraft and can only get stronger as the match goes on and ships lose their AA placements which can't regenerate. The captain perk for reducing incoming damage from AA defences is THE ONLY perk/consumable/equipment/flag/anything-in-the-game which directly reduces incoming damage (with the exception of the ramming flag). That fact alone is scary and ridiculous for obvious reasons...if it isn't obvious then just think to yourself if and other warship were able to equip something or have a captain skill which directly reduces the damage from incoming fire by 10% and see how much of a necessity it would become. This also begs the question of why isn't there a way to directly decrease the damage done by aircraft or torpedoes or why not even shell damage whilst we're at it? one might argue "well it isn't reducing the damage which a CV directly takes" but those aircraft ARE the cv, the means by which it deals damage. Catapult fighters and aircraft-dropped fighters are a gamble. The AI of both is simply broken, it takes a while just for the damned things to start following an aircraft and attack it and the speed at which AA aircraft move is just ridiculous. I find that my catapult fighters work 33% of the time, usually I'll launch them, they'll fly for a few seconds then they're start to follow the aircraft which just striked and are about to dissapear, then follow the next one and be near-useless. AA aircraft, on the rare occasion that a carrier does drop them to defend you will follow the same pattern and be a gamble half the time. oh and not to mention that AA aircraft can be shot down by the strike aircraft's rear gunner, for some reason, AA aircraft have severely lower HP than the strike aircraft themselves and just die after a few seconds of persuit if you're unlucky which, for battleships, renders your only form of substantial AA defense useless. I didn't feel the need to mention Battleships or destroyers often in the above points because of how useless they are at AA defence, just think of the above points but worse because of lower overall AA damage. poor, poor destroyers I also feel the need to say that I know that some of the points above were present before the balancing (such as AA gun degradation) but i think you will agree that the gameplay effects of such things are "from a past age" so to speak, they were fine prior to the rework but now due to the nature of carriers (specifically referring to aircraft regen) and their aircraft, they have been grotesquely exaggerated in how they benefit carriers and make life a living hell for other ships. The fact that carriers can only be countered by particular cruisers since not all cruisers can carry DAAF is just idiocy, they should be counter-able by ALL CRUISERS and by certain battleships as a carrier can infinitely attack and be invulnerable to direct return fire (if they're not stupid) and don't deserve (by virtue of not taking direct damage in return) to be countered by more ships or EVERY ship for that matter due to that single virtue of being able to attack ANY SHIP ON THE MAP without taking return fire In conjunction with the above point, as it stands now a carrier can deal equal or superior damage than an equal-tiered battleship or cruiser which is just ridiculous since they cannot be damaged in return and can infinitely attack an enemy ship if that ship has weak AA and are unable to shoot down any aircraft. it's just really stupid and makes me feel frustrated and defeated when i think about it. Recommendations (note: these recommendations are not intended to be be suggested as if they should be implemented all at once, they are each possible implementations that i think would balance the power of carriers) AA Gun placement regeneration (idea stolen from another forum post) Having AA guns regenerate over time, like how carriers can regenerate their aircraft, would make it a necessity for carriers to attack ships which are already under fire and have their AA guns knocked out as well as increase the usefulness of sending rocket attack planes to pepper a target before using other attack aircraft. This would not be a significant change alone but is rather a supplementary change and just fits well with everything. Having it be a necessity to send in rocket attack planes initially would give a heads-up to any ship as to who is being currently targeted by a carrier, giving time for the ship to group up with a cruiser before more attack aircraft come it's way or give cruisers time to find a buddy and support them against the on-coming aircraft assault. Increased effectiveness of AA aircraft Whether it be a more proficient AI which targets the main squadron of aircraft, a larger effective range, increased fighter speed, increased HP or all of them combined, Fighter aircraft need to be improved. as they are, fighters are only effective on a rare few occasions Making carrier dropped aircraft able to be dropped or called to follow a specific allied ship EXCLUSIVELY and not called on an aircraft's location. making this VITAL CHANGE would make fighters less selfish, as it stands, carriers simply use fighters to spot enemy ships which is broken (if you place the fighters out of AA fire, then can spot ships for their entire duration uninhibited) and selfish, this NEEDS TO CHANGE because the entire reason for this mechanic existing (i.e. to suppress enemy aircraft attacks against your allied ships) is the last thing that a carrier thinks about when launching an attack. Decreased HP of attack aircraft This recommendation is another universal change which would balance aircraft since (in my opinion) they are currently just far too durable. by making aircraft more likely to be lost in an attack would mean that carriers would have to be more careful when attacking ships and avoiding AA cruisers (or, if tied with my first suggestion, mean that is would be even more necessary for CVs to attack recently-battered ships with TEMPORARILY reduced AA capabilities) and if not, actually have the risk of not being able to use