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Found 3 results

  1. IJN_Katori

    Racing Mode

    Well, Suggesting another mode, Racing! In this Game Mode players will: All weapons/cannons and Torpedoes will be disabled Compete other players on the Finish Line! CVs and BBs are not Available in this mode, only Destroyers and Cruisers (in a Destroyer Only Race and Cruisers Only race) Tiers II-Xs Cruisers and Destroyers would be good Different number of Laps for the Maps, it will be random Consumables will be available (Engine Boost) (Smoke Generator: uses to distract other players on the course) i want to see some drifting going on
  2. HELLO CAPTAINS and GOOD DAY! I've recently started my CA line beginning with the Furutaka and grinded my way past and now have the Aoba. Heavy Cruisers are very different from the Light Cruisers I've settled in quite well in the past. Playing with CAs have given me new insights into proper cruiser play but I could use more advice and information on handling CAs. First off, is the Expert Loader skill viable in the CA line? I didn't use it on CLs since the switching in between shells was quick on the 150s and lower. I ask this since I find myself switching shells alot whenever a broadsided target appeared and switch back to HE as soon as he/she's angled. Right now, the Aoba is my second and newly purchased CA. Should I consider more on using AP over HE? So far the raw HE damage is amazing but I know I could do more with AP but the enemies I face at T6 are smarter and angle themselves making AP a bit more dicey. From what I've digged up on the net IJN CAs should stick with HE but I could be doing this wrong. After I'm done eliting the Aoba, I'm gonna have a go for the Yorck and beyond. Just letting myself learn alot about proper CA play with IJN CAs as training wheels. THANKS FOR THE READ! and HAPPY HUNTING!!
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