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Found 2 results

  1. On Air Supremacy: This is more of a personal thing. I've already bought the Shoukaku(T8 IJN CV) and I'm pondering whether I should jump my Hiryuu captain(13pts) to her and continue my grind of the IJN CV line. My goal is to get Taiho eventually then proceed to the USN CV line. I'm hesitant because I'm seeing more and more CV captains having the 5th Captain perk of air supremacy whenever I get paired up with a higher CV. In worst cases, I've also been pitted against Indy and RJ captains (when in 2CV vs 2CV matches) with the said skill and actually weaving my planes through the battlefield becomes way harder since achieving air superiority is skewed in their favor most of the time. For now, I'm thinking of continuing piloting my Hiryuu until I get my captain to 15 points. I'm also having doubts about that since I'm around 250k EXP worth away from the goal and since I don't buy doubloons, all that ship exp may be wasted. (I'm kind of excited to pilot for T8 since the TBs get a massive boost in survivability(~40% if I recall) and they won't melt as fast when I try for drops) So: Do I continue grinding my captain on my Hiryuu or should I jump on to Shoukaku even without the captain skill? USN DB: Wall of Text I guess It is fairly known that in the update for 0.5.3 that USN CVs are one if not the most influenced class-nation due to the loadout rework in addition to the AA rework which affected pretty much everyone. I mainly play IJN ships(I plan to have them all up to T8 then keep some ships then play the whole USN tech tree after) and it may not be as credible, but facing them myself, Their dive bombers especially T8 above with the lexington really are too RNG heavy. Now, the way I see it, the DBs really do pack a lot of damage, a bit too much in fact IF NOT for the RNG involved in them. I'll skip the math for this and I'm not mentioning this to start another IJN CV vs USN CV debate, I'm just here to offer a suggestion. In advance, sorry for posting it here but I wouldn't want to make another thread for this and I'd like the suggestion to be fleshed out a little first, hence I want to know others thoughts on this and have a healthy discussion. I think it's been posted here or in another server's forum that because of the seemingly large spread of the USN dive bombers is that it should be inversely proportional to the distance of command(manual drop). In short, if the dive bomber is like some kilometers away from the commanded manual drop, then the circle or oval of the drop spread should decrease by some value. The bomber will now enter the state at which the command will not be canceled until the bombing run ends(this is more for the balance). The first and foremost problem with this is the non-cancel-able command. I myself or maybe a number of CV captains tend to try to see the manual drop and click first then readjust it. Another problem would be the dynamic circle which changes size in terms of the distance from the corresponding plane. I'm not too versed with programming but having that shown in the UI isn't easy and with the present problems we have sometimes for planes that don't follow commands sometimes and endless loop when manual dropping was commanded in a wrong way. In light of that, I'd propose an alternative with the same idea. When manual dropping from a USN DB squadron, it 'should' show the default spread we have now. After pressing the LMB, the player can 'hold' the LMB and drag the 'circle' of engagement at which the bombing run should start. The larger circle shows a smaller bombing spread. IF the player doesn't hold the LMB, then the spread proceeds as normal. I personally think it would be easier to program into the game, with the existing elements we already have. Now, as for the reason why, it is to reward those with skill by having a lesser RNG frame. To all those who don't play CVs, this suggestion is to assure more dynamic gameplay more than anything. If they have to make a 3km bombing run for a spread good enough to ensure at least 3-4 bomb hits, I assume it would take 4-5 seconds give or take for the whole run to execute and getting hit while moving in that time frame is either REALLY SUPERIOR skill by the CV captain or the target ship being stationary. This suggestion of a smaller bomb spread from a longer non-cancelable bombing run shouldn't affect gameplay much. It is more of an option given for a player to take; to promote more mobility in games. Practically speaking, the most this type of option should be used is setting up the default location and increasing the circle by a tiny bit to decrease the spread by a tiny bit as well. Those who use it run into a choice of doing the default drop or going through a risk for getting a better drop or just missing altogether. Now for the downside(only this I think). It actually introduces another factor for the skill curve taken by USN CV captains. In most matches, skill disparity between people of the same type is very much more obvious in CVs especially with their impact in games. I opted not to include IJN DBs to have it since the spread is small enough and the damage isn't really impactful enough to warrant a risk of a missdrop. Well, that's pretty much it, I can flesh out the values(distance vs spread) for the suggestion if it is taken positively. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on both even with those who don't play CVs, especially the first one since I'm on a standstill XD
  2. Was gonna ask this thing, if you have this level on your commander/captain.... How come you have 2 fighters instead of 1? I feel very curious on this one