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  1. Everytime I play tier8 ships, it's almost 80% of the time, I'm being put as bottom tier, with almost half the teams being tier9-19 and only 1-2 ships are tier8. Where the heck are the tier8 players? Are they busy milking Narai 2.0 aka. Cherry Blossom all over again, what about the KM, and IJN cruisers being left out.
  2. Even wonder why we got ultra noob team? MM is unfair? MM is trolling? MM is etc..... yes? YESS?? YESSS? Then Yes, MM is actually unfair and some problem NEED to be fixed! MM is not random at all! 1) the intention of MM by WG basically, MM is designated to be make your win rate around 50% (45%~55%) no matter noob or average are you.... but there is exception rule on this. the CV and DD could actually decide your match because its nature. so if you want to get high win rate i suggest you play CV if you are noob or play DD if you are godly skill. if you are on BB and CA with average skill, expect some loss streak and win streak..... the problem is when someone got win streak it just forget it..... when got lose streak? hahahaha RANT INCOMING!!! the MM put YOU ON NOOB TEAM IF YOU ARE BECOME BETTER..... or the opposite! that is why, no matter how noob are you (BB or CA) you can always get WR atleast 45%.... if below that? that is badluck and WILL REBOUND! why it will rebound? because you will GET 2~3 player that actually carry and your win rate pop up to be 45%~50%.... too bad if you lose, the carry player will go rant and said he got noob team..... why WG doing this? to distinguish the real unicum and just average skill but lucky boi! tell me if someone solo LUCKY ENOUGH to get 70% WR in 100 match! that is why people with 5K match always said WR reflect your skill...... Solution: "Carry the game and your win rate will increase" 2) the intended badluck RNG by WG its funny.... WG also try to rekt unicum player by not only give it shitty team.... but also shitty RNG! why there is detonation? WHY THERE IS SHITTY Dispersion? WHY there is AA aura that unreliable? this game actually have a lot of RNG.... WHY WG doing this? to prevent unicum being bored and leave the game saying WoWs is EZ..... its also the perfect way to balance between noob and unicum player! and ale mane, i remember i detonation a Des Meme with AADF active but the weird thing is 1 torp hit amazingly..... and the most miracle is DETONATION...... why CV is OP before? BECAUSE ITS LACK of RNG! in the end WG try nerf it by adding more RNG like REMOVE low tier manual aim and add more AA to ship especially DD. 3) the Myth and truth of MM there is a lot of myth like Karma, premium time and radar MM..... its MYTH.... they didnt affect MM! the truth is WHEN QUEUE, Type of ship and division.... time when queue is very important! imagine you are queue when most AUS player is online! its easy to speak and there is less non english speaker.... so expect some teamwork. or the moment when there is "kill" mission.... expect some KS... and the most worst and expect lose is "WEEKEND WARRIOR" because 100% bonus XP.... Yolo sink, change ship... rinse and repeat..... i actually do it before :V if you play at weekend warrior time or holiday peak.... GET SOME FISHINg DIVISION huahahahaahaha ROFLSTOMPING the noob.... and btw, WG actually remove the premium ship team MM like getting 3 belfast or Lolanta.... yeah, its just happen recently... 4) lower tiered ship team its the most annoying crap and truly unbalance... its NEED TO BE FIXED! getting noob team is fine! but getting this MM is CraP! well, its about point number 1..... BUT CRAP IS THIS? THIS IS WAAAY TOO FAAAR!!! there is actually a lot of SS but here of example : i bet 10 silver, OUR TEAM IS NOT NOOB! we did fight back! the battle is actually harsh.... too bad we still lose -_- enemy got more BB and higher team ship.... Conclusion : FIX MM in the point 4! its too imbalanced ! ship tier should be same and ship composition should be same! the moment enemy got more BB and DD..... its guarantee 90% lose to us! carry??? not only unfair ship composition... we also struck by insane RNG badluck intended.... detonation.... SHELL MISSED IN CLOSE RANGE.... delay enemy of being spotted.... etc alright just make MM random but ship tier should be same and the composition of the team not different..... ________________________________________ ssshhhtt dont tell anyone i got this UNLIMITED SMOKE WORKS! in pan asia DD..... LEL LEL super container....... after 4 lose streak.....
