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Found 13 results

  1. Rather foolishly, I admit, did I shell out for today's offer of the Atlanta + 2 T7 premium ships. I gamed it out though. Since I have Scharnhorst and Sims already, and Atlanta with the package, that left 12 possible ships, which I would divide out as follows Want: Haida, Z-39, Indianapolis Wouldn't mind: Boise, Duca degli Abruzzi, Nueve de Julio, Lazo, or Leningrad Don't want: Ashitaka, Błyskawica, Duke of York, Hood The probability of both ships would drop from my "Would not want" group: 4/12 x 3/11 = 9%. And ... of course I got Błyskawica and Duke of York. Any one else with similar experiences? I'm curious to know if WG is being on the straight and level with the promise of "equal probability". At least the surprise-box ships come with 10pt captains, which softens the blow somewhat. Note that the main ship you buy does not.
  2. I guess it's the "achieve 628 hits" requirement for the latest mission, anyway it seems you can't enter a random battle this week but trip over Atlantas. Most captained by sealclubbing unicums, red tracers, all the toppings. After getting my IJN cruiser blown out from under me multiple times yesterday, I am open to ideas for how to best deal with these pests. A noob Atlanta is an easy mark, but the ones that know what they're doing (and with teammates who also know what they are doing) ... that's a tricky problem. Once they get wedged in behind an island, protected by a couple of BBs behind and screened by a DD spotting for them... Rushing them is pretty much futile. Running away doesn't solve much. Staying in place is even worse. I'm thinking that short of another Atlanta, Sharnhorst is probably the best ship to be in for nuking them, but in terms of tactics the only thing I can think of is to draw off and sink their supporting ships first and then rush around with two ships in opposite directions to outflank and overrun their hideout...
  3. oreu

    역시 아틀란타.

    이렇게 강력한데 왜 판매금지 목록에서 제외되었는지 모르겠네요.
  4. 여윾시 7탑방의 아틀란타다. 일항모에게 시달릴때는 아틀란타를 탑니다.
  5. 졌지만 적 항모에게 아틀란타 해주었습니다. 아군은 013 레인져에 아군이 던지니 방법이 없네요.
  6. When you reach maximum skill...[content removed]...you achieve [content removed]... Inappropriate content. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  7. IllllllllllllllllllllllI


    最近やっとClevelandを乗りこなせるようになってきたのですが、Atlantaの購入を考えています。 動画やWiki等見ましたがかなりピーキーな性能のようで迷っています。 Cleveとどのような違いがあるか、使用感などあれば教えてください
  8. Is Atlanta will be buffed in the future ??
  9. 亞特蘭大(Atlanta)現在在遊戲中的表現太過於弱勢,由於她的彈道過於高挑,射程極短,而且火炮太容易損壞,經常導致她成為“移動的ATM”,被各類玩家作為嘲諷的對象,這也一定程度的造成夠買她的玩家產生了不平衡的心裡——愛宕(Atago)也就比亞特蘭大(Atlanta)貴了一點,但是手感和屬性卻比她高出不少。我本人是非常喜歡亞特蘭大(Atlanta)的,但是看見她在遊戲中不佳的表現卻讓我對是否入手她產生了動搖。我希望遊戲團隊能在一定程度上加強亞特蘭大(Atlanta),讓她真正能夠在遊戲中找到她應有的地位。 萬分感謝!Thank you very much!
  10. So after some great same i thought i'd do a little series here detailing my misadventure in the Atlanta. ( i don't know if this can be here? and hope having the names of those who killed me isn't meant to be naming or shaming) This one i had done some Anti Air role. Then we had a lone Kogo go to A. I supported him and took out a Colorado on full health with HE and took out a IJN DD. Colorado gave me hell and thier CV ended my misery. Now this once i can't really remember what i did but the result speak for it self. Think i learnt the value of Ap for cruisers that match.
  11. After ~50 battles in an Atlanta Cruiser, in my opinion, she suits better as a tier 6. The reason are: - Very Low HP for a tier 7 cruiser, I feel bad very time that I take up a tier 7 cruiser slot in matchmaking and having such Low HP (consider average tier 7 CAs have 35000HP, even tier 6 Cleveland have 35000HP too) and I can't stop playing her because I paid a good 9000 Doubloons. - Extremely Low Shell velocity, High arch trajectory and Short range. These three factors make her kind of less helpful, and out range by most of the opponents in Tier 8 and Tier 9 battle. only 2 roles she can perform are mobile AA and escort BBs / CVs. however, shooting down planes have low XP and credits reward at current patch. most BB will stay at their max range, make her 11km range guns (13km with commander skill) have limit surface targets to engage with. unless I dare to YOLO in close enough to kill their destroyers, which in term I have to braving opponent‘s cruisers, make myself become a vulnerable common target with her poor 27500HP, then I have some reasonable XP and credits rewards for surface targets damage output. I currently have average 27900 damage output per battle on Atlanta. (30000 average on the Asia server) perhaps this is a rough idea for what she can do at this moment. even my Omaha is doing 46500 average damage and don't forget that is a tier 5. So Wargaming please consider drop the Atlanta to tier 6. Her tier 6 sister Cleveland is now doing better in most circumstances. Regards,
  12. 最遠射程分別要預判 14秒(atlanta)和 17秒(Cleveland)。。。 除非遇到一個只會直行的菜鳥敵人(然而在這等級的分房裡這種人不多)不然真的有些難度。我覺得可以讓炮彈飛行速度快點,削弱精確度就行了,這樣可玩性比較高。 看到很多人抱怨Cleveland有17公里射程。呵呵,可以試一下預判17秒。命中率非常低好嗎。
  13. Before the CBT, I was hoping that somehow the Atlanta class cruisers would make it in to the game, and YES! They did make it! Am wondering tho, can her 5 inchers be used for their intended anti aircraft role or no? If not, still I bet destroyers are gonna have a hell of a time against these cruisers when they make it rain 5 inch shells to their direction.