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Found 37 results

  1. KaiserPhantasma

    [2019]Best Tier V Ships For Fun

    Hoping to get advice on which tier V ship classes is "good"/downright human rights violation for your enemy as I am hoping to get a good set of tier Vs for each nation.
  2. Historically, the Beiyang Fleet was a group of vessels that served as Qing Dynasty China's modernized navy from the middle 19th century to the Sino-Japanese War of 1895, when it was sunk by Japanese vessels in a surprise attack in Weihaiwei, northeast China. As the Fleet comprised of up to 3 battleships, 7 cruisers and several destroyers I was wondering if Wargaming could consider introducing these vessels to WoWS as most of the Pan-Asian ships in the game are post-WW2 and there are currently no WW1-era Chinese ships or Chinese battleships/cruisers in the game. Maybe ships from the Beiyang Fleet can be introduced in the form of Premium ships or perhaps a short tech branch? Do you all think this is a good idea? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beiyang_Fleet
  3. waichung1823

    Aggressive or overextend?

    Well, sometimes if enemy DDs are dead, i will play BBs in aggressive way and usually i travel ahead of the friendly flank. And doing that i eat bunch of damage but in return of sinking or deal serious damage to enemy BBs/CAs or assist in caping. However, if my team is strong, i can survive throughout the battle ; if my team is weak, i will be the lonely BB and get focus fire to dead (I do tactical retreat, but damage over time still got me). I have to play close range battle, because Colorado and New Mexico has terrible speed, hard to reposition myself. if i don't travel ahead of the flank, is either i left out of the battle or fail to support my team. I m not sure this BB playstyle is the right way, i m still an inexperienced player. Ps : I don't do that in Tier 9 MM, because of that Musashi's super hentai shells.
  4. waichung1823

    Colorado : Not a bad ship eh.

    Just got Colorado. I enjoyed it very much like the New Mexico. Those big 16 inch guns, pens everything even the angled ships. It also has superior torpedo protection and Decent AA. I have not regret my decision for getting Colorado instead of KGV. The only problem i faced is the speed, its very hard for me to reposition myself, especially going back to defend the base. Everything needs preplanning. But yeah i pretty much enjoy this ship, hoping to get NC soon My best game with Colorado ( A lost game anyway) Ps : im a noob
  5. Shifty_Panzer

    German Line Discount

    Since the German cruiser line is having a discount, im currently playing German cruisers. Im taking a break from playing BB too, so i thought playing cruisers is a great idea. I would appreciate if you guys could give me tricks and tips for playing cruisers. Cheers mate
  6. swap1997

    How to play the Bayern?

