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Found 4 results

  1. So last night I purchased 30 days of premium via paypal, but it didn't work in game. So I did it again, but it still doesn't appear to have worked, and neither are showing up on my account page or in game. Have received paypal confirmation of transactions, as does my bank account but nothing else has happened. I only have WOWs on the Asia server, and I was logged in the correct area. Ticket #270559
  2. 314Confederation

    Premium shop break down?

    Yesterday I bought deep sea treasure from wows Asia premium store online, however I still haven't received them in game. In the past when I use visa to pay, I would receive doubloons in game in few seconds. Well this time it seems not so good. I received the email telling me that my payment was successful. Btw, I tried again this morning and bought 500 doubloons and received immediately. What happened to my deep sea treasure
  3. Mobile Edy でダブロンを購入したのですが、 数日経っても反映されていません。 Edyとダブロン購入のレシートメールは届いているのですが、 なぜかアカウントに反映されません。 どなたか、どのくらいで反映されるのかご存じないでしょうか。
  4. At first, I tried to buy only 30 days old should not be a payment page error pop up . So I bought one more time . The error pop up twice. So I check the card just in case and being twice the money payments. The problem is anything but a duplicate payment , this does not apply in the game.