any squadrons for a while due to being far too risky. As it stands, a carrier will rarely run out of aircraft in a single aircraft type let alone their entire lineup, this needs to change and make game play more risky for carriers Reverting the means by which aircraft take damage back to the way it was previously The current system is just idiocy, sure it means that an attack squadron gets weaker as it loses aircraft but the quick withdrawal of aircraft doesn't grant enough time for sufficient damage (to outweigh the total HP of all aircraft in a division) to be inflicted upon aircraft and be able to shoot even one of them down. Reverting this would mean 2 things: 1. That a well-defended ship will be able to knock out aircraft FAR more consistently 2. That carriers will not have situations where all of their aircraft are lost in the span of 2 seconds due to their HP total being met by their prey. implementing such a change would also warrant an increase in the HP of squadrons to balance things out Get rid of that stupid change which reduced the AA effectiveness of grouped ships Enough said, it's just stupid. why was it even added in the first place? Now feel free to discuss in comments so we can get the attention of WG and raise disease awareness of "Carriers", it affects the lives of thousands of WoWS players in every region every day. Also please being up any valuable points which i missed, i will try to add the good ones in an "edit" section ^-^
  15. WG Dev Team, You need to do something about your new CV meta. It needs a serious balance adjustment. Problem 1: The new CVs at higher tiers are like a premeditated murderer at a birthday party. At the start of the match they just look at the crowd and pick a target to focus all their air power onto: the hapless victim is completely powerless to defend themselves and dies. And this all goes down in the first five minutes of that match when people have barely moved from their starting positions and are surrounded by teammates. I've had it happen to me at the START of matches where my battleship was surrounded by my team and very near to our starting position on the map: for whatever reason, the enemy CV decided my ship was "The One" and proceeded to send onslaught of plane after plane against my vessel until I sank. My team mates couldn't help despite being next to me. My own AA was useless, even when supposedly "reinforced". This has happened too many times now. Problem 2: The recall feature of CVs is too open to abuse. Surface ships are too afraid to pop a DFAA or Fighter consumable because you're not sure if the enemy CV is going to do a recall and force you to waste your consumable so that they can pummel you later when the consumable wears off and is on cooldown. This is not effective gameplay. The price aircraft should pay for attacking surface ships is taking AA damage during the attack and taking AA damage whilst they escape.... not simply pressing the F key and warp jumping to safety. Problem 3: The spotting mechanics of aircraft needs to be revised. Surface vessels can only see the planes when they are literally on top of you. Also the enemy CV players are able to disguise the true strength of their squadron.... that single squadron of torpedo bombers suddenly morphs into 2 - 3 squadrons at a range of 5km. Basically surface ships never see enemy aircraft coming until they attack, they never see the true strength of the enemy aircraft, and the enemy aircraft use the recall feature to then disappear in a puff of smoke. CV aircraft have basically become invisible ninjas and there is almost no defence for the surface ships. Problem 4: CVs have utterly ruined destroyer play. What's the point of destroyers if CV aircraft can ninja in and out of an area and spot the enemy absent of any kind of risk? Flanking cruisers face similar problems to destroyers, as they're not intended for front line combat but for hiding and shooting as the opportunity presents itself... except they can't hide now thanks to CV enabled perma-spotting Problem 5: The new Manual Fire AA Control commander skill is useless. All you get is a 20% reinforcement bonus and a measly 2 second time saving when reinforcing sectors? Are you guys serious? This is a 4 point skill which is often used by players who've taken the time to invest in a 14 point commander. It's now pointless for surface ships to be a pure AA build because the crowning achievement of the AA build, the MFAAC commander skill, is now a pointless waste of time. Problem 6: (UPDATED!) Surface ship AA is a waste of time and useless. It creates pretty fireworks but not much else. If you're in a dedicated AA vessel you may actually shoot down a few enemy planes but you're still totally powerless to stop the enemy CV from hitting you or swarming you. Reinforcing your AA is also a waste of time and pointless: minimal effect upon enemy CV planes as the enemy CV normally tries to cross the axis of your ship anyway. Problem 7: (UPDATED!) The Fighter Consumable is a waste of time. It's too easy for enemy CVs to bait you into blowing your Fighter Consumable via use of the recall function. And why do the Fighter Consumable fighters return back to your ship as soon as they land three kills? I've been in situations where I'm being swarmed by enemy fighters in a supposedly decent AA surface vessel, I pop my Fighter Consumable and they return to base after downing three enemy planes even though there is time left for the Fighter Consumable planes to continue patrolling? Makes utterly no sense. The Fighter Consumable planes should patrol for the full duration of their consumable, no matter how many planes they shoot down. The action time for the consumable is pitiful anyway, so the 3-kill limit you've imposed makes absolutely no sense. Most of the time the Fighter Consumable shoots down ZERO enemy planes but if I'm lucky maybe ONE. Problem 8: (UPDATED!) CVs can only deal damage, they cannot provide air cover. CVs have absolutely no interest in team work now as their sole purpose is to deal