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Found 14 results

  1. Pseudoscope

    Tashkent Torp Buff

    Hi, Could you please consider buffing the damage on the Tashkent's torpedos? With the torpedo damage reduction, damage saturation and all that the torps don't nearly hit hard enough for the situations where you get to use them. When you get to point blank range and land 9 on a Musashi from a 1km barrage, Musashi should die, instantly. Buffing them up to the Khabarovsk's damage would be nice. Tashkent cannot stealth torp, dd's see it from kms away, the main playstyle is gunboat, but when you get close it should destroy everything. I think landing all your torps, even 7 or 8 of them really on a bb broadside should net you a kill. I kinda get that the fast reload is supposed to make up for the reduced damage however the Tashkent really doesn't have the durability to survive close range encounters where torps come into the equation. With all the power-creep, radar, hydro and ships with multiple consumables the Tashkent doesn't really have all that much going for it and I feel that a %25 buff to it would not make it overly powerful, but just reward the player when making those epic high risk plays. Regards, Pseudo
  2. FenrirApalis

    Suggestions for CV buffs

    Maybe I am posting this in the wrong section, but oh well I will put it here anyways so as many of you, if not all of you, have seen, you barely see aircraft carriers in World of Warships right now. Especially in high tiers, it's barely existent. Now the battleships and some cruisers (mostly USN BB) received AA buffs, it would be even harder for the CV players to find a reason to play. I used to play matches where I would be surprised to see no carriers on the team list and that was a time I'm that I will miss. Carriers are able to do so much for the team and turn the tide of the battle but they are just so rare now. I have a few ideas for consumables and other changes that can be incorporated into aircraft carriers and maybe some battleships, so here is my list: 1. Air radar consumable. We have all seen battles where the enemy CV or allied CV sneak their planes across along the border of the map and destroy the enemy CV before the game even reaches the 15 minute mark. Of course with the high tier CV's defensive AA consumable that problem has been reduced, but nobody's AA will ever be as effective as your squadron(s) of fighter planes. (unless it's a Des Moines or Hindernberg of course XD) so what does the air radar do? Pretty obvious. It spots all aircrafts that are in the air right now. Maybe the float planes should count too, maybe not. So that way the aircraft carrier would be able to dispatch their fighters to the correct sector of the map and using them to their maximum efficiency. This consumable will have 2 charges, +1 for superintendent or premium and +2 if SI and premium. Standard should have 300 seconds reload time and premium will have 240 seconds reload time. This will save the carrier players lots of time when deciding where their aircraft should go and giving them a better chance to influence the battle in their favour. 2. Defensive secondaries consumable. This is one that I think could be incorporated into battleships too, especially the later tiers. It would provide say a 15% boost to the rate of fire of secondaries and give them a 50% boost in accuracy. Make them last 45 seconds on Tier 7 BB, 50 for Tier 8, 55 for Tier 9 and 60 for Tier 10. The duration of the consumable is doubled on aircraft carriers as they have less secondaries and generally need the secondaries for a bit longer until the planes can get into the AO or an allied ship arrives. The reload time for the consumable will be the same as the defensive AA consumable on cruisers, amount of charges equal to the air radar consumable as listed above. 3. Aircraft speed boost consumable. Pretty self explanatory, all your aircrafts get a speed boost just like how destroyers get speed boosts. Make it basically the same thing as the destroyer speed boost except on aircraft, maybe change the boost from 5% to 10% as 5% doesn't help as much as it should. It could be useful to try and get your bombers back while sending in your fighters to cover their retreat, or make your fighters fly like bats outta hell to try save an allied battleship from enemy aircraft (or in some cases, yourself) amount of charges and reload time should be equal to the destroyer speed boost. Now, captain skill addition for CV! Well this is an addition to the situational awareness skill which I think could help some CV players, especially if the Air Radar consumable gets incorporated into the game. And that is for individual squadrons to have a tiny 'detected' warning over them if they are spotted by enemies. Of course, just like ships, they gotta have different signs for different types of detection. A standard detected sign for being detected by ships and the radar/sonar detection sign for detected by air radar. Could help some CV players right? let me know what you think of my ideas, if they could maybe inprove the current poor state that the CV's are in.
  3. sugcheong

    khaba need buff

    khaba is now worse then ever. rudder is 11.1sec. gun range is 13.4km (when fix new modul. rudder is stuck max speed is 8.9sec) even torp is 6km. how to use it? u think khaba stay island? i dont know how to use khada. now grozovoi is mush better
  4. Admiral_224

    Does Yamato need a buff?

