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Found 3 results

  1. TL;DR: If you are not a whale, you can skip this thread, it is not relevant to you. Else don't blame me for wasting your time. Scenario: You are a whale who owns all the ships available in the Satan Crate 2020, which means you own all premium ships from the V-VIII containers, and the Mighty Missouri itself, how likely are you gonna make a profit with the Return of Missouri bundles? Short Answer: Note: Don't get fooled by the value, it is not as simple as it looks. You are not encouraged to gamble your doubloons and you are fully responsible for your bets. Calculation: Maximizing profit for earlier roll scenarios:
  2. Hi all I'm after a consensus please. I bought a "Return of the Collection Bundle", primarily because I wanted the two permanent camos it says it includes. The specific wording of it (which you can see in the premium shop yourselves in the special offers) is "Earn two permanent camos with a Big Collection Container...". I spent my money, and received a bunch of random flags and a couple of temporary camos. No permanent camos. So I logged a ticket. The first response I got was that I can't trade what I receive in random packages. Since they had clearly missed the point, I responded saying I didn't want to trade, I just wanted what I had paid for. Their latest (and, most likely, final) response was "The Return of the Collection bundle is consists of 5 Bismarck boxes. It does not include 2 permanent camos as you claimed. It says "Earn two permanent camos with a Big Collection Container.." As description indicated, you may earn two permanent camos from those containers. It does not indicate that the bundle includes two permanent camos." So..... Am I completely off base here? I would like to think I have a pretty good grasp of the english language - when a description says "Earn" something, I expect to get it. And their final response reinforces that - saying that "earning" something means that you "MAY earn something" completely contradicts itself. In my view, "earning" something DOES indicate that it includes something. Begin...
  3. RE: http://www.geforce.com/2016-free-to-play-bundle According to Nvidia, if you buy an Nvidia GTX950 now from one of their participating retailers, you're supposed to be able to redeem $50 worth of WoWS in-game stuff, including 2000 dubloons. Are there any details out on exactly what the rest of the $50 is going into? With the latest 16nm technology cards out in the market it seems like the right time to catch up on mid-range 1080p cards.