    Hello, I recently managed to get the Bayern after a brisk research of the Konig class BB. At first the Bayern was a temptation hard to resist with her bigger 380mm guns, 25kts speed and good Tactical radius. However, 10-20 battles down and having the researched the ship to the fullest, I have simply come to the conclusion that I am playing her wrong. I feel she is different from her predecessors in some ways. After pondering a while and trying out some different playstyle methods, I have come out none the wiser. So, can any experienced German BB Captain give me some pointers on how to play and handle this potent German Superdreadnought.
  7. Disclaimer: This is all just my opinion. Take it as you will, a guide, a gospel, a potato, but this is purely subjective. So I've played through almost the entirety of every battleship line in the game. (With the notable exception of the French T9 Alsace and T10 Republique, for now) With over a thousand battles in BBs, I think it's safe to call me a battleship main. (Take that as an insult or a compliment however you will) With battleships having the lowest entry skill level in the game, most new players do tend to gravitate toward the battleship line of their favourite tech tree. For those who stand undecided on which line to start with, here is a basic description of each line with a brief guide on what playstyles they bring to the table. (Keep in mind the date this thread was created) I will not be going over the exact specifics of each and every value and statistic for every battleship because that would detract from my point of how these ships feel to play and also make this thread way too long. I may touch on premiums, but not all of them. First up, the United States Navy Battleships: Guns And Layout: USN BBs start already in the classic 'dreadnought' configuration, with their primary turrets all aligned down the middle and able to fire all their guns on either broadside. All US BBs follow a two-front, two-back configuration (AB-XY) up until tier 8. At tier 8 and 9, the ships move to an AB-X design, and tier 10 rounds off with AB-XY. The guns themselves are good. Armour Piercing rounds have good damage and gun reloads are average to long (30s for most, with 35s being the highest). Velocity is a bit on the slower side, but that can be compensated for with an increased lead on target. High Explosive is good, with decent penetration and fire chance, but in most cases, shooting AP is better. Also, tier 9 Iowa (Tech Tree) and Missouri (Premium: No longer available) and tier 10 Montana are able to mount the artillery plotting room mod 2 upgrade that gives them ludicrously good accuracy, allowing you to hit those devastating strikes on distracted broadsiding cruisers (and even battleships! #feelsgoodman) Armour and Speed: US BBs start off in the classic 'tanky dreadnought' form. Heavy armour, covering all the ship's vital areas and low speed with slow turning rudders. The ships themselves have alright turning circles, making maneuvering less of a problem as long as you can get to grips with the lack of speed. At tier 8 however, there is a shift in playstyle. If low tier American battleships are heavy duty tractors, high tier American battleships are V8 muscle cars. The line drops some of the armour for more speed. This does make their turning circles wider, however. So turning to retreat is a more perilous affair. Angling is very much recommended as such. Usually having your bow pointed around 30 degrees from the enemy can help you bounce most of the damage you can't avoid. Gimmicks: The US Battleship line really puts all its card on the table right from the start. The only real gimmick ship is the T9 Missouri with its 9.9km radar and ridiculous credits multiplier, but that ship is no longer available. (TL: DR) US BBs Are a comfortable entry point if a bit slow at the start. Keep yourself angled in most cases and you should have enough time to react to incoming shots. USN AP does tend to have slower shell speeds, so adding a bit more distance to your lead is advisable. Highlights: Wisconson and Arkansas Beta (12 guns at T4. Wew.), New Mexico and Arizona (BLAPPING T6 Cruisers), Alabama (A more maneuverable North Carolina), Missouri (There's a reason why she's been removed) Lowlights: Colorado (OSOI), North Carolina (Jarring transition and a turning radius larger than the moon) Next, the Imperial Japanese Navy. First pick for weebs who came over from Kancolle: (This includes me) Guns and Layout: The IJN line starts off a little bumpy. Kawachi is an oddball with its pre-dreadnought era layout and Myogi will frustrate players with her low output and bad accuracy. But things pick up with Kongou (desu~) at tier 5. Their guns are good, with good accuracy tier for tier and only slightly worse penetration compared to American battleships. Once again, armour piercing is preferable to HE. Their gun layouts and angles do force them to show a bit more juicy broadside when firing though, so do be aware of your surroundings because if you don't, some cheeky BB will chunk your side and send you back to port quickly. Armour and Speed: IJN ships sacrifice some of the tankiness of the USN battleships for increased speed and better handling at said speed. Battleships are defined by their armour, and the IJN's philosophy of spreading their armour evenly across the entire ship lasts up to the Izumo at tier 9. At tier 10, the armour reverts to something more similar to the American line, with heavy armour covering only the most vital of parts. The IJN line sports the best torpedo protection in the game, able to block a significant portion of a torpedo's damage should a metal fish hit the ship's belt. The best way to mitigate torpedo damage, however, is still just to avoid taking hits in the first place. Gimmicks: Izumo is the big stinker of the IJN line. She has fewer guns than her predecessor (Amagi at T8 has 10 410mm guns, Izumo only has 9 410mm guns), Her layout is very alien (All three turrets mounted up front with the third turret being rear-facing), and her handling is just... horrible. However, after the darkest night comes the brightest day. And that brightest day manifests itself as the tier 10 Yamato. Mighty 460mm guns that penetrate everything short of a bow on Kurfurst, good accuracy, on par with the American BBs, heavy armour with the all or nothing design, and the best torpedo belt in the game. (Though dodging torps is still the best way to deal with those metal fishes) (TL: DR) IJN BBs Make a faster alternative to USN BBs. Their weaker armour and exposed citadel make duelling less advisable. Bait the enemy into chasing you, angle against them and punish them for showing too much side. Highlights: Fuso (The OG shotgun at T6), Amagi and Kii (Stands on her own as one of the most powerful T8 ships when it comes to primary armament), Yamato (Need I say more) Lowlights: Myogi (Slow, inaccurate, long reloads. 