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Found 2 results

  1. Chuck_Norris

    British cruisers are garbage

    Hi, i have never written anything in forums but i felt compelled to inform those who haven't played the new British cruisers well its disappointing to say the least. I spent a fair bit or real money on doubloons to free xp to the tier 7 Fiji and bought the Belfast well what a waste of money time and energy! So where do i start? The guns have like 0mm penetration i legit mean it! Only have AP shells on the Fiji so shooting at a Battleship even up close when you need to is pointless, the lack of HE means you are combat ineffective for the team. 0 damage each volley may get a lucky critical that's it. My first match i shot point blank a dd 0 damage 2 volleys didn't over pen now just plain bounced in return i was demolished by a dd. Last game shooting a cruiser at just over 10km full broadside 0 damage surprise surprise i got wrecked in return. Iv'e played at least 10 matched in the Fiji shooting a tier 5 cruiser like 8km side on 1 shell did like 1k dame the rest of the volley bounced the tier 5 burnt me to the ground i limped away he looked brand new. So what is the penetration value of the 152mm British guns? seems it needs to be patched and i am not the only person to say this. Now the internet warriors will come out and say I'm a terrible player and the British ships are great etc probably not to far from the truth about my being a terrible player but last match point blank a tier 6 dd couldn't hurt him so frustrating and the Belfast has HE but its does no damage either?? I would love to give the Belfast back for the doubloons I spent on it. Now i was an Alpha and Beta tester and I am legit just shaking my head at the British fail train. So in short don't waste you're time, doubloons or energy on the British cruisers just yet I alone with many people were waiting for so long for the Royal Navy to turn up and was soooo lt down. Anyway that's my 2 cents and vent, I know nothing will happen and I will be ridiculed by internet warriors alike and WG will probably suspend my account for saying something negative against the game because that is how they roll. But i felt i should warn those on the lower tiers that at the moment the British guns are ineffective especially in a tier 9 match in the tier 7 you will do little to no damage to ANYTHING.
  2. juniorkiller

    British CLs need help.

    From my acknowledgement. British light cruisers from tier 6 and below have little affect to the game. They're just underpowered. I've never felt competitive playing them (from tier 2 to tier 5, 6 is a little bit better). Is it me that plays badly, or is it the ships itselves are bad? Regards!