    Title says it all. I feel that the Yamato looks rather... lackluster compared to the other tier 10 BBs. Right now, she is just basically a XP/Credits piñata for any HE spammer. So, does Yammy need a buff right now?
  5. soo yah ive been playing this game since 2015 actually this is my first time doing this because the ranger the american tier 7 aircraft carrier is soo under powered that its needs a buff badly now dont believe me here the recent picture of the summary of that under powered of a CV. Out of 79 battles only 29 wins and 50 loses i have to struggle to hiryu's massive air power, saipan's tier 9 planes that out match. out gun and out match the ranger 2 fighter squadron and 2 bombers squadron i have to wait until the captain have 4 point to get the air supremacy perk to counter those CV and ships as well soo pls buff the ranger
  6. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    T8 IJN DD Akizuki needs a buff

    I think the Akizuki needs a buff, compared to other DDs it is very slow with a top speed of 33knots and has a bad turning radius of 730 meters. It can no longer stealth fire and due to its gun caliber can only ever do minimal damage. I would suggest buffing it's speed or turning radius. Or perhaps even increasing its fire chance
  7. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    T8 IJN DD Akizuki needs a buff

    I think the Akizuki needs a buff, compared to other DDs it is very slow with a top speed of 33knots and has a bad turning radius of 730 meters. It can no longer stealth fire and due to its gun caliber can only ever do minimal damage. I would suggest buffing it's speed or turning radius. Or perhaps even increasing its fire chance Duplicate post. Thread locked. ~amade
  8. FenrirApalis

    Des Moines armor buff :D

    *dances around the room while my dog stares at me thinking I went mad* NO MORE ******** DECK PENS FROM ANYTHING BUT YAMATO WOO HOO did they buff the side armour too tho it didn't say in the patch notes uwu Next step: buff side armour too?
  9. So, with the release of this patch, 2 buffs to fighter ammunition count have arrived: 1. Dogfighting expert gives +10% fighter ammunition and is a T1 skill. 2. Air Groups Mod.2 gives +50% fighter ammunition in addition to the previous +20% fighter HP. Any CV at T5+ that is not USN strike is likely to take both of these, and it will result in a net addition of +65% ammo count (its applied multiplicatively). This means that USN carriers with formerly bountiful ammunition count (Bogue, Independence, Ranger) now simply have silly amounts of ammunition. For example, Bogue now has 182 ammo (3 minutes of clicking) and gets 6.6 strafes, while Ranger gets 119 ammo (almost 2 minutes of clicking and more than Bogue prepatch) and gets about 5 strafes. Now, I like this buff for higher tiers (T9-T10 specifically), because it lets fighter combat be more than just "click this fighter, run out of ammo, repeat until you lose all fighters or all enemy fighters dead" which is frankly very stale. (even with the ammo buff, Essex gets 89 ammo which is still a lot). This also buffs Japanese fighters which traditionally run dry VERY quickly. However, this buff (at lower tiers) encourages clicking, which is VERY skilless. It also makes strike USN from T5-T8 extremely hard to play when faced against USN fighters as they will only have to reload once or twice before you get deplaned. I then asked Sub_Octavian in his Q&A as to why the fighter ammunition has been buffed in such a heavyhanded manner, and his response was that it was meant as a USN CV buff, especially for lower skilled players. Now, I am all for making the game accessible for new players, but considering the ammo count of USN fighters before the patch (which was already plentiful), I cannot help but be VERY tempted to say that if you screw up so much in a USN AS CV that you fail to stop strikes from enemy strike loadouts, then you deserve whatever happens to your team. Thoughts on this fighter buff? I find it extremely frustrating that the USN AS setup is now buffed to the degree that skilless tactics are encouraged (mind you, you will deplane carriers easily if you run those properly now). TL;DR: The fighter ammo buff for USN at lower tiers is way overdone. Higher tiers and IJN fighter buffs are welcome as they ran dry a lot.
  10. Now as you can see Minekaze was the most successful IJN Destroyer. With her 10 km fast reload torp and decent guns So WG, As usual, Nerf her very badly not only on her torpedoes but her guns too Down to 7 km range (with her stock camo is 6.2 km) making this ship much much even worse than Isokaze (6.1 km camo, 10 km gun range, 7 km torp range) this ship should deserves something better than that!
  11. So... Less gun range than Kiev... Size of a Cleveland... Turn radius of a heavy cruiser?... Rudder shift of a heavy cruiser?.... 4 km torpedoes....8 km when upgraded, but less speed, and damage... 9.4 concealment (stock)... weak AA.... Recently nerfed HE damage and fire chance... Ugly... So why is the Kiev, Ognevoi, Gnevny, heck even the islayav almost better in every way than the Trashkent... Not only do people stop at Kiev and free exp it because its such garbage, in 0.5.3 they want to give it a 3000 doubloon camouflage that makes the ship a slightly lighter blue... I dont even.. I dont know....is wargaming to afraid of the ugliness of the Trashkent to even give it a decent camouflage? At least give the Trashkent the same range as Kiev... Even better switch the Kiev and the Tashkent. It would be somewhat garbage at tier 7. Rather than being a pointless member of your team in T8. Wait, why not make a premium Russian T8 DD that has way better stats, kinda like how they nerfed Kiev then sold Blyskawica (aka Kiev 2.0 on steriods with Invisfire and usable torpedoes) kinda like the Gnevny and the Gremyashchy