6 shells per salvo at t4 is just... pathetic), Ashitaka (Wargaming censored the name of this ship. Yeah), Izumo (THIS SHIP) Third on the list, Ze Krauts. The KriegsMarine: Guns and Layout: Germans are good at consistency. Past tier 3, all their ships As such, their ships remain relatively similar in terms of playstyle. German shells also have consistently inconsistent accuracy. Some salvos can be perfect, striking citadels from the most unlikely of angles. But some can completely miss a broadside target, even under 10km. German AP is heavy but somewhat fat. So even the slightest angling can bounce those shells. HE has good penetration values, but poor damage and the worst HE fire chance among BBs. Their turrets have good turning speeds (With the exception of Bayern), giving them better reactivity against enemy ships coming from unexpected angles. Of note are the secondary armaments on these ships from tier 8 onward. With secondaries capable of reaching over 11km, the 150mm and 100mm guns can do a surprising amount of damage to any ship foolish enough to wander within range while detected. Armour and Speed: From tier 3 to tier 10, The Germans get heavy armour, a (more or less) impenetrable citadel and poor deck armour. Bow on, high tier German battleships can tank even the almighty Yamato and her 460mm guns. Speed steadily increases for every tier until tier 8, trading health and armour for turning speed and turning radius. The tier 10 Kurfurst is the largest ship in the game, as such, she has one of the slowest rudder shifts and largest turning radii. This makes dodging torpedos more difficult, but still not impossible. Gimmicks: German ships seem like the obvious pick for one thing: BRAWLING. German battleships do excel in close range battles against larger enemy ships. With their secondaries on par with strapping a light cruiser to your side with the right upgrades, great turret traverse from tier 7 and heavy German armour protecting their citadel, Germans should get in close to fight. From tier 8 and up, German BBs also get Hydroacoustic Search. This effectively nullifies your lacking torpedo belt weakness for a good minute or two. That could potentially save you from two full salvos from a Shimakaze. (TL: DR) KM BBs are the best duelers when it comes to battleships. They are almost indestructible as long as you can angle and your torpedo dodging is on point. Outside of 14km, your effectiveness drops so keep it close, but not too close. Highlights: Gneisenau and Scharnhorst (TORPS ON A BATTLESHIP), Bismarck and Tirpitz (YE GODS THESE SECONDARIES) Lowlights: Stock Freiderich Der Grobe (This thing can't turn for sh*t) Now, a slightly (very) controversial line, Her Majesty's Royal Navy: Guns and Layout: Layout wise, the ubiquitous dreadnought configuration reigns. However, Royal Navy Battleships bring the most interesting curveball to the Battleship lineup when it comes to ammunition. Their Armour Piercing shells have shorter fuses, which makes them less effective at penetrating battleship armour but more effective in penetrating cruiser and destroyer armour. However, their High Explosive shells have the highest fire chance of all battleships in the game. For every salvo, you are almost guaranteed at least one fire on your target, should your shells hit the target. Some might argue that these ships can get by firing purely High Explosive. That is true in some cases, King George V can farm witherers if you match up to T9 and get lucky. However, Armour Piercing can still be deadly in ranges under 12km. To do very well, switch between ammo types as and when appropriate. Armour and Speed: RN BBs have weaker armour, but have underwater citadels, making critical hits almost impossible. That means RN ships tend to get away with more when it comes to close range duelling unless torpedos are added to the equation. RN Ships are very weak to torpedos. Their belts do little to block torpedo damage and a hit almost always also incapacitates additional vital systems. With the exception of Duke of York with its hydro, these ships have little defence against metal fishes. Keep your WASD hax on and never drive in a straight line for too long, especially if you've been detected. Speed and maneuverability are about average. Gimmicks: Borderline overpowered High Explosive aside, at tier 9, RN battleships gain a 'super heal' similar to high tier British Cruisers. This allows them to heal up to 40% of their healable HP, which sounds like they are literally building a new ship every time the heal is active. It also has to be noted that RN Battleships have the very powerful AA, even better than American and German AA. (Japanese AA is, of course, the worst) The state of the RN battleship line is a point of contention, but arguments against the line are very well founded. They are by far the easiest battleships to do well in thus far, with the least punishing design and playstyle. (TL: DR) Best for newbies so far. High explosive is ideal for long to medium ranges and against angled targets, but AP is still something to consider. Keep your ship angled and you should be fine. Just don't eat torps. Highlights: Duke of York (Yeah, I like it. It's a good damage dealer with hydro.), Conqueror (Holy crepe the damage you can do with this thing) Lowlights: Queen Elizabeth (All the cons of Warspite with none of the pros) Finally, the newcomers. The Marine Nationale: Guns and Layout: MN battleships are weird. They start off pretty normal, then you get to tier 6 and 7, where the gun volumes get increased hard, then suddenly it gets cut down by half from tier 7 to 8, then you get Alsace, then whatever the Republique is. In general, French battleships have lower calibre guns which have better penetration and higher shell speed in exchange for raw damage. This might lead you to think that they are good for punishing cruisers who show a bit too much side, but those who have tried fighting a Prinz Eugen in close range will know the pain of using these ships. These shells are good against cruisers in medium to long range but will overpen those teenage ships like no one's business in close range. Against battleships, these shells can penetrate sides and superstructures well, but a fully angled ship will bounce every AP shell you throw at it. HE is good. Not RN levels but serviceable in damaging angled targets. Of note, tier 7 Lyon. This shotgun will shred anything it sneezes at, or miss everything but one shell. Armour and Speed: In terms of Tanking, French BBs are similar to RN BBs quite a bit. Squishy outer armour with an underwater citadel protecting them from critical hits. However, French battleships boast the highest battleship speeds tier for teir. Additionally, tier 8 and above get access to *Spood Beest*, allowing you to retreat from the battlefield faster. (Dem French Jokes. Kek.) Turning radius and turning speeds are about average for battleships. Gimmicks: The Classic French gimmick is SPEED. Except this time, you can actually impact the game early on because you have survivability and heavy pen-ing guns on your side. In that sense, MN BBs could utilise their speed to get in and take the initiative away from the enemy and surprise them from unexpected angles. This will, of course, require a DD spot for you, but with the new spotting counter, that should happen more often. Another thing French BBs get are almost KM tier secondaries, reaching out to the same distance with almost the same level of output and damage. Spec-ed right, a French bb could go toe-to-toe with a German bb in close range. (TL: DR) The French are fast and exacting. (with the exception of Lyon and Normandie) They have the potential to surprise enemies with their speed and penetration power. HE has great volume when shooting against angled targets. And with it's protected citadel, you can brawl and go head to head with any enemy you please. Just watch those torps. Highlights: Lyon and Alsace (DAT. SHELL. VOLUME.) Lowlights: Richelieu (Eh. The output is a bit lacking) In summary: (For those who have fallen asleep halfway through) The British line is the most newb friendly (But quite boring after a while) The German line is the manliest (And the most fun) The American line is a Jack of All Traits (But does not really excel at anything) The ~Weeb~ Japanese line is for those who do not care for Angling (When you get the Yamato that is) The French line is for the other kind of manly man (The one who prefers a coffee jacket over going bare-top) I hope my opinions have helped those who are as yet, undecided. And for those who have already been there and done that, I hope this was at least a good read. I may do more of these if people wish for me to do so. (Cruisers next probably. I haven't had enough time on all the dds) Until then, Fair winds.
  8. DeltaMikeBravo

