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Found 13 results

  1. Good morning/afternoon, Since WG had the generosity to allow me into the submarine beta test, I've decided to make the most and provide some feedback. Firstly, I'd like to say I am extremely impressed with how WG has been implementing submarines and making great balance changes. I feel that the entire submarine experience - for all ship classes - is a massive value add to the game. Secondly, onto feedback about specifics of submarine gameplay at the moment: 1. Sub torpedoes: In the second iteration, the base damage of torpedoes was increased and the double ping damage was decreased. This to me was a good move. It allows submarines to use torpedoes as anyone else would without having to expose themselves and ping their location in order to do worthwhile damage. On the other hand it also is not too powerful against ships where you can just pop up and fire before submerging with little exposure time. If set up right however, and the torpedoes and double pinged, it still doesn't do OP damage, but a healthy punishing amount for anyone not paying attention to the mini-map for pings and whether they are isolated and in danger or not. I feel like the amount of homing the torpedoes get at the moment is good enough to punish cruisers and battleships, but not enough to always ensure a hit no matter how the target is maneuvering. Against DDs, homing torpedoes and especially difficult to hit against a clever player that is looking for them. I'm happy with this state of affairs. I think good counter gameplay by other classes should be rewarded, and not that a double ping means assured high damage against the ship you pinged. DDs SHOULD in my opinion be hard to hit if they're playing smart as they need the ability to get close and depth charge submarines. If subs are able to land a hit every time they activate homing then DDs won't be able to counter them very well no matter the level of play. In regards to against submarines, I really like that they will now chase a submarine once double pinged. Again, torpedoing another submarine should not be easy, but it is doable, and it makes for fantastic gameplay trying to do so - especially when you have rear torpedo tubes for the sub chasing you XD. 2. Depth charges: The change to manual use in the second iteration has been a godsend to gameplay IMO. The satisfaction for a depth charge kill is now in the players hands, and the fact that you need to use them carefully to get the kill before you run out and have to reload means that a destroyer hunting a submarine isn't an assured kill, and the submarine has a chance of survival compared to the first iteration. I feel like the radius of damage could be reduced, but the damage could be increased a tad. I have depth charged right on top of a submarine starting to dive from periscope depth only to not get a kill because he was able to get to the consumable depth after my first wave of depth charges and before my second wave of depth charges hit. I feel that at that sort of close range situation depth charges should net a kill from such careless play by a submarine - especially after I had to stick my neck out in front of enemies and dodge al the subs torps to get that close. I don't believe this is unreasonable, I see it being equivalent to a BB dev strike against a close broadside cruiser, or a dev strike from a DD against a BB from close kamikaze range torpedoing. At the same time though, if you decrease the range the depth charges damage it also means the DD has to be accurate and can't just sail, "that'll be close enough" distance away to net damage, floods and fires. 3. Maximum depth consumable: I absolutely love this consumable. Firstly, it gives players who time it right the ability to escape a destroyer and survive a depth charge attack (as long as you're at depth already when activating it so that the depth charges don't get you while you're still submerging), and secondly, I love that it gives the ability to go undetected by other submarines and ships for the time you are at that depth. It allows for a greater depth and skill to the gameplay and gives the submarine a little bit more ability to enable clever plays inherent to the sub class just like every other ship class has it's own particular style. The consumable doesn't feel too easy though - it has to be timed just right or else it'll run out before you evade the enemy sub and get re-detected, or evade the depth charges. 4. Destroyer sonar location when close to enemy submarines: I feel like this mechanic is a little too easy at the moment in so far as the range you start getting highlighted sonar areas is too large. The accuracy and update speed of the sonar is in a good spot I feel; it doesn't update fast enough to allow a destroyer to easily understand where the enemy submarine is or is going. However, I feel that you should need to be closer before you get these sonar areas. As a destroyer player you already get pings on the mini-map to tell you where submarines are and you are generally much faster than them. It also allows submarines a chance to play smarter around DDs without getting instantly detected at range by the DD sonar. 5. Deck gun on submarines: Something I would love to see is a consumable for when surfaced that allows you to use your deck gun. I feel like that would be a good way to balance no deck gun vs constant deck gun, and could represent the effort that gun crews had to make to get out of the submarine and man the gun. It would allow you to finish off that 56HP enemy that you just torpedoed half to death, and give you some way to say screw you to enemy DDs bearing down on your out-of-air submarine just before you die XD. This could be balanced by giving a time penalty for diving when the deck gun is activated (need to get the men back in the submarine!) so that submarines can't just pop up and fire before submerging with no consequence. I would really like to see some purpose given to the nicely modeled deck guns though. 6. Radio location and subs: Since they removed radio location for the second patch the gameplay has greatly improved IMO. Submarines key values lie in stealth and torpedoes, and radio location negates that a great deal. I don't think radio location should ever be able to work against a submerged or periscope depth submarine, however I would be open to trialing the idea that it would work against a surfaced submarine. It would make sense if the skill was: locates the nearest surface vessel. This could still be too punishing against submarine play though and I believe that with DDs sonar they don't need any more help from radio location of any form against subs. 7. Hydro vs submarines: I think that ships with hydro acoustic should be able to use this in some way against submarines, more so than currently only detected them when they are completely surfaced. What I would be interested in seeing is giving ships using hydro the same sonar highlighted area of where a submarine is/was as the destroyers currently get. I feel like this would make it harder to be careless around good cruiser players in a submarine and allow the cruiser a means to predict where the submarine might next surface, so that they can attack it with HE. 8. HE vs surfaced and periscope depth subs: I am very comfortable with how it currently is. I feel the damage done is perfectly reasonable and makes surface ships that aren't DDs a means to effectively combat submarines so that they can't attack with impunity. Overall, I think that covers most of what I wanted to say. I am absolutely loving the gameplay though and I think it will be the best addition to the game for a while. Well done WG! Cheers, Sebdspy

