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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all (first time making a WOWS forum post), I recently acquired the ARP Takao from the recent mission which I'm thoroughly enjoying, however my lack of Japanese is a bit of a hamperer when listening to the Battle Voice. I know what she (and the other Arpeggio Characters) is broadly saying, however I can tell she's also including references to the ARP Nova Anime/Manga ("Klein Field" is one of them). Does anyone know Japanese, and can provide a translated list of what she says? Considering the scope of the WOWS community, there's bound to be somebody who can translate it for us mono-lingual scrubs. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hey all, I know this has been already posted about and the solution is already known, however I'm submitting this bug report simply to bring it to the attention of the Devs. Kirishima's Battle Voice is played out as Iona's when selected, which is due to the Iona voice files being present in Kirishima's voice folders (rather than her own). To rectify this, you'll have to replace said files with the Kirishima (Yoratoh) battle voice files. If anyone were to bother (as it's easier just to select Yotaroh as Commander instead), it would take an unwarranted time, due to the large number of folders you'd have to go into, copy, back out, and paste in Kirishima's (as the main files are sorted by in-game action/response, rather than by character selected). If the Devs could fix this for the next patch, it'd be greatly appreciated. If moderators wish to lock this thread, they are free to do so.