    World of Battleships - Random

    After 1,500+ plus games win WOWS played in 'Co-op' as a new player (started 3/2018) I moved into 'Random' and 'Space' games. I found acclimatizing to 'Space' games difficult at first, especially in changing your perspective, but am slowly getting it. My problems are with the 'Random' battles which really should be renamed "World of Battleships" as there is never less than five (5) Battleships per game and every one of the enemy ships has 110% gunnery accuracy from any and every distance. It doesn't matter what ship you play, the enemy immediately 'smokes-up' and becomes invisible (as well as having invulnerable force-fields), but smoking up works for all enemy ships regardless of type or tier! I've had some good 'Random' games (when there were only three (3) enemy battleships), but lately, over the last week or so, every game has a minimum five battleships per side rendering all other ships as total 'bit-players'. In one game I played yesterday, the Enemies' entire force retreated to the NW corner, whilst our entire forces retreated to the SE corner. Since we'd capped one more cap, things stayed that way until the game ended and we won a very unexciting game. I appreciate that WOWS has to use 'Bots' to fill in Random games, but to return some semblance of enjoyment, let's restrict the absolute number of battleships to three (3) or less. In another recent game, both sides had two (2) Aircraft Carriers for a combines aircraft count of over one hundred (100+) planes per side. Needless to say, trying to avoid four (4) enemy Torpedo Bombers in my little Leander proved impossible and the game quickly degenerated to two (2) CV's -v- two (2) CV's. I don't know who won as I'd walked away from this lop-sided farce earlier. In the interests of fairness and player enjoyability, could we implement some minor changes such as: 1) Absolute maximum of three (3) Battleships per game; 2) Tier matching - one (1) level only +/-; I've found that in the majority of Random games I've played, my ship's Tier is always 'bottom' tier. Having a Tier 6 Cruiser against Tier 8 CV's with 60 aircraft (often, each when two (2) CV's are included) and Tier 8 Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers makes the games unfairly difficult. I appreciate Player/Ship 'match-making' is difficult for the programmers, but something has to be done and soon, else I'll regretfully walk away and play Eve or Skyrim or whatever and take my money with me. 3) Absolute maximum of one (1) CV per side - facing over one hundred enemy planes is difficult! Somehow, in Co-Op, Space and 'Campaigns' WOWS have made things difficult, but reasonably fair. Please extend this to 'Random' games and you'll keep a satisfied customer. I'd appreciate other player feedback as well as a response from WOWS! Rgds, DeltaMikeBravo
  9. If you've ever glanced at the USN BB line you already know that Wyoming, New York, New Mexico, and Colorado share several common traits: good armor, good guns, fast rudder shift (after upgrades), and very slow top speed. If you've played the ships, you already know that they alternate up the line between "shotgun" (Wyoming, New Mex.) and "rifle" (New York, Colorado): the shotgun ships have lots of guns, but with a smaller caliber and higher dispersion, the rifle boats fewer barrels, but with a larger caliber, higher accuracy, and greater range. While you might have the impression that New Mexico should play like an upgraded Wyoming, in my experience this did not work out well. In this post I will try to muddle through why this is, and what might instead be the right way to approach New Mexico. My thoughts on this is a Work In Progress. Insight no. 1. The ship may not be so different, but the T5-8 games New Mexico will see are very different from the T3-5 battles faced by Wyoming. Consider that both ships have nearly the same gun range. On the small maps Wyoming typically sees, and being able to outrange most most-tier cruisers, the "hang back and just shoot" playstyle approach shared by New York and Colorado is workable. Not so for New Mexico. Just about every ship you face outside of DDs can shoot at you before you can shoot at them. Many cruisers can easily burn you to a crisp before you can even return fire. "hang back and just shoot" does not work. Insight no. 2. If you examine the details closely you'll see that New Mexico has significantly better AA than any of the other three battleships, better than Colorado even. Colorado has very strong short range AA, but N. Mex. has far better ranged AA. So unlike the others in the family where you are basically building for survival and gun range by default, running a full AA build with New Mexico has some merit ... if, and this is a big if, CV games are common enough to make it viable. Insight no. 3. Despite claims I've read that N. Mex has the highest velocity 14" guns in game (is this still true?) the long reload and high dispersion are cause for significant grief. No, they are not really much worse than Wyoming, it's just that the consequences of failing to hit the target is more severe in mid tier games. Much less likely to see a second chance. Those are the "issues" with N. Mex as I see them. I find I'm agonizing over which captain skills to take - AA or survival - and which mods to equip (again AA or range/survival). It's like whichever you equip, you'll need the exact opposite in game: get torped by planes if you run fireproof, get burnt down if you run AA. Currently I've settled all-in for AA, relying on flags and consumables to try and keep fires under control. In a four CV game 15-20 plane kills is doable, and more importantly they'll have a hard time touching you. Still wondering if AA mod or plotting room mod is the way to go though. As for the guns, I find I do well when the enemy comes to me, poorly otherwise.The results are extremely RNG, but I can live with that if the target is pushing our flank. One way or the other I hardly ever get close enough to make use of my secondaries. No fun brawls. Either I'm dead first or the enemy is. I feel I'm definitely not quite "there yet" with getting the best out of New Mexico's guns. If there's a trick I haven't found it yet. The problem in a nutshell boils down to this: New Mexico pairs guns that need close range with a hull that lacks the speed to either engage and disengage freely. Knowing this is the issue and knowing what to do about it are two different things unfortunately. current N. Mex build: main armaments 1, damage control mod 1, AA mod, and rudder shift spotter aircraft, expert marksman, basic firing training, advanced firing training
  10. I was playing with my fuso today and i have been shooting at a lot of german bbs. My recent game, i was 3 km from a scharnhost's broadside, shot about 3 salvos yet i cant even score a citadel hit. I was shooting at the boiler and the magazine below the turrets. The other game i was shooting at a Bayern's broadside at around 8-12 km away, after 4 salvos, zero citadel hits even though it actually hits all over their broadside. Can somebody explain to me where to shoot? the only time i managed to get a citadel hit was on a konig.
  11. DeadlyDeeevil