    So what was the point.

    So War gaming made changes to CV play Because Skilled players had to much influence of the outcome of a battle. Well your data must be telling you the same thing is happening. You also made changes to get more cvs in game and your data will show you have done that, but at what cost. Why do we still have to put up with playing beta cv play? Offer us something that has no cv play while you take on your cv balance efforts. Like the ranked we all enjoyed. Also real life cv could not spot in bad weather, lets get some random clouds in game.
  3. dead_man_walking

    Access FAQ

    Q - I received an email to WoWS Alpha but can't find anything (don't have access etc). A - Gratz - now hold your horses. The access to Alpha forums and tags is a manual one. Give it about a week. If after that long you still don't have the correct tags/access PM KaZanova http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/user/kazanova-2000000148/ with your details. Q - I entered a code for WoWS Beta ASIA - now what? A - Gratz - go to the portal www.worldofwarships.asia. Once you login with the details you signed up for the code with, you will get access to a members section. The download is in there. Q - I have Weekend Beta status - does this mean I get Closed Beta? A - Yes - Alpha Testers and Weekend (RPS) Beta Testers will automatically get access to the closed beta when that occurs. Edit with CBT Specific Information 15-3-15: Applications are currently closed for CBT.Those that managed to get in - gratz.Those that got the first email - you are in the pool to be added at a later date (unknown at this stage) as needs be.Those that didn't get any emails - sorry folks that's it for this round. There may be other application rounds later down the track as the developers need.There are no codes etc for CBT, the only way is to apply and that is currently closed off.
  4. ERROR: patch installation. name: "wows_30.84773_30.84772_client.patch", what: extract file error, msg: name="C:\Program Files\World of Warships Asia\Updates\wows_30.84773_30.84772_client.patch" file="res\audio\WOWS_SC.pck" to="C:\Program Files\World of Warships Asia" Do I need to re-download the game??
  5. Before we start, I would like to remind WG that the game we are playing, "world of warships", has a beta version called PT. With that been said, why couldn't WG simply dump the staff that they want to change in it!? None of the trillions of bugs that currently takes place in the game happened In the PT, and a lot of things was tested in the PT didn't even show up in the real game. The later is easier to understand as some changes might not be positive, but it really doesn't make sense as WG simply give players tons of bugs with a in-ur-face style that wasn't in the PT, that made the entire 051 like a car crash. Look at all these weird things that is going on in the game, no smoke on top of ships, the notaries and fixed no-citadel for battleships, the strange 100% addition on planes with lower speed and the inconsistent torpedo lines. NONE OF THESE BREAKING BADS WERE SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN!!! WG should have tested the changes that it updated to these attributes in the PT long ago If WG doesn't plan to test the things that it want to change in game with a testing environment, why having a testing version of the game in the first place? BTW, why is wargaming spending so much time on simple bug fixes? It took them an entire week just to fix citadel hits for battleships, while other important glitches are still left hanging Excuse for my language but I couldn't think of a better way to describe this: WG is dumping bugs on us like it is having trouble with diarrhea, while its speed in fixing bugs is as if that it suffers from constipation
  6. Well, this is what usually happens when a mainly-DD Beta player gets thrown into a match filled with new players. I feel bad for their team. D: - 6 kills, Double strike, High Caliber, Confederate, multiple devastating strikes -203 k profit on standard (300k on prem D: ) -3759 exp and 188 free exp! On another note, no "Topgun" (or should we call it TopTorps?) for killing half their team? xD Only a pile of shimapans to fly off my ship? Huehuehue- Cheers and have fun carrying the team.
  7. swap1997

    Open Beta Release

    When will the open beta for the asian server release?
  8. So this guy decides at spawn to launch 4 torps then test his galleons ramming skills.

