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Found 22 results

  1. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Needs more bots

    Hi all, and this is specifically aimed at WG Asia I was wondering what WG ASIA is doing about bot accounts, if anything. I am seeing more and more of these 'players' that do very little, even by Asia server standards. After battles I'm checking the profiles of these very very hard to detect ninjas and 36--42% is pretty consistent, average damages range from 6k - 8k, Kill/Death ratios of 0.1 are pretty normal for them. Everyone knows that botting is rampant here, same as it was on WoT Asia, yet these accounts are racking up thousands of battles and WG seem to be struggling to do anything about it, or ignoring the issue. I see 1 on average every battle yet WG has access to all the data and the problem persists. I know it's a lot to ask, given that they can't even get CV balance right, but surely they can slap a ban hammer on bot accounts just as easily as they would on anyone that points out that they're incompetent.
  2. Saito_Himea

    AniManga Chat :E

    Anime/Manga/Light Novel Discussion Thread As always we have rules to follow mmmkayy? 1. No advertising about other games. (You can talk about it but don't advertise it. EX: "Play this game") 2. No posting H or lewd stuff. (You post post ship bow and sterns though.) 3. If you want to post about the latest Episode or Chapter of a certain Anime or Manga, put them in spoiler tags(I mean it and if you posted spoilers I'll hunt you down with hard cold torpedoes). K start posting you filthy BBs.
  3. finally after long time, i made another GMV, this time was one of the newest Anime, Azur Lane! thank you for everyone that helping me make this
  4. 🔔WELCOME🔔 Voice MOD Kamoeda from Danganronpa Download Link : https://mega.nz/#!50gBlAZA!o0G_ZNzLLSs5KSZ1KOLcLMmFOaorzkN0sgtlchmK6WU (0.8.x.x) ✔️ by : 猫フロ(Neko furo) Voice MOD Ace Combat 5 🛩️ Download Link : Download Original link from author :http://www.mediafire.com/file/hjvn1vc2u30tv4a/AC5_voiceMOD_ver0.8.1.1.zip PASS:Thunderhead_wows Alternative link : https://mega.nz/#!woxxDajZ!_dWTWueXoRdaJ4KoIaAkBKZvI-KqvTdJHWFRBYUCGwQ (0.8.x.x) by : ROKA Voice MOD Ace Combat Zero 🛩️ Download Link : Download Original link from author :http://www.mediafire.com/file/2mrkie8372dh0v9/ACzero_voiceMOD_ver0.8.1.1.zip PASS: EagleEye_wows Alternative link https://mega.nz/#!R05RVSYB!A0irEWT9I28KUpih7HacusDZ72qPxwMLVQ85r7QsGF0 (0.8.x.x) by : ROKA Voice MOD Megumin 🔥 Download Link : Download Original link from author :http://www.mediafire.com/file/ptci5q9rzrt7xxg/Megumin_VoiceMOD_ver0.7.2.0.zip Alternative link https://mega.nz/#!gtwxXCAa!VjZ09M5BOQ20WLCMPuuX0A_IBrZXt-vZHDKoz_ZiTjM (0.8.x.x) by : ROKA Please tell me if that's mod have a missing command VO or not working with a new patch
  5. Illya_the_Radiant_Knight

    Recommend an anime/manga/LN/VN

    Well ! I have old idea Share Anime/manga/LN/VN you like Anyway, a few things to keep in mind: Be sure to leave the name of...whatever you're recommending and in what format it's available (anime/manga/LN etc) A short description of whatever it is you're recommending and where to find it is highly appreciated! No hentai Have fun!
  6. Just finished this series. Plot twist : There is a new captain on board destroyer Isokaze....lol Anyway, what do you think about this picture?
  7. I heard the shocking news from our friends who are playing Wows in NA. They told me that WG erased 'Arepegio anime voice' in 0.6.13..... whether it is intended or not, Why Are You erasing Cutie Cutie Girl Voice????? I know some of you feel bad about Anime, but this is not the case! (You can use national voice etc....) So there is no reason to erase it..... Rant Rant Ranting end. Thread locked on OP's request. ~amade
  8. Kaga Misaki song ( World 4-4 Boss node BGM )but using Kaga real form as an Aircraft carrier Song name: Kaga Misaki artist: Iguchi Yuka. nigh mod: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/61734-the-world-of-warships-modpack/ youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgCzdMINXVY
  9. I think everyone already knew about the opening of High School Fleet, if you don't you should watch it now. For this topic, I just want to know who's engage in battle with Harekaze during the opening video. First, it look like Harekaze is under attack. Then, we can see the target ship looks like Yamato-class battleship Of course, Harekaze will drop their torpedoes to the target. Then, explosion!! The big question is, where's that torpedoes ? We all know that Harekaze will deploy their torpedoes. But where's that oncoming torpedoes coming from? Is that battleship have their own torpedo tubes??
  10. Xandier_59

