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Found 1 result

  1. Hello fellow players, So... I'm somewhat of a "casual to active" player with my activity increasing or decreasing depending on how interesting events of the months are. If they are meh, I restrict myself to one win per ship type to get the xp bonus and stop there. However, if they're interesting I play enough to at least get the 3 daily containers. Over time, I've been taking it easy and playing 3 ship types, to the point that my Cruiser and BB grinds are running identically parallel to each other. Which brings me to the reason for this thread. I've been pursuing the IJN BB and Soviet Cruiser line and I've unlocked both Izumo and DM Donskoi. Sadly, I play standard account and though I do own some premium ships, the price tag of a tier 9 is still nothing to scoff at. Thus, I come to you folks. Considering the meta and how ships are these days, which one of these two should I sink my purse into? Just fyi, I do plan to pursue both at one point but right now I need to make a call due to silver shortage. Please do let me know what your thoughts are regarding the matter. Regards, LonerPrime