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Found 3 results

  1. Trigger_Happy_Dad

    How to earn massive XP! ;)

    1. Grab a fast DD and cap like mad! 2. Grab a fast gunboat DD and DEFEND a cap against multiple enemies! Stay outside the cap circle to earn green defence flags which will give you lots of extra XP! ;) ********************************************************************************************************************** 1st game: 4 + a half x cap = 3.1k base XP - gg ;) 2nd game: 33 x defence, 1x cap, 3 x kill, 3.8k base XP - gg ;) ********************************************************************************************************************** In the 2nd part of the video I defend Cap B against 2 Kievs, 3 Clevelands (!) and 1 Atago by using OFFENSIVE smoke. I stop my Sims close to the enemy, pop smoke, move slowly forwards- and backwards inside the smoke and pepper enemy targets which are spotted by my team. At one point in the game there are 3 Clevelands inside that cap zone, I switch targets and hit one after the other to prevent them from capping, earning 33x defense flag for the action. ;) ***************************************** some more nice examples: some more of my videos: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/12179-trigger-happy-dads-wows-videos/page__p__167476#entry167476
  2. 先日の大型アップデートで水上艦がCAPや敵陣に侵入すれば報酬があるのに対して、 一般的に空母は前線には出れません、そこで味方駆逐艦等の為にCAP上空や煙幕内・移動中の敵駆逐艦上空を飛行して味方艦に知らせます。 これに対する報酬を欲しいと思います。 空母は撃沈をとることも大事ですが、索敵の方がもっと大事ですので索敵に対する報酬をください。 運営の皆さんは検討をお願いします。 そして、このトピックスを見てくれた人は自分の勝手な考え方を理解できるか議論してください。
  3. Do any one know the cap time for encounter battle? (One circle for each A and B) Does capping go faster when there are more than 1 ships in circle?