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Found 5 results

  1. anonym_MnSIst5Oe5yN

    Fiji Rank experience and ranking out

    Just curious to understand other people's Season 6 experience with Ranked and the Fiji? Looking at the stats a lot of Fiji players seem to have stopped at R10 on the Asia server. Not sure how many have ranked out (I feel lucky and relieved to have made it) I do apologise to anyone on my team who suffered some bad moments during the middle season as I was learning what I could and couldn't do in this ship. It is so fragile that any minor mistake gets punished severely. Despite attracting a lot of criticism as I as simple 'not a Belfast' I ended up with more compliments that complaints than when I started. From my experience I feel this is a very powerful ship, not equal tier with the Belfast, but with RPF and extended Hydro I felt I was not far off it. Best thing was you could provide a lot of utility on a flank and if you timed it right you could take out the DD+Cruiser combo that was often isolated without losing too much health. Not having Radar was not a huge issue but the concealment advantage Belfast has did make it hard to close the gap on them. Definitely not a ship that could SOLO flank so the worst moments were when the DD or BB I thought was supporting me either died or turned away. (in one case gave up his smoke to the enemy which they used to punish us quickly) Only 50% of the time was chat effective in getting people to understand the idea or hold their position. After a while I just gave up relying on my team and took the safest possible position even though it meant losing opportunities to strike. Overall I am glad I struggled through the bad part as the last few matches were rewarding and did get some ROFL moments when I saw DD's run from a cap when they saw me push in even though they had the advantage. (Same as in one match when I held up a BB + 2 DD's behind an island who just couldn't push around from fear of something - by the time they did the rest of their team was dead anyway) --So any of you other Fiji captains rank out? How did you manage it? -- Did anyone else use RPF to an advantage? (I think this skill can be a curse as well if not used wisely)
  2. DarkWalkerNZ

    When can I buy the Belfast?

    I know the Royal Navy released today, but I wonder if I can buy the Belfast first and train some commander and get some more credits. Was it on sale before? =( Or is there a release date of the ship for WG to take my $$$$? Cheers Commanders
  3. MeloMelonSoda

    Naval Legends - Belfast

    Since WG released its vids... Thats mean Belfast will be in shop soon™ !!
  4. Belulfast has radar,smoke,sonar except for trops. seriously.That premium can smoke and radar up then steamroll on the dd.Only consumable that Belulfast missing is the health boost of atago. Please provide them as well.I thought WOWS is free to play,Looks like Premium ship are going OP when compared to the normal ones. Lol,imagine T5 and T6 dd playing against this ship.Come on WG at least give Pensacola some reduced concealment.15.6 km is a nightmare. Rant over. Sauce:Twitch and you tube
  5. RisaFujiyama

    Tea Party Is Coming

    RN cruiser is too weak they said... GET THEM LADS! Hydro + Smoke + Radar + T8 Upgrade Slot + Prem Sheep(that will never get nerf!) #MakeRNCLsGreatAgain