damage faster than the enemy CV and cannot assist team mates with air cover. This means you can never take advantage of strategic positioning errors by the enemy team. See a gap in the enemy lines and want to cut off their escape? No can do because as soon you get into an advantageous position and cause the enemy ships to crap themselves, the enemy CVs see what you're doing, break off all other engagements and swarm you. Previously friendly CVs could provide you with air cover. Now you are encouraged to always play defensively whenever an enemy CV is in play because you have absolutely no defense against air attack... even if the enemy surface ships are wide open and begging to be pummeled from the opposite direction because they left a gap in their lines. Forget about intelligent map positioning and exploiting weaknesses in the enemy formation, as now you are forced to clump up together to survive like you're a character in a zombie movie. The Fighter consumable is a joke as is the reinforced AA and the MFAAC commander skill, so your ship is utterly defenseless against CV attack. This new CV meta has been out for many months ago. It's utterly unacceptable that the major flaws in this meta still remain unresolved 4 months later. Meanwhile you're churning out updates for new Soviet battleships. Who wants to play a Soviet battleship when the new CVs are ready to eat your shiny new Soviet battleship for lunch and your sole means of survival is praying to whatever God you believe in that the CVs attack someone other than you? I've read responses where you've said you're "listening to all the voices out there" and "if you feel like it" and the "data supports it", you might change something. Stop stalling and fix the issues now. They're not that hard for you to address. You've had long enough. (And we're all still waiting WG.... and waiting... and waiting... I want to say it's nothing short of disgraceful)
  16. LittleMusket

    Bot CV in Training Room?

    Is it possible to add Bot CVs to training rooms? Dropdown for each nation only have every other ship type except the CV? If not, why would they not allow this?
  17. NishikinoMaki21

    reduce amount cv in tier 8 to one

    With upcoming CV premium sold again,can are you guys reduce amount of CV player tier 8 in tier 6-8MM like in tier 8-10? it's so (EDITED) to see tier 6 always stuck in tier 8 MM. And i have solution for DD to live again. Make a MM without DD if any there possible to create MM with CV Make DD invisible for spotting planes for period 5-7.5mins, this allow DD player to contribute more for team without getting first target by CV. P.S. if DD turn on the AA guns they will be visible, and if they turn off the AA they will not visible until expired duration invisible. edit if any hydro or radar spot DD in invisible duration, they will seen by planes CV. this is for make punishment for DD who caught miss play Inappropriate use of Medical Terms, Post Edited, User Sanctioned ~lengxv6
  18. I know a lot of you does not like the new CV at all, I have to admit that the new CV is quite different from the old one. Before the CV rework, my PR of CV is Bad, but after the rework, I feel like it is quite workable for me, and my rating is now sways between Great and Unicum. So I decided to have some premium CVs under my collection, but I don't know which to get. My friend bought 20 containers and he got all premium CVs out of the containers except Kaga, sounds like a worthy purchase. So I also took a leap of faith and bought 20 Premium Naval Aviation Containers for myself, and here is what I got: Of course containers is completely based on RNG, but just in case players like you might consider buying the bundle, this is for your reference. Before the patch 0.8.0, I usually chose to bulk open containers so that I can reduce the interval between I open the crates, and hence reduce the randomness of the RNG based on time. Now that the "Open all containers" option is available, I would certainly recommend using that to get the most out of the open-crate-interval reduction. Good luck captains!
  19. So War gaming made changes to CV play Because Skilled players had to much influence of the outcome of a battle. Well your data must be telling you the same thing is happening. You also made changes to get more cvs in game and your data will show you have done that, but at what cost. Why do we still have to put up with playing beta cv play? Offer us something that has no cv play while you take on your cv balance efforts. Like the ranked we all enjoyed. Also real life cv could not spot in bad weather, lets get some random clouds in game.
  20. Okay, i know CV is being very annoying these day, especially at tier X when you meet not only one, but two of them. I know we can not just simply removing CV, i see new CV has some potential too and they deserved to be exist. But as a cruiser player, i found its really annoying for being spotted for nearly entire match. CV spotting is basically a radar, yeah it can't go through smokescreen, but it has longer duration (esp. with weak AA ships), unlimited ranges, make island become meaningless. With CV spotting, its difficult in playing ships which rely on position, flanking or creating cross-fired. The CV just fly straight to you and then BB AP comes, theres notthing much you can do, not like you will spread his planes intime even in strong AA ships. We know that some ships has huge air detection, such as Azuma, which is maybe the most passive cruiser in tier IX, and it play style got push even farther from the battlefield because of CV spotting. Thats the problems, and here is my opinion, we can just fix CV spotting, now when you get spotted by planes, only the CV can see you, the rest of enemy team only know where you are on the minimap (like radar fix). And in fixed of time the enemy will be able to see you. The cd imo should be 10 seconds, even though i really want it will be permanent. Feel free to give you thoughts, thanks for reading, and sorry for my broken English.
