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Found 5 results

  1. 關於最近WOWS更新的這兩個版本只能說都是垃圾,首先在0.8.0的時候新的航母首次登場卻造就了生態打亂,水面艦被白龍壓在地上磨擦,根本沒人敢推線,造成了水面艦的玩家非常不滿,於是就在昨天推出了0.8.0.1的更新,但這更新推出之後也好不到哪裡去,因為水面艦的防空增強,航母的攻擊被削弱造成航母連輸出開光都做不到,還沒靠近船機隊就整隊被秒殺,造就了1隻夕雲單吃列星頓一隊8隻對艦攻擊機的笑話,航母從此就成為了垃圾,不用懷疑,就是在說在座的航母都是垃圾. WG之後還想再做甚麼平衡玩家們也都不太在意了,因為這兩個版本把所有的WOWS玩家給都得罪了,棄坑的棄坑,刪帳號的刪帳號,流失的玩家也再也回不來了.
  2. MikuChrome

    Enough is enough

    Well done WoWS team, you just achieved exactly what WoT did to "Artillery rework". The whole game is now unenjoyable with this "CV Rework", haven't you learn anything like at all ? You have like the whole community as a reference to prevent this from happening but no you just not get it don't you, you just have to push this through because you spend your time and resources on it. SEA server potentially be the "worst" server, for what reason, why don't you try to find that out by simply visiting the place and see the meta as a reference to make the game better and more enjoyable ??? So many misturn starts with Belfast, British Battleships, British Destroyers and all other type of unbalanced/premium ships introduced but we all can accept this to certain level since it doesn't really effecting much players. Bugs that exists since beta still around the players can still accept it since again it doesn't effect much players, GUI is an annoyance of waiting and stuttering but we love the game so whatever. But this .......This is too much You have 4 classes of ships 3 of which are surface units having a role of a footsoldier. The last one have a role comparable to a "Commander" role in some FPS games, no doubt about it this is hard to balance it out since it plays completely different. Since you want that role to be somewhat accessible to all kind of players by toning it down to be somewhat closer to surface units gameplay..... Now look at your magic. All 3 surface units are now basically a punching bag for the game, AA ships can't even fend off for itself every single one of them either have to hide in fear or flocked up like a sheeps waiting to be picked off. I don't know what you're trying to achieve other than alienating those 3 classes of ships out because your magic did exactly that, Making the "Commander" role play like a Footsoldier. If the players get to choose between the two role with no limitation everyone will no doubt pick the one that will grant them more power than the other role. The change that changes nothing. You say this change will make the class less dominant, which make sense, considering you're tuning the role of a "commander" to be more of a footsoldier. Fixing the problem of fishermen altogether. Do you failed to realise when a group of players want to rip your game aparts they absolutely will !? You're suppose to reward these players for going through your work to an extreme and accept that not all the players are going to do that but no you just have to attempt to bring them down to the same level as other. For how long do you think these players will stay the same level as the other, think about it, these group of players loved your game so much they will rip the game apart to be up there at the top. Sooner or later they will be back achieving what they always do so what's the point of this so called "change" other than alienating more players and potentially enraging these hardcore fans ? Also if I have to be more direct on this subject this is exactly what the game is like 2 years ago before all the AA buff and CV Changes. You just need to learn to let go of these wasted resources/time otherwise its the players letting go.
  3. I have an idea. maybe. ?? hmmmmmm............ Why not add a some features that every players can control their AA manually so that they won't whine anymore, pointing or blaming the team, the CV, etc. for their bad gameplay? Scenario: Planes on the air, enemy ships on front. its either you focus on firing an enemy ships and make the AI control the AA and damage would be based on RNG or leave your main battery guns, and manually control the AA to shot down some enemy planes. hmmm? what do you think?
  4. Propieguy

    0.8.0 become worst update

    Yep It worst and CV cant do any damage to ship with repair coast always lower than income even with premium. US CV Torpedo bombers are very inaccurate with V shaped aiming. at least 1 Torps can hit ship. Plane are control easier but harder to play and attack ship. If it can full attack like RTS version CV game will be more fun.
  5. Yes, you read the title right. No, I didn't get the software developers meme wrong. Yes, doomsday is upon us. In the impending patch wargaming is going to fix a "current feature" as a "bug"; or rather, fixes a "bug" to a feature. I'm not sure "How?" you may ask. Well, here's what Saint Petersburg is gracing us with upon the update, closing into us in 16 hours or so Source: 0.8.0 Patch note: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-080-takeoff/ scroll down to second bullet point of section "Other Changes and Improvements In other words, breaking LoS in this patch after firing your guns WILLNOT reset your detection range from full debuff (as in your maximum firing range) to your base detection. No matter what happens, any ship will have the full 20 second concealment penalty for firing your guns, even if you break visual contact by, for example, sailing behind an island, popping a smoke or killing the enemyships with in your concealment range. As demonstrated in this video, the "bugged" mechanics (0:00) and "fixed" mechanics (starting 0:25) has dramatically different behavior to the player's detection area once visual contact is broken. This is going to massively, and negatively, impact every single ship that has a maingun, especially for lightcruisers and destroyers, whose survivability relies on expert mastery of landscape and LoS control, just as the community grow familiar to using fire-concealment with landscape as a combo since a few patches ago. Obviously, I'm not too impressed by this "news". What are your thoughts on the subject matter? please vote and share your opinion Update Sub_Octavian, our old freind & WG spokesperson, has just posted a official explanation to the current situation. Because it's quite a lengthy post I think it's better to simply link it here. Thread in question: tl:dr the "bug" was fixed out of necessity from the perspective of software engineering; WG staunchly believed that falt-out 20 second debuff is more intuitive for players WG is considering implementation of the "bugged" as an actual feature in 0.8.2 or 0.8.3 Edit: Poll added as EU & NA server counterparts Edit: WG offical statements on the subject matter Please read the patch notes and watch the video above for intuitive understanding of the current fiasco