    XerbColle - Kancolle (Mod) ASIA

    Xerbcolle-PravdaTeam (Mod) WoWs Asia Skin, Voice, mod.... and much more! (seriously) Updated for WoWs (last update 01/11/2015) Greeting, comrade, admiral, tanker, player, pirate and lolicon~ Introduction Notes Installation SHIP SKIN All kind of kawaii skin, [no NSFW skin] all safe to view :3 Mod pack - for all fixed older skin in one go New Skin- new skin is new skin poi!~ (they not included in the mod pack yet)
  11. entah_lah

    Haifuri : Destroyer Harekaze

    I just hope Wargaming make a collaboration with this anime series. Anyway, what do you think about this ship?
  12. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    [FANART] Bad Advice: Dread-Not

    After viewing the latest bad advice episode, so a mad engineer/captain/commander rebuild ships that are broken and RASPUTIN was built, so zombie ships? an image pop up in my head and made this as the result. Just saying HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! sources:DeviantArtPixiv
  13. entah_lah

    Meet my new captain

    Finally, my new captain will take over this cruiser....
  14. Haruna (10 skill pts)-Tier 4-5 only. 500,000 damage Myoko (12 skill pt.)- tier 6 and above. Deal 100,000 each to CA, DD, BB in that order. Then 50,000 to CV. Then top 5 exp And they give commanders with slots now. http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/wows_arpeggio_collab7/ Nice missions to do along with savo island missions http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/sse-battle-of-savo-island/ Well, first mission I do for one of the Kongou is 2,000,000! damage. I though 650,000 is low enough. Yeah, 500,000 now. No complain here. I probably can do it in two days when I got the time. Then I can go back to my everyday life. Next time a Kongou come it will be a free port slot. The Myoko one... nice for not counting the kill. But the damage for each type. Not gonna hunt them down with my CV lol.
  15. This is what I do when I'm bored Relate something that may not relate at all Never mind, what do you think about my new captain here?
  16. So, you know it. When a badass comic/manga/novel series starts hitting the mainstream and getting epic 5-star reviews from critic,chance are sooner or later someone will come and say: I want to make a movie/animation/game/live action series out of it. So from those four mediums,which one do you think is the best of them all. Also I would like to know what other comic/manga/novel series you wished have an adaptation. And your reaction if it does happened.
  17. According to Wargaming that is overwhelming on putting anime series into the game. I just want a game that can let players turn off any ships fancy skin (Not camo, just fancy skin) I'm bored to see them in the game now. All I just wanted to play is just a game that I can see plain steel ships killing off each others, that's all. Oh and, lastly, please remove all mods from the game and that will be fair for everyone since Wargaming is seeking balance. So much cheaters (or otherwise they called themselves 'Smart people who afford some comfort') here. (I did not mention that anime fans like some mod so much at all.) Now, I've my reason, let's see your reason. Remember, I just want a it to be turn-off able. That's my main request. Thank you for reading. I know some mod that can entertain. Please talk with consciousness.
  18. There's a new anime series with highschool girls and warships. kinda like Girls und Panzer, but with warships. I want a collaboration with wows someday. XD
  19. Illya_the_Radiant_Knight

    [ VShip- Team WSVN] Mod World of Warship

    Hi everybody, we are back This time we will give you the special mod 1. Flag mod v3.0 Warhammer 40k flags, only that Link 2. Admiral Hipper's skin Author: Red_Knight Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/f8l0vzvwnqcjtu6/Prinz+Eugen_all_hull.zip 3. Yuubari skin mod Author: Red_Knight Link 4. Nurnberg skin mod Author: Red_Knight Link
  20. daniel98

    WOWs Anime Community thread!

    I an sure most of you guys are OTAKUs in here playing this game so I decided to open this thread for you guys to communicate with other Otakus I hope this thread is the first one if not this thread will be useless... Welcome.
  21. http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=10161 Moved to off-topic. ~amade