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Found 5 results

  1. So I've been using the Baltimore. I was super excited to start using a T8 Cruiser as I had only used battleships up to this point. There appears to be no information on the citadel for the baltimore other than more people saying its ultra hard to hit. However, consistently, a single shell will hit towards the rear of the ship and deal 15-20k damage. Why does this happen? Is that where the citadel is? thanks.
  2. Pseudoscope

    How to play Baltimore?

    Hi all, Just wanted to know how you play/ed your balitmore and if it is indeed a sh*t ship or if I need to do something different. Most games I ave ~30k damage if I'm lucky. Great games ~50k (very rare) Let me know what you think/how you play Cheers Pseudo
  3. Pseudoscope

    Buff the Baltimore?

    Hi Devs, I really feel the Baltimore needs a buff. The spotting range means you're always spotted and battleship fodder, the firing range means you can't return fire to any ships that aren't over extended, meaning you must over extend. The HE damage sucks, ROF sucks, and seriously the AA isn't all that great. I really feel the Ibuki is a better ship all round. My suggestions for the Baltimore is to buff the firing range so that it can compete in long range exchanges and also buff the AA range and damage a bit. It feels like I'm forever spotted by aircraft that I cannot spot or shoot down with AA. When compared to the New Orleans, it isn't all that bad, but when you look at the other nation ships I feel the Balti has nothing going for it.
  4. Hello once again, Greeting to all in this Holiday season.........hope you all are enjoying a Merry Christmas. And over this weekend I bought my new tier 9 US CA Baltimore after 3 months of grinding my New Orleans. And after the grind I was like Baltimore.....piece of cake!!.....but after a few games I was basically forced to do some soul searching thanks to the following reasons: 1.This ship has a huge citadel!!..........A Yamato managed to wipe me out in 1 shell just minutes into the game. 2.THis ship eats CREDITS FOR BREAKFAST!!!!..............Too expensive to manage in a non-Premium Account. Now, after many more games and as you guessed they all went as defeats and draws........I have no choice but to come to the forum for desperate answers. So, to all the Beta,Apha, and Super testers, how do you play this ship???........Cuz I tried playing it like a New Orleans and it ended up in a disaster of a game! Anybody? Please? Any help is appreciated. And Once again Merry Christmas to all!
  5. After looking at the statistics what i have been saying since CBT has finally been confirmed, Pensacola, New Orleans and Baltimore are all terribly under powered when compared to their Japanese counterparts. Average for all players: Myoko, Mogami, Ibuki Average for all players: Pensacola, New Orleans, Baltimore This is 100% because the Myoko, Mogami and Ibuki all have the same DPM as the American ships using their main batteries with the added bonus of torpedoes (And before anyone says something about those 3 american ships having small citadels go play them.) All it would take to fix this disparity is increase Pensacola DPM to 4.5 rounds per minute, New Orleans to 5 rounds per minute and Baltimore to 6 rounds per minute. It is either that or nerf the Japanese cruisers and i really do not want to see wargaming throw fun killing nerfs at them.... please.. buff the American ships instead. If Zao vs Des moines tells us anything they tell us that it is OP as all hell having the American ships fire so slowly considering how much more DPM Des moines can pump out with its guns yet Zao still beats her on average damage. ^ (FYI Des moines range was nerfed while Ibuki received a DPM buff from CBT to OBT which i think may be a big causing factor behind this, another topic for another thread already covering 3 ships here) Stats page if anyone is interested in seeing other ships stats. http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20150719/statistics.html TLDNR: Pensacola needs 4.5 rounds/min DPM, New Orleans needs 5 rounds/min DPM, Baltimore needs 6 rounds/min DPM to compete with the Japanese cruisers.