    Friend Beta Codes

    I suggest that people in the closed beta receive a beta code to give to a friend and they can receive another if the friend they gave the code to plays until tier 4. (4 seems fair, enough to show that they have played a fair amount of the game but not requiring too much gameplay.) I'm suggesting this because if the developers are looking for feedback about the game, not only can having friends that play the game increase the play time exponentially but it also gives the tester a person whom they know to discuss things, come up with ideas that may improve the game or may be negatively impacting the game, and people with friends tend to become quite imaginative because they have more players and can try more playstyles and strategies. Well to be honest i can see a few downsides to this as well. I have concluded that world of warships may be running out of server slots for more testers and is not able to accept more players. Also this may lead to people creating "more" "smurf" accounts which is not particularly negative but it does take up codes and server slots that could have been given to other people can benefit the development of the game. Just a small tangent~ I really want to play world of warships ASAP. My friend plays and we want to play together. When you said that you had the information disclosure because you did not want people to prematurely judge the game or let people down I laughed a little because I believe people who would rate a game poorly during beta then preach their opinion, have no understanding that a game in beta is a game in development. They obviously have not considered that maybe their opinion is one of many and is not absolute. People like that end up on my ignore list in WoT, I personally would ask you to let them hate and leave them be so they do not become the players on my WoWS ignore list. Also they seem to not understand the flexibility of games which can be updated and patched regularly One last thing (I promise it's the last thing) Ever since i started playing World of Tanks I have been impressed by Wargaming, I have desired to work at Wargaming and express my love for games, war and war gaming. I do realize that the closest Wargaming studio is on the other side of Australia but I will happily support you guys over these forums.
  10. I have no idea what to do when they release codes for beta weekend!!
  11. Big_Unit

    Beta Codes

    Hey guys, Seeing a lot of giveaways for NA Beta Codes on streams/ Reddit. However being in Australia the site recommends the Asian server. Is it worth applying for the NA codes and playing form there/ can you transfer them. P.S WarGaming - Awesome piece on Tank museum in Cairns, Australia. Didn't know it existed, i will check it out next time i'm in Cairns. http://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/pc-browser/21/the-challenger-asia-au-armour-artillery-museum/ .
  12. dead_man_walking

    Knowledge for Codes

    So some how I have gotten hold of some Beta weekend invite codes ;) To get a code - show you have some knowledge! First 10 correct posts with the correct answers to the questions below get a code. 1. What does SCRAN stand for? 2. What is an ord? 3. Name the ship associated with five inch friday? 4. How many years of undetected crime does a 3 badgeman have? 5. Which ship sank the German light cruiser SMS Emden? 6. What is a goffa? 7. Finish this saying "sweepers, sweepers man your brooms, those for'ad sweep aft, those aft sweep for'ad, those in the ______ passageways get out of the way!" 8. What is a monkeys fist? 9. If you were on a "makers" where would you be? 10. Who will get more rep - Chappo or KaZanova? edit - a hint if you look at my profile picture and signature you'll know where these come from.... edit 2 - 2nd hint - have a look through these forums you'll find some of the answers and a link that gives many more edit 3 - there are some correct (enough) answers to have received codes, and few that aren't (copy paste doesn't always get you a pass) edit 4 - there are still quite a few of the codes available, those that have got it correct check your forum inbox for a pm Edit 23/01/2015 - well it's time to close this off. Those that won codes have had them PM'd to them (check your inboxes). Answers: 1. What does SCRAN stand for? Stuff Cooked by the Royal Australian Navy (First word changed to suit PG 13+ nature of these forums) (I accepted the Sultana's etc as that is the RN origin of the abbreviation) 2. What is an ord? an ord is an Ordinary Seaman 3. Name the ship associated with five inch friday? HMAS Anzac 4. How many years of undetected crime does a 3 badgeman have? at least 12. Each badge was collected for 4 years of good conduct (and could be removed if you had to face the table). These days it's just a badge for every 4 years of service. (and yes I had 3) 5. Which ship sank the German light cruiser SMS Emden? HMAS Sydney 6. What is a goffa? Soft drink 7. Finish this saying "sweepers, sweepers man your brooms, those for'ad sweep aft, those aft sweep for'ad, those in the ______ passageways get out of the way!" "cross" passageways (those going port/stbd rather than fwd/aft). (I accepted the "ladder bays and" answer after seeing it in a google search from the USN/USMC) 8. What is a monkeys fist? type of knot used, normally used to add weight to a heaving line 9. If you were on a "makers" where would you be? half day off - make and mend - time to fix your rigs, get a haircut etc. 10. Who will get more rep - Chappo or KaZanova? KaZanova won that one (I would of accepted either) Thread locked. ~amade
  13. Timmynator

    Free unused Invitation code

    Free beta weekend code for this weekend, dunno if it still works but its unused FER96-5Y2FX-CDZ6D First in, First served Let me know if it does or doesnt work Thread server its purpose. Closing. ~amade