  21. hello~~~ our glorious teacher got another tip and trick for you guys CV captain how to NUKE DD out of existent with US Dive bomber. this method require some practice and timing, but almost guarantee a massive damage against DD. so, make a full use of training room and bot movement setting for practice. now you know how to Nuke DD out of existent, go out there and kill all of them with your glorious USN-DB cheers.
  22. I need some help. I tried to submit this feedback through official customer service, but they replied that customer service cannot handle these recommendations directly. Can anyone help me to submit it to the relevant personnel? The following is the body: Suggestions for sharing views with CV attackers. The new CV increases the speed of attack aircraft, which allows them to search the sea efficiently. However, in the maps occupying key areas (A, B, C), these attack aircraft are too efficient for the search within the area. At the same time, because these key areas are close to the enemy fleet, if the DD is detected by the attack aircraft in the area, the greet will be the joint attack of the attack aircraft and the enemy ships. If there is no timely air defense support nearby, the DD will have to leave the area at full speed, because the risk of using smoke in this case is extremely high. Therefore, when the DD retreats from a critical area, the attack aircraft can always detect the ship and launch multiple attacks, during which the enemy ships will also use the artillery to target the destroyer. This can cause DD to lose a lot of life and there is no chance of resistance at all. The reason for this is that the attack aircraft can detect all ships 360 degrees and display them in the field of view of teammates. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the team's vision of the attack aircraft. I recommend redesigning the team's vision for the attack aircraft: the team's field of view of the attack aircraft should be a fan-shaped area based on the nose (this area will be very wide, expected to be around 160°-210°) and have a minimum detection radius. (In general, the pilot can't see it directly below), and the enemy within the minimum detection radius will not be seen by the teammates of the aircraft carrier. This creates an area that looks like a folding fan on the surface of the sea. Players outside this area cannot be seen by CV player teammates, but CV players still have the same vision. In this way, when the CV player completes a round of bombing and is about to fly over the ship, the ship will disappear into the sights of others other than the CV. Destroyer players can use this method to obtain temporary security and avoid continuous exposure to enemy fire. Such changes will not affect the aircraft carrier's own gaming experience: in the eyes of aircraft carrier players, their vision has not changed at all. And their teammates can also see the surface ships. However, the limitations of the team's vision will allow CV players to make choices: to provide a critical area of view, to continuously detect enemies and slow down the flight speed; or to speed up the flight in order to drive the enemy out of key positions (in fact, I think they only Will choose the second...). The main recommendation is to improve the enthusiasm of the destroyers. Changes to the vision of the aircraft carrier team should alleviate this situation and make them more active in the maps occupying key areas. In addition, because the CV can't detect all the enemies at the same time, it becomes important that the destroyer continues to provide visibility. In addition, the attacker's minimum detection radius allows a maneuverable ship to have a safe rudder to allow the vessel to leave the maximum projected area of the air bomb without fear of being hit by enemy ships' shells after the rudder. If there is no minimum detection radius, the DD's rudder avoidance behavior will be immediately seen by the enemy behind it. They will not disappear from the enemy's field of vision until the attack aircraft flies over the ship. As a result, DD players still need to deal with both the aircraft carrier and enemy shells. Now, they have a few seconds to try to evade the aviation bombs, and don't have to worry about the enemy launching shells in the direction of their rudder. Of course, this brings with it an additional problem: for ships that are very good in the air, it is difficult for the carrier to illuminate them continuously. Therefore, the distance of the minimum detection radius must be tested repeatedly. Because setting the minimum detection radius is not to let them disappear quickly in the enemy's field of vision. Don't worry too much about the efficiency of this detection mechanism. The fan-shaped area has a large angle and can easily detect ships in those ranges. And not all ships are detected by the CV, and some opportunities should be given to scouts who provide visibility. You may have tried a similar method of detection, but for some reason it has not been used. But today's aircraft have higher speeds and are more efficient in detecting. Sticking to the old vision mechanism is not in line with the actual situation. We do hope that CV can be responsible for detecting DD, but we don't want our DD to sacrifice without a fight at the beginning of the game. So why not try it? look forward to your reply.
  23. The_ultimate_Star_Destro