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Found 4 results

  1. Well, i was recently in this mode and it's a Win, and many players keep complaining "Fort OP, needs nerf", the others said just removed the mode and bring it to Coop-battle for reasons I remembered a Shimakaze player got detonated by a Fort, a De Moines got destroyed by a fort, and a F.Der Grosse got citadeled by a fort And i was like Fortresses are scary, but what about the fort drums? That's more even scarier Is this what Bastion mode all about?
  2. IJN_Katori

    Bastion mode for Coop?

    So i was thinking this when the Convoy PvE mode is being on progress So, i have still no percent of encountering Bastion Mode in Coop Gameplay... hmmm Should we make this more common in PvE? i mean it's for good use for a tutorial of the Convoy PvE mode Surpressing Turrets and Surveillance Stations
  3. Commander_GALEN

    Balanced DD in Domination mode?

    Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! Question: can WG balanced the number of DD in domination mode?why? because it is so unfair... I'll always team up with 1 dd and the other team have 2 dd, of course we are in disadvantage when capturing.... and we lost because of the points! In Bastion mode, it is also unfair the more dd in your team, the faster you can capture(?) and fortresses will assist your team and spot the enemy (including DD) my wish is that make the number of dd balanced in every team (for Domination and *Bastion mode) Team 1 = Team 2 2 dd(same tier) = 2 dd(same tier) balanced Team 1 = Team 2 1 dd(high tier) = 2 dd(high tier + low tier) unbalanced
  4. I feel that the exp nerf on capping on patch 0.5.12 was unnecessary and needs to be reverted for several reasons. 1. The time it takes to cap was extended in 0.5.10 from 45 seconds to 60 seconds. 2. Combined with above, radar cooldown was halved in patch 0.5.11 and has made capping significantly more risky than before. 3. Exp is too dependent on damage output in 0.5.12. 4. Capping directly contributes to winning and rewarding capping promotes the 'aggressive play' that WG is trying to get people into. And one other things, I would like Bastion mode to give out more exp to everyone. I've seen so many battles with the top player on the winning team earn less than 1000 raw exp. Bastion is a high tier exclusive game mode and average exp gain should not be this low. Extra exp for the player who capped the forts would be a good start.