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Found 14 results

  1. G'day folks, A bit of a tweak on a One-off for April; I've spiced up the editing and doubled my work if I want to repeat it in future. This one has cinematic cuts all the way through, leme know what you think! Atago was my first premium (apart from lowbie freebies) and I fully Potatoed with her, I think I was at around 47%/35k with her prior to trying to improve that over the last few weeks... I think I'm at around 51%/44k now. She's a strong ship if you play her carefully and clinically. I always play to win, this game shows you that sometimes you need to live to fight another day in order to try and get a win... As usual, all the YouTube and Reddit loves is appreciated and if you like this video and want all the juicy info feel free to join my discord - Darklab (https://discord.gg/AApEFZquK9)
  2. Manacetamol

    Haifuri Skins DLC

    HSF Kagero (Harekaze/Okikaze) >>Donwload<< HSF Shiratsuyu >>Download<< HSF Akizuki >>Download<< HSF Shimakaze >>Download<< HSF Aoba >>Download<< HSF Myoko >>Download<< HSF Atago >>Download<< HSF Kongo >>Download<< HSF Hiei (Kongo) >>Download<< HSF Admiral Graf Spee >>Download<< HSF Edinburgh >>Download<<
  3. I spent some time thinking about which ship to buy, and shortlisted Scharnhorst (so pretty!), Dunkerque (different, cheap!), and, eventually, Atago. Got Atago. A bit early on in my WoWS career since I am still about a week away from unlocking Myoko, but I rationalized it... you know, like you do. 1. I am enjoying IJN cruisers Furutaka and Aoba. 2. I figured since I had Mogami in my sights as the final boat in the line to grind out, it would make some sense to stop at Myoko and get Atago instead. The tougher economics at T8 make having a premium there more 'useful' than at lower tiers. 3. Ship has a pretty good rep. After sea trials in the Co-op kiddie pool, I headed out to my first Random. MM was kind: T6-T8. Our team won, I came middle 7/12, 35k dmg and 3500 XP and 350k credits. Wait, what? Oh wow ... premium multiplier! I feel richer already!! I find her a comfortable ship. Like a very small, very violent Furutaka. A Furutaka with double the torps, double the gunpower, 2 km more reach ... combined with a tiny profile and insane 9 km concealment. I was so used to Furutaka's 12 km that I didn't take advantage of the extra stealthiness at first, but I look forward to making the most of it in future. 9 km detection and 8x 10 km torps ... oh the possibilities!
  4. Is it? A good ship for ranked? Basically about farming XP when compared to ships like the Sims. Please share your opinion.
  5. WoWS_Summer_Satan_114514

    Should Atago be strengthened?

    As you can see,Atago is almost nothing special compared with Myoko:Slower firing rate,worse rudder and worse AA defense;Same torpedo,almost same HP;Only concealment and turret rotation time is better,and 2 repair party. So should this ship be strenthened?
  6. WoWS_Summer_Satan_114514


    ATAGO作為一艘8級的加值日巡,與同級別的MOGAMI對比,優勢並不明顯,甚至還有劣勢,因此我認為應該對其適當加強。 ATAGO相對於MOGAMI的優勢: 生命值多1000HP; 可以使用維修小組,裝載數為2,每秒回復200HP。對於炮擊損傷,總共最多回復2*200*28*50%=5600HP; 海面探測距離比MOGAMI小0.2km; 最高航速為35.5節,比MOGAMI多1節; 203mm炮轉速為6.2°/s,比MOGAMI多0.2; 魚雷發射角更廣(然而也有劣勢) ATAGO相對於MOGAMI的劣勢: 空中探測距離比MOGAMI多0.2km; 方向舵換擋時間為8.1s,比MOGAMI多1s; 裝甲區裝甲薄于MOGAMI; 轉彎半徑為790m,比MOGAMI多40m; 主炮的排列方式為MYOKO的排列方式,即最多只有2門主炮朝向正前方,而MOGAMI為3門; 203mm主炮的傷害和MOGAMI一樣,但是裝填時間為16s,比MOGAMI多1s(若是按照主炮組改2升級品的數據換算,MOGAMI的裝填時間為15*1.05=15.75,轉炮速度變為6*1.15=6.9,優於ATAGO); MOGAMI擁有155mm三聯裝炮模組,但是ATAGO沒有; 魚雷發射管一個方向只能發射4枚,不能像MOGAMI一樣2管齊射; 對空防禦屬性為36,劣于MOGAMI的40。 因此綜合來看,我認為ATAGO應當適當加強。 可以從如下方面考慮: 1.為ATAGO提供可選的155mm三聯裝炮模組; 2.強化ATAGO的對空防禦; 3.將ATAGO的203mm炮裝填時間改為15s,或者將其點火概率增加0.5% 感謝您的關注。 參考資料: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Mogami http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Atago http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Repair_Party
  7. S4pp3R


