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Found 1 result

  1. Guten tag Kapitäne zur See! It has come to the Oberführer's attention that the performance in the SMS DKM Tirpitz has been lacking, leading to some complaints of under performance. Command finds this excuse unacceptable. Command has issued the following directive to help you defeat the enemies of the Reich! Stock Statistics Suvivablity and Armour Compared to the HP of the IJN Amagi (66200HP) or USS North Carolina (66000 HP), the German engineering is superior in every way with your Tirpitz having 69300HP. Your ship is heavily armoured with stronk German Krupt steel armour protecting your ship. Stronk vertical armour means at close and medium range Tirpitz will reign supreme. As we expect close fights, Kommandeure are advised to vary their speed and direction to decrease the change of being penetrated at long range, as your horizontal deck armour is not as strong as the enemy battleships you will face. Turrets are also stonk, made of the same Krupt steel and will rarely be incapacitated by enemy fire (Not the HE kind) however your deck mounted torpedoes and AA guns can be easily be taken out of action due to their position amid ship. Armament Your main battery composes of 4x2 380mm (15") guns. Light shells fired by your guns means higher shell velocity, shorter travel time and flatter trajectory. Kapitäne may need to adjust their aim if they've served on other vessels. Superior German engineering means your shells will reload in 26 seconds, meaning you can put the hurt on the enemy at any range up to 21km. Penetration for AP is good against all known threats, so long as threats such as Yamatos and Montanas remain in the Pacific theatre, where HE is recommended at long range, although AP citadel hits are possible but not guaranteed. Your turret traverse speed in combination with fast speed means that you will be able to quickly switch between threats, Experience of close quarters fighting from the kinship Bismark means we have mounted a set of 4x1 533mm torpedo tubes on port and starboard sides to combat close threats. Use your stronk vertical armour at close range to to get in close and make your enemies as surprised as Poland when Anschluss'd if they dare to stay in range. Your secondary guns are a mix of 8x2 105mm DP guns and 6x2 155mm guns, to help finish off any close range foes. While the Tiriptz does have less secondaries than other US and IJN battleships, you still have your torpedoes that more than make up for it. AA has also been improved over kinship Bismark, but again lacks the firepower of the North Carolina or even the Amagi. However with proper training this can be addressed (Refer to Kapitäne zur See skills) Manoeuvrability With a maximum speed of 30.9knts, the Tirpitz is the fasted ship on the seas, being 3 knots faster than the North Carolina, and slightly faster than the Amagi, meaning it is very easy to turn to avoid incoming torpedoes and turn away from enemy fighter attacks. (As long as your Kapitän is vigilant) however this comes at a cost of a slower rudder shift time, although with improvements (See upgrades) it is possible to increase the ship speed. Concealment Unfortunately German engineering has not found a way to mount artificial fog generators to Tirpitz and these must remain in the in the Fjords of Norway. Ergo; If you're relying on concealment for protection and you're not hiding in a fjord, then you're doing it wrong. Summary Use your heavy vertical armour as an advantage at close range, in combination with your torpedoes to make a fool out of any close range combatant. Stock AA is not terrible, but don't expect to liberate the skies above German minorities any time soon. This can be fixed with Fregattenkapitän (Commander) skills, otherwise a friendly cruiser escort is a must. Dat reload and turret traverse! 25s reload means you should have the advantage in a fight amongst tier 8s and below with AP, and a pain with HE rounds for higher tier ships. Quickly turning turrets means that you can turn and have your guns ready to fight quicker than any battleship in the game. TORPEDOES! Yes, the rudder shift time is slow, and is possibly a balancing factor by WG. The ocean would be much saltier if a Tirpitz could unleash its full complement of torpedoes otherwise. Speed! Catch enemy carriers and be able to chase down cruisers, while not having to slow your speed for friendly cruisers to catch up. Movement is you're advantage; vary speed and direction like you would with any cruiser but don't stay stationary for long: CV players like to re-enact the actual sinking of the Tirpitz often as the weak AA makes it an ideal target. Kapitän Skills Skill walkthrough 1 Point Skills Situational Awareness aka 6th Sense: A Mandatory skill, there's simply no reason to not use it. If you keep getting torpedoed by stealth DDs, then this is partly why. Basic of survivability: Reduces the duration of DoT (Damage over time) effects such as fire and flooding by letting you repair and put out fire quicker. Basic fire training: If you're worried about aircraft, then this is the skill to get. Efficiency of AA is increased by 10% 2 Point skills While I have firefighting selected (this was before I knew better) my preference is for expert markman to help maximise your turret rotation but torpedo armament expertise is also a valid choice, especially if you end up in close quarters fights often. 3 Point Skills. Superintendent: Again a no brainer; the extra charge on repair party and on your scout plane is always welcome and you know you be missing them if they weren't there. 4 Point Skills Advanced Fire training: Increases your AA range by 20%. With this skill alone, my Tirpitz AA rating gets increased to 51 making it on par with an elite Amagi (Minus this skill of course) Demolition Expert: For the close pyromaniac, or for when your faced with taking down a Yamato at long range. 5 Point Skills Jack of all Trades: There really aren't a lot of 5 point skills that are exceptional stand outs, but if I had a choice it would be JOAT. Otherwise consider distributing the points on lower cost skills. (If you want an overall guide to skills then check out Deathskyz' repost of a brilliant wotlabs guide here) Upgrades No upgrades available for torpedoes. Again most likely a balance decision from WG. Slot 1: Main Battery Mod 1: Buffs your guns so when they'll be back in the fight quicker, while also reducing the change of a magazine detonation or being completely knocked out (A rare event, make it ever rarer) Slot 2: Gun FCS (Fire control system) Mod 1: While the dispersion may or may not effect you (The opinion was pretty split during discussions with other super testers) this should help make things easier for you by reducing your dispersion by 20m. Alternatives: AA Gun mod 1: For those with a fear of enemy torpedo bombers. Slot 3: An empty slot really, your steering doesn't get taken out often and if your engine is knocked out, it's generally from multiple torpedo hits (You are not long from this world anyway by this point) I've used Damage control system mod 1 but I'm unsure of the mechanics on this. Slot 4: Steering Gears mod 2: Buff that rudder shift time and make a fool out of enemy destroyers. Also makes bringing both torpedo launcher to bear a little bit easier. Slot 5: Another empty slot, although Concealment System mod 1 would allow you to get the first shot off by not being able to be spotted first. Consumables Given that this is a money making ship, with my credit take varying from 180k for a bad game to 600-800k for a great game, it's generally premium consumables for me except for scout plane. Again it's at the player's discretion whether they use premium consumables or the free ones. I use type 2 camouflage to give my a squeeze all the advantage out of my ship My Tirpitz's current form (Compare to stock stats to observe buffs) My Current Stats IRL Tirpitz's Final Form Hopefully with my run down of the Tirptiz, you will now be able to bring in the mad dosh and XP and avoid similar circumstances. This has been my first gameplay guide ever (WoT or WoWS), constructive criticism and questions are welcome, bad poasts are not. Amendments 10/9/15: Added historically accurate ship prefix.