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Found 1 result

  1. First of all this is a thread of my personal opinion based on my personal experience. so feel free to agree or disagree me. i have play this game since last year, since August 2015-May 2016 most of the tier i had been playing was a tier 5 match. back in those time, i often got a tier 4 or even a tier 3 match.at that time i do feel playing is fun becuase we can easily club face other ship and win. Our current MM made the tier 5 almost always face a tier 7 match. at first i tought it was because the tier 4 is protected. but then when i play tier 7, i get a tier 9 match and when i bring my tier 8, I even face that Meanie Yamato... so i guess the MM really like to make me into a bottom tier in a match. no matter what tier i am using ( excet if i using a tier 10- which i dont even have at the moment) Some member keep yelling, throwing salt about this current MM. while some defend it and say it more challenging and sometimes you do get a MM where you are the top tier. Curently i am grinding a tier 6 cruiser, tier 7 batleship and destroyer, tier 8 batleship and cruiser. and guess what, in term of experience, i prefer whenever i am in bottom tier. Stupid? Crazy? well no! For me, when i am a bottom tier, i dont really depend on how good my teammates was. even if i lost the game, as long as i gave all my best, i will get a decent amount of XP, why? well melon reveal to me that my xp is depend on how many damage i dealt to someone HP (the % of his total HP) and how much the tier differential between me and the ship i damaged. The teammates is a problem that been here for long time and will always been. this is a free multiplayer game, many people paly this game with diferent goals and playstyle. so i think that instead of blaming them, why not focusing on hone my skill and become better in WoWs. better aim, better map and situational awearness.. In term of grinding a new ship and collecting as much xp as i can, i am gratefull for the current Meta where Wargaming gave us a chance to screw a higher tier ship. Shooting a Shimakaze in my Takao.... burning a North Cal using Cleveland..... cap contest between Sims vs Fubuki ....it all fun...and gave me tons of XP. and by keep playing as bottom tier, i feel that my skill is better and better... also the game still gave you play as top tier sometimes, and when you get that chance, You can have fun by deleting other ship... just like a poor wyoming in a tier 7 match yesterday that I manage to 1 shot him Right now if WG gave us a poll and the question is :"should we revert back MM into the old way?" i will definitely say that i love the current MM. I know the current MM should be fix into a better meta but i think the +2 tier is kinda fun. if a match only consist of same tier like a rank battle, it will become boring, because most people will bring 1 Op ship on that tier.. Maybe i am the only player who dont hate Wargaming for the current MM, maybe this thread is silly but i still on my believe that World of warship is a fun game to play, so instead of focusing any weakness, i will try to find some positives things that available... And if one day i will think that playing WoWs become a burden and too stressfull, then i will quit playing. but until that time, i will always sails into the sea of world of warships. no matter if it was +2 tier, or only my team is lack 1 DD i will keep playing and have as many fun as i can. Division with some player make my life as a player become so much wonderfull, so to all player who had div up with me in the past and will do it in the future, thank you again fow allowing me to be your Division mate.. the honor is mine! Looking foward to sail with you guys again....