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Found 1 result

  1. LUCCCCKKYYY!! i am swear that its only luck..... weird. usually i got missed (vertically), overpen... or richochet. but this time a lot of normal pen and citadel happened. JUST HOW?? bretagne sux because SLOW, and LOW HP normandie..... inaccurate bastard plus damn overpen.... the good thing is this ship FAST. anyone can explain HOW THIS HECK IS HAPPENED? is that only sheer luck? or i am playing and aim wrongly this whole time ? aim at waterline >> shell missed in below water or cause overpen -_- citadel is really rare aim at mid >> shell missed in below or upper water and 1 shell hits aim at deck >> richochet or missed or overpen. this time i am shooting from behind island. so i cannt really see where i am aim at. just instinct where to aim. if you see and compare the first and second image, you will notice there is 5K different damage. its only 1x12 salvo before aoba hide in conceal. i am behind island and from 15~16km away..... obviously a few shell overpen.... but hits instead of missed like usual. i basically shot randomly at 14~16km and here is the result......... i am not good nor unicum player. just your average warship player..... after thinking for a while.... i think its just RNG or luck.