    Highest Shell Velocity Ships?

    What ships or Ship Lines have the highest velocity shells (Speed). I heard the Soviet Railguns were pretty good in this regard?
  12. Sanket123

    Battleship Development

    Battleship Development Upgrades and More!!
  13. LordTyphoon


    Hey guys, The Mikasa is on sale! For only $13 AUD. Being the only Tier II battleship, I was initially interested in getting one, thinking I'll have a great time citadel-ling every other Tier I, II and III cruiser that I come across, but then I read about the apparently horrifying primary armament firing arcs and the crappy HE. The firing arcs are horrible to the point where unless you broadside the enemy, you can only bring either the Anton or the Caesar turret to bear on the enemy. Two guns + thirty second reload = 4 shots per second if I angle. That is a travesty for a battleship. Obviously the Mikasa is one for the collector, and not a very expensive one at that, but has anyone here had the Mikasa before? How did they find playing it? If nobody replies I'll just buy myself one anyway (I'll skip lunch at work on Monday to pay for it, to make myself feel better if I think the ship is a ripoff) and check it out.
  14. 关于美系银币线T9衣阿华级(Iowa)装甲问题我想提出一些建议,衣阿华装甲相对于其他系(日系德系同级战列舰)来说太脆弱了,经过各种训练房的实验,在某一距离时,zao的203mm舰炮可以击穿衣阿华装甲区主装甲带时,炮击同距离的日系T9出云(Izumo)和德系T9腓特烈大帝根本不能击穿主装甲带。 我 不希望也不指望 WG工作人员可以传达向开发人员加强衣阿华装甲的事情,因为这样会破坏游戏平衡性和历史性,我发帖只是希望WG工作人员可以帮我向开发人员传达是否可以还原历史 增加衣阿华的倾斜19度 的主/侧面 装甲带,我认为这会给更多玩家更好的游戏体验。 非常感谢传达我的意见。愿贵公司越办越好!
  15. So, with it now being 2017, any news on new Ships for the british tree, odd that even after 3 years all they have is a cruiser line... Especially considered in 1939 at the start of WW2 the british had the single most powerful navy in existence 15 battleships (with 9 building) 7 Carriers (with 6 more in construction) 15 Heavy Cruisers 41 Light Cruisers (with 9 more building) 8 AA Cruisers (with 16 building) 1 Mine Laying Cruiser (with one more building) 181 Destroyers (with 24 building) 65 submarines (with 11 more building) 54 Escorts (with 80 more building) 44 Minesweepers (with 10 more in construction) and lastly 2 monitors To give them only a line of cruisers long after the US and Japan have complete trees is just insulting Would also like to see modifications to the cruiser listings, since cruiser is a blanket term for a large amount of ships such as heavy, light, battle, escort, armored and protected Speaking of cruisers I would also like to known about HMS belfast re-sale? Only just back into the game after it is no longer completely garbage to find i missed hms belly
  16. Reverse_ldeology

