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Found 1 result

  1. Just some shower thoughts about rewards from getting AA kills. **DISCLAIMER** All numbers are for simplicity sake, I don't have any information on the exact amount of XP/Credits for aircraft kills. **DISCLAIMER** First, lets start off by giving each kind of aircraft a base XP value. [This is for an individual aircraft kill] Seaplanes(Non-CV aircraft): 10XP Fighters: 25XP Unloaded Bombers: 35XP Loaded Bombers: 50XP I'm still thinking on how to scale credit rewards so that someone doesn't over earn in lower tiers or under earn at higher, as well as wether or not to add a bonus for getting the "Last hit" on a flight. Next, some modifiers [These modifiers would effect both XP and credit gain and are based on an individual aircraft kill] BBs,DDs,CVs,Bombers and Seaplanes: 1x Fighter Aircraft, CL/CAs: 1.25x CA/CLs while the AA barrage ability is active: 1.5x These modifiers hopefully would give CAs and CVs a bigger incentive to go the AA route and also encourages CAs to stick close to their capital ships. Using the "Clear skies" achievement as a benchmark for players who want to aim for air superiority(30 downed aircraft), if they versed a full strike loaded IJN CV, they would receive around 1312XP - 1875XP depending if the enemy aircraft delivered their ordnance or not and if its a CA/CL, didn't get any AA kills while the Barrage ability was active. The downsides of this could possibly people focusing too much on their AA duties or people becoming greedy for AA kills since they're much simpler to get then ship kills. I'm open to hear what you guys think about this.