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Found 4 results

  1. Dragovichz


    Hi guys need Help!!! Its almost 2 or 3 days.. and this error persist.. i can't even check integrity of the game!! I REFRESH IT ALL THE TIME!! ... damn do i need to download this again???? tsk tsk tsk.. Red text is reserved for moderator/staff use only. Do not use red text. Post edited, no warning issued as it is your first post on the forums. Please make sure to read the forum rules. ~Syanda
  2. Kleiss


    This thing is a monster in ranked. It craps on Nagatos (what is angling), Warspites, every single CA u come across, and bounces 356s like nothing. I've got very few battles in her, but i now love her more than the New Mexico or the Nagato. I'd like to share 1-2 things I did to improve my aim. Please correct me if it's just RNG or some other factor. 1) Camera group: I fire from the rear group instead of the front group. Front camera group seems to throw me off aim for some reason. 2) Work on my vertical aim. In the Colorado, it's not so much about the horizontal aim correction; it's pretty forgiving in that. The issue with the Colorado is that it is very demanding in the vertical aim department, unlike most ships. One slight mis-aim too high or low, and the shells will either disperse off the enemy superstructure or miss the target entirely. Therefore, I believe that mastering vertical lead is the key to dominating in the Colorado. You have to be on point in the vertical aim for your shots to devastate enemies. If you're on point, dispersion no longer plays a huge part. I am waiting for the warships.today to update the stats. I had much more than 13 battles in the Colorado and my average damage per match should be 50k. TL;DR; the Colorado isn't bad, it requires a different dimension of mastery. I have learnt a lot from playing the Colorado right from stock all the way to Hull C. Please share your thoughts!
  3. Does this effect the Concealment for Destroyers? if so..... Be careful of Torpedoes
  4. Speculation? I see DD armor changes, new weather mechanics, some changes to module research and upgrades, etc, all from Spotter's pre-preemptive posts. Hype?