    Just a rant

    Recently, I have seen some levels of aut stup idio poor gameplay that should not even be possible. Here are some examples. DDs -Gearing dying while eating two F3 torpedoes in the SAME smoke, from two DIFFERENT spreads. -Shimakaze sitting still in smoke and eating Cruiser torps (somehow its possible) -"Lemme use my 20km Shima torps to TK like 2 CAs first before killing the enemy BB I am targeting." CAs -YOLO rush cap -YOLO rush and smoke tactic -sitting still and firing in smoke, when DD activity is clearly present BBs -Oh look, we outnumber enemy ships 2:1, lets flee instead of push so we won't be able to relieve the other flank after pushing past this one and then in late game we can feed the enemy! -Early game snipe, late game feed tactics -Totally no idea about how to position and take damage wisely -Lack of WASD is one thing, continuing to travel in straight line after a DD pops up is another. CVs -Instead of spotting that almost dead DD, just fly my planes past him and farm some damage instead. These sanity-draining acts really discourage you from playing the game. Sometimes you can clearly see that your team is going to lose, based on the decisions you see your teammates (esp BBs and DDs, and particularly CVs) make. WG how you want me to enjoy gameplay when there are games where you can do literally nothing as a solo player??? /rant
  17. MusashiKid

    How to Handle Slow Ships

    Well, as the title shows, I'm kinda confused as how are you supposed to handle slow paced ships (which in this case mostly are BBs) As I am mainly a DD player, I am accustomed to speed and turning, hence why even in BB, I got the tendency to go near islands and use it to my advantage I'm quite confident in handling the slow rudder shift of BBs, but I still can't get used to the speed, since I feel max spd below 30 knts is kinda slow I am at Bayern at the moment and need help at how to adjust my playstyle into this BB for starter thanks in advance
  18. KM BBs have a hydro acoustic search, how about USN and IJN battleships get some love as well. What do you think about RADAR on USN BBs? What do you think about DFAA on IJN BBs? [Edit] This is not against KM BBs, nor I am suggesting to remove their Hydro. Watching all these KM BB players go defensive right from the start is kinda shocking, I did not expect to trigger them.
  19. Peanutflower

    The Kaiser

    |19/09/2016| |Ship Reviews| |The Kaiser| |By Peanuflower| So, the Kaiser, I like it but is does still have problems. Main Battery The Kaiser is the current tier four battleship in the German battleship line. It has 10 305mm guns that pack a somewhat decent punch but still lack the punishing power of the higher tiers, this means that broadside cruiser can get away with their error. The guns tend to get quite a few penetrating hits on enemy ships but especially against battleships they struggle to land citadel hits. The lack of citadel hits is however balanced out by the fact that the German engineers who designed this ship managed to use an upturned turtle to give it extra armour, this is more formally know as turtleback armour. While you don`t take citadel hits in the Kaiser very often you also don`t dish them out often. Now all that being said about the citadel hits from the main battery on the Kaiser you will still take large amounts of damage out of a cruiser`s health bar. I will briefly go over the high explosive shells by saying don`t use them, they are about as useful as the Italians were to the Germans during World War 2 (don`t worry I haven`t gotten to the French yet). The turret firing angles are a bit wierd and you have to give the enemy a full broadside to fire all of your main battery guns. Survivability The survivability of the Kaiser is very good. Like all of the other German battleships it has turtleback armour which was mentioned before whick makes it very difficult to citadel. You do have to turn your ship broadside on to actually get all of your guns pointed at the bastard who is shooting at you. Just treat this ship like it doesn`t have a fifth gun turret and you will be much happier for it. The ship is also good bow on as you can wriggle your rudder and effectivly get six guns pointed at the helpless ship infront of you. Just like Germany your job is to bully the new players/countries who expose themselves to you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and be a damage sponge for your allies to hide behind while the one attack they mount on the French fails horribly (looking at you Italy). Agility This ship is about as flexible as the Maginot Line was. Its rudder was welded to the hull so it wouldn`t get Bismark`d and start to make a big salty doughnut in the ocean while getting smacked around by the Royal Navy and a bunch of biplanes. Anti Aircraft It might stop one aircraft but just like the Bismarck even the shittest plane will get through and do damage through the horrific torpedo belt that all of the German battleships have. You would think that the germans would actually learn some lessons from the Bismarck but no they all have shite torpedo protection. Stones can break through the ships torpedo protection and cause flooding. Secondary Battery The secondary battery is quite good on the kaiser like all of the rest of the German battleships but due to it`s relativley short range if a destroyer gets in range you`re probably going to be starting a forum thread winging and crying about destroyers being overpowered and needing a nerf even though if you turn every now and then you won`t take a torpedo hit unless it is a carrier manual drop which you can`t evade if the carrier capitain isn`t a total donkey which is a distinct possibility at the low tiers (please don`t look at my carrier stats or my stats in general, I`m good I swear). Concealment It`s a battleship, if you fire your guns you will be detected battleships are about as stealthy as an East German night club. Conclusion I`m going to hope that I have covered all of the points so I don`t embarass myself and conclude this review. I liked the Kaiser, it`s an okay ship and I think the only reason I even liked it in the first place was because of my extreme hype for the German battleships whick I`ve had to put on hold whilst I am on holidays. If you don`t enjoy this ship at least the grind is small to get to the lovely Konig at tier 5. The Kaiser let`s you bully the new players and the french into submission while they charge across an open field and into heavy machine gun fire while the french generals (aristocrats) wonder why the hell it isn`t working.
  20. exiovus