    Thank you wargamming

    Thanks for buffing MAHAN by providing an extra gun.Now I can knife fight DDs like farragut,hatsuharu and Kiev(well almost).Ended up in the Top 3 for DMG dealt in all the battles yesterday..... Finally I can move to BENSON with much ease... As for the Atago her maneuverability is good...... Action stations
  13. So in order to end all XXXX needs buff/nerf. You're using it wrong!! debates. Here are the stats from Asia server as of 8/26 in pretty graphs with analysis that nobody asked for. Source data comes from here. Note that there are very few battles for some high tier ships (especially destroyers) Individual Ship Performance VS Tier Benchmark for all Ships (see methodology below) Blue bars represent All players. Orange top 10% BBs are generally not friendly to newer players. "You're doing it wrong" definitely applies to many ships in this class - especially Kongo Aside from the tier Xs (data not reliable), Fuso, New Mexico and (surprising to me) Wyoming are stars of the line from tier 5~8 Average players do better in the US BBs, Top 10%ers in the JP BBs Miyogi is the worst BB in game followed by Colorado, skill helps ~ but not much Before tier X(again, not enough data), the 8" CAs are UP. The lower tier 6" CAs do better (More Dakka) but require some skill Cleveland really isn't that OP The prems, Atlanta and Atago are terrible (skill makes the Atago considerably less terrible- but still terrible) Everybody's complaints about the Furutaka (soon to be buffed) are justified CVs are almost all monster ~ especially with a skilled player driving Except for the Langley, Bogue (we knew that) and Lexington (What?? Why is this performing so bad?) Aside from the Isokaze and Minekaze which require a bit of skill to perform, all other DDs blow or are at best average and are not really saved by skill Gold bars represent % damage difference between to 10% players and All Players Murmansk seems to be the Unicum's seal clubbing weapon of choices Atago can suck a lot less if played by a ninja (but will still suck) Fuso VS Nagato, New Mexico VS Colorado ? Sorry your additional unicorn spunk will have more impact on the lower tier ship. (i.e. if you can do X amount better in a Nagato, you will do even better in a Fuso) Its about the kills dahling:
  14. CromwellCruiser

    HMS Warspite--Potential Buff

    Hey guys So just floating an idea because I have observed (in the forums and on youtube reviews) that a lot of players are complaining about the Warspite's lack of range and turret rotation. However, a lot of people have said that this is working as intended (TM?) so I will not comment on these two characteristics. Instead, I will suggest a different buff. First, I would like to say that though I have bought the ship, I have not played it in PvP. People who wish to comment this (and imply my lack of experience) need not do so. So, on to my suggestion. In observation of the Warspite's armament I have noticed that there are two turrets (one on each side) listed as shell armaments (102mm/45 QF Mk19) listed as secondary armament and another two turrets listed as AA armament of the exact same specification, which seems to imply that these guns are dual-purpose. They also share a similar model. As such, I would like to suggest that the "AA Defensive Fire" ability of cruisers may be made available to the Warspite as well, as the stated (or, at least implied) that the way this cooldown works is by concentrating Dual-purpose batteries in an anti-air role, and that both batteries be thus listed as dual purpose secondaries and AA batteries. Thanks for hearing me out. Those who wish to reiterate that this battleship's underperformance is working as intended need not do so.