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Found 194 results

  1. Aikov

    A bug

    刚才在玩北风的时候 我的射程突然从12.5变成了18.5 虽然实际射程没有改变,但是显示射程改变了 我在此保证我没有使用任何不合法的辅助,甚至mod station也还没有更新 望尽快修复
  2. So basically, I was just gonna play a normal world of warships round with my new ship, pensacola. I grew tired playing my Nepnep and my Jervis so why not try the american CAs? So I remembered I sold my phoenix so I bought it again and grinded to Pensacola. First game is great. Got second place on the leaderboard. Now the second game... this happened https://youtu.be/Z0MvEG3iVdE After that, the game crashed. This didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth but this needs some attention. I just hope this is a one time bug. I still haven't visited my port yet.
  3. So basically, I was just gonna play a normal world of warships round with my new ship, pensacola. I grew tired playing my Nepnep and my Jervis so why not try the american CAs? So I remembered I sold my phoenix so I bought it again and grinded to Pensacola. First game is great. Got second place on the leaderboard. Now the second game... this happened https://youtu.be/Z0MvEG3iVdE After that, the game crashed. This didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth but this needs some attention. I just hope this is a one time bug. I still haven't visited my port yet.
  4. The patch today, had a bug, The flags from all nations and signal flags + Flags to attach have been Jumbled Flags with broken lines
  5. As per the subject title, the tier 2 premium German cruiser, SMS Emden is missing the bridge and bridge wing's glass windows. On her sister ship, the tier 2 tech line cruiser, SMS Dresden (which the 'A' hull version shares the same model with Emden, with exception of Emden's fake 4th funnel) the glass windows are clearly on the ship's model but on Emden the glass is glass is clearly missing. PS: Just noticed the tier 2 premium USA cruiser, USS Albany is missing the glass in her bridge windows also.
  6. As you can see in this video...
  7. hi In 8.6 the summary results page (personal results, team summary, detailed report, credits) does not show up; I am taken directly back to port. I cannot access results from port and am given a message that detailed results are not available. i try re-login and repair Clint still the result are same. plz change report file to .wgc WoWS_report.doc
  8. mr_glitchy_R

    Dafuq just happened???

    So I was playing my Aoba in operation Killer Whale. Everything was fine at the start but in the mid game, something wrong happened and I don't know what the hell was it. Notice something wrong in this Image? Okay, how about this one? If you haven't notice it, let me explain. Do you see where my Aoba's LOS cone and her Icon in the minimap located? It's seperated! And so with my teammate's ship icon and also the enemies. The minimap won't updated. Not forget to mention that the HP bar of me, my teammates, and the enemy wasn't rendering as you can see from all images. They were all in full HP. In the 3rd and 4th image, I was taking citadel hit, but my HP bar wasn't decreased. Heck, even when I destroyed, my HP bar still shows in green with red outline if you see closely. In the 5th image, you can see where my friendly furious had her LOS icon and her CV icon in the minimap separated. However her planes doesn't. I also want to mention that the Priority target also bugged. In this image, there was only a Kawachi, but my PT indicator showed 6 ships targeted me. There was DDs somewhere, but it's two of them. Maybe I found new bugs?
  9. 不管在遊戲港口還是遊戲戰鬥中,只要移動鼠標,FPS變成1,遊戲畫面直接卡住。如果不停的移動鼠標,遊戲畫面甚至能卡住1分鐘。 已經嘗試重裝遊戲,刪除MOD都無法解決問題。電腦是8G內存,鼠標是羅技G402,更新前還很正常,更新後已經無法暢玩遊戲。 希望遊戲開發者能解決下。
  10. graphite_

    Annoying pinging WG icon

    Unlocked the American Cruiser Collection ~ camouflage colour scheme. I get it, I can choose between grey and a lighter colour of grey , so why am I constantly being pinged by a WG icon on the exterior and camouflage tabs. There seems to be no way of getting rid of this PITA unless I’m missing something here. Anyone have a solution of how to get rid of it?
  11. I destroyed 3 Generators and the Station. And why I didn't get the "Annihilator" achievement??? "Annihilator" achievement condition : "Destroy two or more generators and the station. Acquired in battle."
  12. Piukute260

    Unable to update service

    Basically when I woke up and open the launcher to play the game then this happened to me . I posted a caption to VNes community and then some of members in the group has the same isuse with me and now we re struggling with this problem . I tried to change the IP but still nothing , need a solution.... Thank you
  13. Exeter's Last Stand Part 3 #Stage3 is not counting UK cruisers, Battleship Hits with main battery although it should. #Fix the #bug . THE INGAME MISSION SAYS THAT MAIN BATTERY SHOTS FROM BBs, CAs and DDs will be counted but it only is registering the shots from DDs and that is wrong. FIX THE BUG and extend the contest and inturn the Air Drop containers challenge for a considerable time period to compensate for the time lost. You can also see that the Mission actually not even select anything but DDs as eligible ships to continue the mission.
  14. Hello, I am experiencing a bug that prevents me from opening container and transfer captain between ships. The bug keep sending me in game notification that said : Transaction Error (Please try again later). Please help to fix this. Thank you.
  15. Shiny_Stone

    Invisible Torpedo (Torpedo Planes)

