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Found 10 results

  1. So is it just me and yes full disclosure I am definitely NOT a UNICUM WoWS player but I find the British Heavy Cruisers (have only made it to the Surrey at Tier VII) completely underwhelming in every respect. I see few replays on the WoWS replay website, yes they are new but not that new. Very few "You Tube" or other such Community Contributors with praise for the cruiser line. Their gun range is pathetic for their given armour layout, good luck surviving to get within torpedo range and if you do get them off good luck surviving the launch while showing broadside. So far the only thing I have enjoyed about them is their AA but even this has no consequence to the game and they certainly cannot carry. At least with the Italian line they bought something new (SAP). Their HE fire chance is mediocre (a good thing for the game i.e it is balanced (looks at smolensk)) and their AP is shite. I am finding it very hard to be enthusiastic about continuing the grind. So I have finished the line now and the Tier X British Heavy Cruiser now sits in my port slowly gathering dust. What a HUNK of garbage, If I was forced to play all tier X heavy Cruisers one after each other then the GOLIATH would be last on the list. It has no tricks up its sleeve, it has trash armour for its tier, trash gun range, trash AP, mediocre to lack luster HE, its just so MEH don't waste your time unless like me you enjoy pain and have no other lines to grind. Over and OUT.
  2. I'm fairly close to getting the Minotaur on my other account and wondering how much better than the Neptune is it as my experience with the Neptune has been a mix bag. I find compared to the Edinburgh that the increase in detection range to be rather annoying and also the ship does not have great firing angles for such a high citadel. So I want to know how noticeable Minotaur's traits like better concealment and better handling feel compared to the Neptune
  3. After looking through the forums, I found some of the builds for Jack Dunkirk to be unclear/confusing. So I plan to use him for BBs like Nelson and Warspite so I want to know the ideal way to spec him without a confusing explaintion.
  4. Farlesquew

    Brit DD upgrades

    I've so far got the Acasta and Icarus (tiers V and VI) and equipped the rudder upgrade on both, but every one I face appears to have chosen the gun rotation upgrade instead. I figured that being able to turn faster was going to be useful indodging incoming shells, but I do note the moments where I'm turning faster than my guns can manage, which sometimes makes knife fights difficult. (That, plus the poor concealment which means we're constantly outspotted, and can only stealth torp against on-coming ships). DDs are definitely my weakest ship type, but I'm frustrated with my performance and wondering if this upgrade choice is partially to blame. Guys: DEFINITELY a wrong upgrade choice, or do I simply need to keep working on my overall DD skills (I feel I'm improving, but then I had a ahocker run of losses yesterday, argh)?
  5. DeadlyDeeevil

    Strongest Cruiser Line

    With the Indroduction of the new British cruiser line, whats the strongest cruiser line to proceed down?
  6. Admiral_Revan

    Just a quick suggestion

    As you all may have heard, the great Sir Roger Moore has passed away and I know he was a great actor to many of us for the James Bond films. I was going to throw this as a suggestion to the Wargaming community, would it be okay to have Roger Moore as one of the Commanders of the British fleet as part of a tribute for his farewell? I know that you have like Steven Seagull on the US side, but just thought to toss up the idea.
  7. Boo_Keeper

    Battleship Development

    Battleship Development Upgrades and More!!
  8. So, with it now being 2017, any news on new Ships for the british tree, odd that even after 3 years all they have is a cruiser line... Especially considered in 1939 at the start of WW2 the british had the single most powerful navy in existence 15 battleships (with 9 building) 7 Carriers (with 6 more in construction) 15 Heavy Cruisers 41 Light Cruisers (with 9 more building) 8 AA Cruisers (with 16 building) 1 Mine Laying Cruiser (with one more building) 181 Destroyers (with 24 building) 65 submarines (with 11 more building) 54 Escorts (with 80 more building) 44 Minesweepers (with 10 more in construction) and lastly 2 monitors To give them only a line of cruisers long after the US and Japan have complete trees is just insulting Would also like to see modifications to the cruiser listings, since cruiser is a blanket term for a large amount of ships such as heavy, light, battle, escort, armored and protected Speaking of cruisers I would also like to known about HMS belfast re-sale? Only just back into the game after it is no longer completely garbage to find i missed hms belly
  9. So with the Monday Blues, I thought I'd share my ideas of what candidate ships the upcoming British cruiser line may have: Tier 1: No idea, any random gunboat will do Tier 2: Active class / Town Class (includes HMAS Sydney)(either a 4" shell spammer like the Dresden or a typical 6" light cruiser like Chikuma/Albany) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active-class_cruiser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Town-class_cruiser_(1910) Tier 3:Monmouth Class (typical armoured cruiser, another St Louis type) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monmouth-class_cruiser Tier 4: Emerald Class (Like a better Karlsruhe) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emerald-class_cruiser Tier 5: Leander Class (Australians and New Zealanders rejoice!) - Graf Spee better run https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leander-class_cruiser_(1931) Tier 6: York Class (Rival to the Aoba and a smaller version of the County class with 6x8" guns) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/York-class_cruiser Tier 7:County Class Heavy Cruisers (the only Heavy 8" gun cruisers of the RN in WW2, armor too light for tier 8, kinda like Pepsicola but with torps) or Dido Class AA cruisers (kinda like Atlanta, maybe a premium?) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dido-class_cruiser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/County-class_cruiser Tier 8: Crown Colony Class? A suitable rival to the Soviet Mikail Kutuzov with 12x6" guns - HMS Belfast as a tier 8 Premium https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Colony-class_cruiser Tier 9: A Paper Cruiser design? - Apparently there was a design in the old British naval history books (from a book called "From Nelson to Vanguard") that had 9x8" guns and displaced 15,000 - 18,000 tons, the later design having 6" belt armor Tier 10: Another Paper Cruiser? - I also heard there were some paper 9.2" gun Cruisers for the RN (from the same book) that never took off the drawing board...A worthy rival to the Moskva? http://warships1discussionboards.yuku.com/topic/22572#.Vu8DXvl97IU Given the lack of heavy cruiser designs for the RN, I assume the Royal Navy will kind be like the Russians in having a 6" gunned "light cruisers" going up to tier 8 as well, while the ships of the lower tiers would be rivals with the German cruisers.
  10. chicory_choi

    英國 的戰艦

    我在youtube 上看到有英國的戰船, 如何可以選擇?