    balancing smoke

    Hello everyone, I have a suggestion that the smoke launcher ability on some cruisers and all destroyers have a draw back, I'm sure that I'm not the only player who gets annoyed when a destroyer positions himself inside smoke then spam's HE rounds at my ships, my idea changes this to a more realistic option. when a destroyer uses smoke they can't possibly see you on their own at least in real circumstances. (my point is, if you can't see them how can they see you?) option 1: Destroyers get Hydro acoustic search allowing them to see ships that are outside of their smoke. option 2: use it like it's meant to be used to escape incoming fire and detection, rather then hide inside it and be a menace while spamming HE. option 3: once a ship fires inside smoke they become spotted unless their are no enemy ships in line of sight. option 4: leave it as it is so that destroyers and some cruisers can remain a menace and virtually invulnerable while in smoke.

    Space Mode Again!

    Its a bummer how I missed out on the space event last year I was wondering will they ever host another one? I would really like to play World of Warships in space and if theres a texture mod for it where can I get it? that would be awesome.
  22. Peanutflower

    Imperator Nicolai

    Ok so first of all this post is just me basically fan-girling over the Imperator Nicolai I. Before I get into the long and monotonous ramble that is about to occur I need to get a few things straight. Firstly and most unfortunately I do not actually own a Imperator Nicolai myself, I truly wish I got into World of Warships when it was actually available so I could buy it. Now, I don't just like the Imperator Nicolai for its, how shall we say, 'balanced' nature, I also like it for the looks, the nation it belongs to (yes I do like all of the Russian ships in the game, no I don't own them all) and finally I like the history behind it. Firstly the look of the ship is somewhat similar to the Imperatritsa Mariya-class before it and the Gangut-class before that in the way that much of the deck was taken up by its main battery. In all three of these classes of ships most of the deck is taken up by four large turrets, each mounting three guns in each. These formidable guns are all centreline mounted allowing for all the guns to fire to both sides of the ship. Up at the front of the ship behind the first turret lies a compact superstructure that is somewhat typical of the ww1 era Russian Battleships. The superstructure is similar in the Japanese Pagoda style mast in the way that some people love it and some people hate it. I personally love the superstructure of the Imperator Nicolai. This may be due to the fact that some of my favourite ships are from the Russo-Japanese war as well as some of the ww1 designs and they too have a similar superstructure. Some of my favourite ships in the game to look at, the stock Kongo, the stock Fuso and the Ishizuchi both share a similar minimalistic design with the Imperator Nicolai I. Another thing the Imperator Nicolai I shares with the ships mentioned before (except from the Ishizuchi) is the fact that is has torpedo nets equipped along the side of the ship, look wise I think this looks good because it helps break up some of the flat surfaces on the ship. The camouflage also looks good and is the same as the Aurora another ship that I love the look of dearly. The secondary batteries arranged along the side of the ship are not evenly spaced but this actually gives the ship the feeling of immense size as compared to the large amount of the ship that is above water they look very small. The turrets are placed on two decks the first one is on a raised deck at the front of the ship and the other three are on a lower deck that spans the rest of the ship. At the very front of the ship is the ensign if the Imperial Russian Navy. The ship itself was built as a counter to Ottoman plans to acquire three new dreadnoughts which would be very ban news for the Russians. The design of the ship differs slightly from predeceasing Russian dreadnoughts as the armour belt stretches all the way to the bow of the ship, this coupled with the orientation of the guns means that it is an extremely powerful ship when it is bow in. Anyway if anyone could actually be bothered reading this far through it then, well, here is a pat on the back! Anyway I have gotten my fan-girling out of the way, for now.
  23. Its should be more interesting when you have more than 2 countries Battleships I'll have to say,I'm easily get bored when I see only Americans and Japan Battleships sometimes,Warspite and Tripitz..We need a new treeline Battleship for Germany and Great Britain...Anyone want to put their suggestion to put names of battleships for Germany and Great Britain?
  24. I am a huge fan of battleships, I pretty much only play battleships (to be honest I can't play any other classes at all). So far, New York and New Mexico felt vastly superior to me than Kongo and Fuso, I was pretty frustrated with Fuso actually. Got tired of getting penetrated from every possible angle. At tier 7, I finally liked Nagato a lot more than Colorado, however, I only played small number of games. I unlocked Amagi, still haven't bought her though. But from my experience of test server, NC feels a lot better than Amagi because I play aggressive battleship. What are some great battleships that you guys keep in ports? I need to sell some for credit and empty slots, so just wondering. May be I'll sell Fuso.