    Please take a look at these video ... 1. Camera on my ship - https://youtu.be/CehWjLsRagY 2. Camera on enemy planes - https://youtu.be/jGcbLKSvGvU
  16. Description I updated my game client 0.8.1 and started a battle. Then, I was sent back to my desktop and there was a message box telling me that my replay folder?? Is corrupted. Extra info I am using 64 bit windows 10 (Intel NUC gen7 i5 with iris graphics 640) and my game is inside a portable SamSung SSD and wargaming game centre is installed on my computer (not the SSD). There weren't any issues like this before. Everything was fine before 0.8.1 update. This issue occured twice. What I did to solve the issue I tried killing my client and it didn't work. Same message. Then, I deleted my replay folder and it is working again now. Reproducing method I don't think it is possible to reproduce this error again. I feel like it is due to corrupted old replay temp file like a corrupted replay (temp.wowsreplay) maybe. It is working so far and I can see my new replays. End result and reflection I got reported because of this. I was afk for around 5min. That's from my team's point of view while fixing this issue. I wonder what if it is not me, with some programming experience. Will that player become a pink player due to afk the entire match because of a possible bug? Thank you for reading and hope that it could be fixed soon. HenryQuan
  17. I have Jack Dunkirk as my Edinburgh commander. I noticed that the skill bonuses are not show in the commander skills. I think this is a UI bug since when I pop a smoke in a battle, it's quite large and my consumables reload fast. My client is not modded. Jack of All Trades 5% instead of 10% SSE: 20% instead of 30% Also EM but I'm not using it.
  19. 080更新后按照官网的说法 “軍火庫中將提供一套包含2019年農曆新年貨櫃和其他遊戲內好東西的組合包。 ” 然而,我的军火库里并没有新的春节货柜! 就和这个活动不存在一样! 军火库背景也没有更新! 武藏倒是按计划下架了... 有试过亚服标准客户端,steam入口客户端,后者还删除重装过 而有用自己的小号试着登录却可以看到新箱子! 求解...... 钦定咸鱼?
  20. Satyanwesi

    Random irritating gun sounds

    I just found a bug while I was using torpedo camera to see torp hits on enemy bb..at that time enemy bb was shooting his main guns..after that moment.. throughout the entire battle i was being able hear the sound of main guns firing of that particular ship..even after my ship was destroyed..this is happening whenever I am using torpedo tracking camera or shell cam view using z key.. this is kinda annoying but advantageous if this glitch happens again..
  21. Yes, you read the title right. No, I didn't get the software developers meme wrong. Yes, doomsday is upon us. In the impending patch wargaming is going to fix a "current feature" as a "bug"; or rather, fixes a "bug" to a feature. I'm not sure "How?" you may ask. Well, here's what Saint Petersburg is gracing us with upon the update, closing into us in 16 hours or so Source: 0.8.0 Patch note: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-080-takeoff/ scroll down to second bullet point of section "Other Changes and Improvements In other words, breaking LoS in this patch after firing your guns WILLNOT reset your detection range from full debuff (as in your maximum firing range) to your base detection. No matter what happens, any ship will have the full 20 second concealment penalty for firing your guns, even if you break visual contact by, for example, sailing behind an island, popping a smoke or killing the enemyships with in your concealment range. As demonstrated in this video, the "bugged" mechanics (0:00) and "fixed" mechanics (starting 0:25) has dramatically different behavior to the player's detection area once visual contact is broken. This is going to massively, and negatively, impact every single ship that has a maingun, especially for lightcruisers and destroyers, whose survivability relies on expert mastery of landscape and LoS control, just as the community grow familiar to using fire-concealment with landscape as a combo since a few patches ago. Obviously, I'm not too impressed by this "news". What are your thoughts on the subject matter? please vote and share your opinion Update Sub_Octavian, our old freind & WG spokesperson, has just posted a official explanation to the current situation. Because it's quite a lengthy post I think it's better to simply link it here. Thread in question: tl:dr the "bug" was fixed out of necessity from the perspective of software engineering; WG staunchly believed that falt-out 20 second debuff is more intuitive for players WG is considering implementation of the "bugged" as an actual feature in 0.8.2 or 0.8.3 Edit: Poll added as EU & NA server counterparts Edit: WG offical statements on the subject matter Please read the patch notes and watch the video above for intuitive understanding of the current fiasco
  22. Is there something going on with the servers atm? I can log into the game but my account's premium days status, doubloons and credits fields have amounts in them but they are grayed out with a orange triangle with an exclamation mark in the centre. If you put the pointer over these marks it says "Service is Unavailable" and every so often it goes into a synchronisation loop but goes back to "Service is Unavailable". Is anyone else having this problem?
  23. Description: XML code appearing in chat when a player tried to send something right as multiple other events in-game occurred. Reproduction steps: Another player typed something in battle chat at the exact moment I died and gained the doublestrike achievement. Result: Caused XML code to appear in battle chat instead of players intended message. (Wasn't able to find out exactly what he sent to cause the bug) Expected result: Normal text being displayed rather than the XML code Technical details: Time of occurrence: about 14:30 (local time). Replay (occurring at 14:40 timestamp). Replay file & screenshot attached. 20181230_142507_PGSB107-Gneisenau_46_Estuary.wowsreplay
  24. 1. Description After MM found a game and puts you into the loading screen, the countdown timer will freeze at a certain number, but the game is still responding to user input. But once you entered the match, the game will lock your camera position to the default starting one and the camera will not respond to your mouse input, you can't aim your guns nor use the binoculars. There is literally no way to control your ship like that, let alone trying to fight in the match. Not only that, but when you do try to go back to port, the game freezes. 2. Reproduction steps Currently no way to determine the reproduction steps, as it happens randomly. But the bug seems to happen a bit more frequently on maps like Land of Fire and North. 3. Result I think it is best to show video examples for this. 4. Expected Results The game should play normally. 5. Technical details 20181201_111607_PJSC008-Myoko-1945_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay The bug happens right after I enter the match, as you can see at the beginning of the replay. Python log : python.log Extra : I have been pink-named twice and also now I got temp-banned from entering Random Battles because of something I can't control.
  25. W1NT3CH

    CV Rework 3 Bugs

    Getting constant crashes playing as CV in T10. Not sure what the cause is yet 😕