    OK, so I just want to say something up front, I effing love the Atago... Best premium anything I ever bought in WoT/WoWS... It isn't cause she does well with the credits... It's because I never feel like vsing one or playing one is 'OP' or a waste. She is simply bang for buck and fun to play. So just wanted to say to WG - thankyou for the Atago, she has been a close friend since I picked her up just after release. In other news, I had taken a 6-ish month hiatus due to work and Overwatch, yes I'm back for at least a bit. WTF has happened to pen/armour... Basically you can get cita'd etc from really silly angles now. Not to mention the HE pens, my gawd... Previous system wasn't really broken, it felt like there was a few silly pens and some that should but didn't work but IMO it was 150% better than the way things are now. My guess is there was some sort of patch to do with armour/round mechanics and they've overdone it a fair bit. Hopefully the current state of play isn't what they intended with whatever changes happened...
  8. karrablaster123

    ARP Takao skills

    I am leaning towards: BoS, Last Stand/TAE, SuperIntendent, DE, CE. Is this good?
  9. FenrirApalis

    Should I buy Atago?

    So I was doing the IJN missions with the ARP Myoko and I really enjoyed it (was never a fan of IJN CA) so I was wondering if I should buy the Atago (after I get Scharnhorst of course) since the Atago is kinda like a beefed up Myoko can anyone do a review for me or just give me some general comparison? I don't want to buy a premium just to realise I hate it things I know: it has repair party, crappy AA, good torp arcs and big cit please tell me more about this ship and how it is played, I really don't feel like keeping the Myoko in port when I unlock it (because reasons)
  10. thx wg.for providing heal(4 heal) thx for the forward facing torp launcher thx for the 10.2 km stealth BEST premium ship of her tier
  11. "Pan-paka-paaan!"or Russian Bias? Kutuzov has recently entered the shop for a limited time, and pretty much created a dilemma for me. I have done comparisons, looked at both ships reviews from youtube and forums. And this is basically what i came up with: -Atago gets a lot of praise from many players. -Atago has stealth system -Atago shoots slow but hits hard -Atago torps have beautiful arcs and range -Kutuzov looks incredibly easy to play thanks to its range and rate-of-fire -Kutuzov creates a 7.2km no-fly zone when specced for AA. Great AA even though unspecced -Kutuzov comes in a bundle which is actually cheaper than Atago at the time of posting. -Both ships are very fragile With that in mind, my question is this: Which ship is the most fun to play? Which one gives you a smile everytime you take it out for a spin? Which one keeps you awake at night, impatient for the morning to come so you can unleash destruction with the gem of your collection? Fun and replayability are two factors I have not yet known. I will be looking forward to advice and suggestions to those that might have either or both ships. Comments are welcome. Thank you, sorry for my bad english. P.S. Im writing this from a phone so maybe a lot of errors here and there. Poll may not be working.
  12. Hi guys, I actually plan to buy a premium ship ingame so I got attracted by Atago but i dont know whether worth buying it or not so what you guys think?
  13. Kleiss

    atago fighter glitch

    after a trade kill my fighter was just spinning on the same spot like it's an animated icon to click on :/ anybody getting this? looks weird as hell
  14. Rei1556

    This, makes me sad

    When you got an xp that is the 2nd highest out of all the players in that battle, On a defeat, It really is enough to make you sad.