  25. Introduction So maybe you saw this poster. You saw Mighty Mo kicking rear, taking names, dropping lead on some mother-FIRE! and you want to do the same. You endured Erie/Hashidate, and charged through Chikuma/Chester, and toughed out Tenryuu/St Louis and finally, FINALLY unlock the superdreadnoughts, the capital ships, the big guns. South Carolina and Kawachi. Then you take it out for your first battle, and then die in a storm of shells and torpedoes and wonder what went wrong. This is a new player's guide to battleships. Battleships play similar to cruisers, relying on their main batteries to dish out the damage. But unlike cruisers, battleships have a much, much steeper learning curve, and if you don't get the hang of it quickly, you're going to be a glorified target barge in battle. What I'll do here is outline the pros and cons of battleships, as well as discuss the early battleship tiers from 3-5. I'll outline some tips and tactics, and throw in a few useful video guides near the end of excellent battleship players you should be learning from. But I'll warn you now, the best way to learn how to play a battleship is to go out there and suffer. Suffer until you learn to dish out the hurt before the hurt dishes out to you. If you can't handle being shot at, I highly suggest going back to cruisers right now. Still with me? Then read on. Pros and Cons Like all ships in the game, battleships come with their own pros and cons. Learning and internalizing this is required for performing well in a battleship. Pros: 1. Ludicrous hitpoints. Battleships have the highest survivability values in the game, and this translates to the highest amount of combat capability (hp). Battleships are capable of taking an incredible beating that will sink any lesser ship, and keep functioning. 2. Health regeneration. In addition to the above, all battleships get access to the skill "Repair Party". This can be used 3 times in a match (4 with the commander skill), which has a 2 minute cooldown and regenerates a % of light and medium damage over time. It is quite possible for a battleship to take hits by smaller shells, suffer light damage, then regenerate a third or more of their hitpoints 4. Heavy armour. Battleships, being the largest, heaviest ships in the game, also carry the heaviest armour - their sides are virtually impervious to AP shells fired by anything other than other battleships. Battleships also frequently mount torpedo bulges, which are capable of slightly reducing the amount of damage done by torpedo attacks. 5. Big guns. Battleships carry the largest guns ever put on a vessel out to sea - their AP shells are capable of oneshotting lesser ships, and they can fire from a distance smaller ships are hard-pressed to respond. And battleships mount 6-10 of these monster guns. Throw in the spotter plane that most battleships get, and you can fire these babies at targets up to around 17km away. 6. All-range attacker. In addition to their long-range main batteries, battleships also possess a large number of short-range secondary guns for close-in defense: any vessel approaching you will have to contend with a hail of gunfire from you. Now, all this sounds great and all, but as usual, there's a catch. A massive, massive, massive catch. Cons: 1. Huge detectability. Battleships can be detected from over 15km out. And that value increases the moment you fire your main guns. There's no hiding in a battleship, and no sneaking around. The moment you open fire, everyone on the map will know where you are. 2. Massive, massive inaccuracy. In order to stop battleships from literally oneshotting everything, there's a high amount of random dispersion built into all of a battleship weapons. Yes, that includes your secondary battery too. In a salvo of 10 shots, expect 3-4 to hit. And that's on a good day. And secondary batteries have an average hitrate somewhere between 10-20%. It's not uncommon to fire at a target and see all your shells straddle it. 3. Big superstructures that are perfect for bonfires. Expect every player to fire HE shells at your big superstructures. Expect to be wreathed in smoke and flame from stem to stern. Expect to lose a lot of hp to the flames. 4. Poor maneuverability. Battleships generally have a low top speed and worse, take a lot of time to accelerate up to their top speed. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to shift a battleship rudder, so battleships turn like a tub. 5. Torpedo bait. Big, slow, highly visible target? Expect destroyers and carriers to direct torpedo attacks on you all day, everyday. 6. Poor turret traversion and long reloads. It takes forever for a battleship's main battery to turn 180 degrees. Once you aim a guns at one side, it tends to stay aimed at that side throughout the battle. Furthermore, battleships can usually only fire their guns twice a minute, which means if you miss, expect a punishingly long reload time. What kills you the most: 1. Torpedoes: Torpedo spreads deal massive amount of damage when they strike you due to the high damage per torpedo. In addition, they inflict the flooding status on you, cutting your speed and producing a horrendous damage over time effect. Primary source of torpedoes - destroyers, or torpedo squadrons from aircraft carriers. 2. Fire: As most smaller ships are not capable of breaching your armour, they will be firing large amounts of HE shells at you, hopefully setting multiple fires on your ship in order to cause your hitpoints to steadily tick away. Failing to deal with HE spam and get fires under control will result in your ship burning to the waterline. 3. Citadel strikes from other battleships: Superdreadnought guns on other battleships are capable of breaching your armour and striking deep into your critical zones, resulting in heavy damage on hits. Take enough of them and it will kill you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, in addition these pros and cons, the individual nations' ships have their own pros and cons as well. These are mainly dealing with the lower tier battleships - I expect players going on to higher tier ships to not need a guide in order to play well. IJN Ships Pros: Heavy secondary battery armament (IJN ships, especially at the higher tiers, mount 14cm guns in their secondary batteries - the same guns that their cruisers have as their primary guns), good range and top speed when upgraded. Cons: Poorer AA, making them perfect carrier targets. USN Ships Pros: Good AA when upgraded, making them capable of mounting a token defence against incoming planes. Good turn rate too, which helps in evading torpedoes. Cons: Lower top speed, poorer range at low tiers (its around the same as most cruisers, and much lower than IJN BBs). This means it may take a while for USN ships to get in firing range of an enemy fleet. Neither are objectively better than the other - its a question of which you prefer.