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Found 4 results

  1. 1. Description The game client uses an excessive amount of GPU resources while displaying the home port screen, to the point where the GPU overheats and reaches extremely high temperatures. In fact, the port screen uses more GPU resources than actual in-game battles; the GPU fan speed and temperatures happen to be markedly lower whilst in-battle compared to at the port screen. Currently it is winter in Australia, however during the summertime this may potentially cause housefires if players leave the game running for long time durations, idle at the home port screen. In addition, I'd presume that players with high-end nVidia cards would have a much more severe circumstance compared to mine, and this is also likely to be the case for people who have much more poorly ventilated machines compared to mine. 2. Reproduction steps Run the game, leave the game sitting idle within the home port screen for long durations of time, record GPU temperatures. 3. Result The following temperature chart shows the changes in GPU temperature whilst in-battle, for comparison purposes. Units are in degrees Celsius. The battle begins immediately after the sharp dip from 60 degrees Celsius (at the time when the game was minimised and the Windows desktop was displayed), and reaches an average temperature of 81 degrees Celsius during the battle. The following temperature chart shows the changes in GPU temperature whilst left idle in the home port screen. Units are in degrees Celsius. The time period spent within the port screen is immediately after the second dip; for comparison purposes, the period directly preceding the dip is the in-battle temperature shown earlier. Whilst at the port screen, the temperature reached a maximum value of 86 degrees Celsius before I ALT+TAB-ed to desktop to take a screenshot of the temperature reading. Had I not done so, the temperature would have continued to rise, given that the upward parabolic curve has yet to fully plateau. 4. Expected result The port screen should not overutilise GPU resources, to the point where the GPU generates more heat at the port screen compared to actual battles. Given that players are often likely to leave the game running idle whilst at the port screen (e.g. looking for food/drinks), the GPU utilisation should be at least the same as a battle, if not less. 5. Technical details While testing the temperatures as described above, the following graphics settings were used: Dxdiag: http://pastebin.com/P2qnR9S0 Addendum: My computer has removable dust filters attached to the fans, and I clean them every two months.
  2. Currently within pre-battle loading screens, in-game player lists (by pressing TAB), post-battle results screens, and in-game player panels (if turned on within options), the region where the player names are displayed is too narrow horizontally. This means that if a player's name is too long, it cannot be fully displayed (since it becomes appended with "..." at the end), which becomes a hassle if you wish to report a teamkiller or some other form of troublemaker to WG Support, yet cannot find out what the player's name actually is. This problem applies for both the English locale client and the Chinese locale client. Within the Chinese locale client the problem is worsened, since the font size for everything is much larger overall. Player name panels should be made longer so that they can fit the entirety of a player's name. After all, on both the pre- and post-battle screens and the TAB display there is a huge portion of empty space on the left and right sides; what is the purpose of having this empty space? Wouldn't the space be better off utilised by widening the player name area to allow readability? The length of the player name panels were much better during closed alpha, I'd suggest making the horizontal length of the player name columns within the team player tables akin to WoWS version 0.2.2 or version 0.3.*, which would require extension of the table on left and right sides given the increase in font size in later patches, which takes up additional space. Screenshots: Post-battle results screen (0.4.0, English locale) Post-battle results screen (0.4.0, Chinese locale) In-game TAB screen (0.4.0, Chinese locale) Post-battle results screen (0.3.* CBT, English locale) (I won't post any 0.2.2 closed alpha screenshots)
  3. 1. DescriptionThe Chinese-language locale of the 0.4.0 public OBT game client displays incorrect units of time measurement at the battle results screen. 2. Reproduction steps Finish a battle, either as win/lose/draw, and click on the third details tab (on the far right side). This bug is reproducible, and occurs every single time. 3. ResultFor the time format "XX minutes YY seconds", the game incorrectly displays this as "XX 刁E▮▮ YY", instead of the correct format "XX分YY秒". Refer to the following screenshot: When paired with this separate bug, the results screen looks like this: 4. Expected result The battle results screen should display the time format as "XX分YY秒", where XX is the number of minutes, and YY is the number of seconds. 5. Technical details Client was run on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1, English system language. Dxdiag: http://pastebin.com/P2qnR9S0
  4. 1. Description When the Chinese locale of the public OBT game client is installed, sans serif Chinese font should be used for all Chinese-language text, at all times. However, purely at random, incorrect serif Chinese fonts are displayed. Theoretically, serif fonts should never be displayed by the game client, which means that the program is having difficulty loading the correct sans serif fonts, and as a result it is resorting to a default fallback font. This is likely a memory access problem. 2. Reproduction steps None, these errors occur at random. Sometimes they happen, sometimes they don't, however the errors appear very frequently. There is no fixed series of steps which guarantee a correlation that the error will occur. 3. Result The following screenshots depict the erroneous serif fonts used to display Chinese text: In the above image, "等待玩家" (waiting for players), "一般戰鬥" (standard battle), and the text at the right hand side are written in a non-antialiased serif font. Notice the "blur" effects on the right hand side? That looks absolutely terrible with serif fonts. In this image, the description text on the left hand side explaining the benefits of premium ships is written in serif font with no anti-aliasing. In this image, the ship class names (below the numbers), description for "random battles" (at the bottom, above the button), and "您的艦艇" (your vessel) is written in serif font, with no anti-aliasing. Furthermore, within the line "在您範圍內的玩家" (players within your range), the text is correctly displayed with anti-aliased sans serif font, with the exception of "內", which is written in anti-aliased serif font. The ship type ("主力艦", battleship), the words for "tier" and "ship experience" in the upper right corner are written using serif font without anti-aliasing. Furthermore, the display of premium days remaining, server (伺服器), players (玩家), remaining time for mission updates (更新時間), buying gold, exchanging credits, and converting free XP are also in serif font without anti-aliasing. Also pay attention to the mouse hover tooltip below the "join a division" area, which also has the same font problem. 4. Expected result The following screenshots display what the UI should appear like (i.e. correct sans serif font usage): All of the following are displayed in the correct anti-aliased sans serif font: The ship type ("主力艦", battleship), the words for "tier" and "ship experience" in the upper right corner; display of premium days remaining, server (伺服器), players (玩家), remaining time for mission updates (更新時間), buying gold, exchanging credits, and converting free XP. All text is displayed in the correct anti-aliased sans serif font, and the "blurring" effect on the right hand side does not look stupid and ugly, because it correctly displays behind the text. All text is displayed in the correct anti-aliased sans serif font. The line "在您範圍內的玩家" (players within your range) has a uniform font with no odd characters which stand out. 5. Technical details These screenshots were taken using the public OBT WoWS game client, version 0.4.0, on the Asia server, using the Chinese-language locale. Client was run on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1, English system language, Japanese locale. Dxdiag: http://pastebin.com/P2qnR9S0