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Found 5 results

  1. I am noticing that the abuse of blue lining seems to be on the rise again particularly in T10 games, as they have the range to still affect the game play while being much harder to hit, because of the mechanic the strange drift takes a few volleys to zone in on them. Perhaps we could bring in a damage penalty for blue lining say half the rate of being on fire, so if you accidentally hit it, its not a game ender but will encourage you not to travel half the map on the blue line. Cheers Crusin
  2. 眾所周知,邊界藍線是躲魚雷避炮彈的好地方,在兩艘快沉的船艦戰鬥時,在邊界藍線一方的船隻絕對比不在藍線上的一方更易把對方擊沉,因為邊界藍線可以令玩家違反力學在原地上或以更少的距離更改船隻前進方向,從而躲避炮擊. 為了確保玩家的公平性,最簡單的方法就是把藍線取消了. 取消了藍線,如何確保戰鬥範圍? 只要把地圖向外延長一點,在原本藍線和延長後的新地圖邊界之間的距離設為懲罰區域,進入懲罰區域的船隻會受到負面屬性加持,比如:因水草纏繞令船速減慢,因水下浮雷令船艦受損.從而阻止玩家利用懲罰區域進攻. 那問題不是沒解決?新地圖依然有邊緣,依然有界線? 沒錯,但在我的設想裡 ,新地圖的邊緣玩家依然可以通過,但只要船體百分之七十五通過了新邊界,那系統會直接取締玩家本場的戰鬥資格,簡單來說就是出了線外就死. 如此一來就可以解決邊界的藍線所衍生的問題. 雖然不知有沒有管事的人看到就是.
  3. is there any update on what is being planned or done about this , at high tiers its a bit of a joke ( ive seen half a team do this ) and then then alot of players say it part of the game ?
  4. It has not yet been implemented, it was a mistyped in the announcement for the latest patch, but they are working on it so don't worry. Also keep sending those blue line abuse replays
  5. We've all seen these in 7 out of 10 battles. BBs camp the blue line at the edge of the map, and when the enemy draws near, they attempt to maneuver but get stuck instead, and end up eating a hail of shells due to their lack of motion. But, what would be an effective solution to fix this problem? I dedicate this thread to brainstorming possible ideas and finding a plausible solution that's both practical and non-game breaking. Here are a few potential ideas: Make the line bigger and thicker, if players are having trouble seeing it. Add an audible alarm and on-screen message if players approach the end of the map, similar to landmass collisions. This might be helpful for those suffering from tunnel vision when they zoom in and aim. Use a system similar to World of Warplanes, where autopilot takes over and bounces you towards the opposite direction once you hit the edge of the map. Use a system similar to Battlefield 2, with a soft border that you can move outside of, and a timer is displayed on the screen telling you how many seconds left until the game automatically kills you. I prefer this method, because it resembles a "carrot-and-stick" approach - if a bad player suffers the harsh penalty enough times, they'll eventually stop making the same mistake. Strict punishment systems are proven to have good effectiveness, just look at Singapore's legal system. Alternatively, have soft borders that give players a gradual and steady loss of HP until they return to the map, if the idea of sudden death after a timer feels too extreme. There's still a "carrot-and-stick" theme, but players are more likely to have a natural reaction to it. Anyone have anything else to suggest?