  3. 솔직히 전함이나 순양 초반에 한번에 골로간다고 게임판도에 큰 영향을 끼치느냐? 아니요. 전함 순양숫자 부족한거야 실력으로 때울수있어요. 그런데 이 망할 구축놈들은 실력으로 때우는게 안됩니다. 구축 없거나 숫자 심하게차이나면 그냥 90% 패배라 보시면되요 슈니컴이 전함몬다고 1천점짜리 굿맨이 타고다니는 구축을 쳐바를수 없단말입니다. 그리고 이 경향은 오히려 저~중티어가 심해요. 고티어야 구축판 방지할려고 레이더나 독일제소나같은게 판치지만 저중티어는 아군구축이 디지면 적 구축을 카운터 할수있는 방법이 없어요. 항모요? 거 10판하면 3판정도 보는 그거요? 저는 워게이밍 매치메이킹 시스템이 이해가 안갑니다. 그래요 못하는 망할 떡볶이들도 구축할수있겠죠. 지만 즐거우면 되는거니까. (솔직히 게임에서 신고 가장 쳐먹고 ㅄ같은게 "못하는" 구축입니다. 애내들은 솔직히 팀킬 쳐당해도 할말없어요. 못하는데 게임 승패를 좌지우지하는 구축이란 함종을 탄것이 잘못이지) 하지만 왜 그런애들이 한팀에만 몰리는겁니까? 이건 아군이든 적군이든 항상같아요. 때때로는 아군에 떡볶이 구축들이 몰려있어서 다 쓸려서 지고 떄때로는 적군에 떢볶이 구축들이 몰려있어서 다 쓸려서 이기고 아군에 2명의 구축이 있다면 한명은 ㅄ같아도 다른한명은 적어도 인간이어야 하지않나요? 이거 해결안합니까 유니컴 한명 아군에 던져줬다고 3명의 똥을 같이 주는건 이해가 안가요. 굿맨 10명 vs 유니컴 3명 나머지 죄다 떢볶이면 굿맨10명쪽이 이길 가능성이 높은게 워쉽인데 3판 연속으로 아군구축 다쓸려 져서 한탄글 남깁니다. 매치메이킹 조금만 손봐주세요 제발
  4. <its a long post> Recently i experienced consecutive lose due to the terrible destroyer players. I do respect privacy. so I'll not pin-pointing out the certain RED-rated people Yah of coarse some of y wanna play destroyers though you're suck at it. and others just blame war gaming for making destroyers having huge impact on Victories or loses. Personally i don't want bad players to play DD which leads to not only him/her, BUT leading entire team to HELL. Cruisers and Battleship with bad players doesn't matter. Cause they don't really play huge roles as the DD. Anyway, these are not the ones i wanted to say its MATCHMAKING I heard that matchmaking is based on player's skill and other contributing factors but here's the example our team has 2 Unicom battleships and 2 DD potatoes enemy team has 2 rated excellent DD and 2 rated GOOD battleships guess who will win? its the enemy team. and the reason is quite simple. Game was designed for CV => DD > BB > CA/CL =>DD No matter you're Super Unicom or what its almost impossible to win DD with BB. The team with Terrible DD players are getting unbelievable disadvantage compared to team with decent DD players. These solutions can be the key (EX) we have 2 DDs one of them is terrible player one of them is good and decent player (Balanced) We DO need Good and balanced match making by the "Subcategories" TOO others ships? doesn't matter DDs? YES IT DOES MATTER. Cause they play vital role on winning the Game hopefully war gaming solve these originated problem since i lov playing WOWS thanks
  5. I know this is a rare case. Yes, a case that should never happen. I feel so lucky. (´ ཀ ` ) The defeat was my fault. I am not strong enough to destroy enemies faster than my teammates be destroyed. I feel guilty. I should be blamed. This match taught me to stay at back and be a sniper, or I would return to port without a proper income like my teammates did. I suggest anyone meets this matchmaking five times in a day would be a master in sniping and understand the critical point of WOWs economic system. Oh, generous, noble, holy matchmaking, please show your mercy on every WOWs player. I am a nobody who cannot engross such privilege of luck. It seems my mixed irony is hard to understand for someone. Let's keep it simple. I told my teammates to be careful and push steadily, but they didn't give a sh*t. They rushed and sunk as quickly as possible. I fulfilled my duty as a BB but I can't challenge every enemy by myself. This kind of matchmaking is not valuable and has a bad influence. Players sunk quickly may not realise their faults and blame the rest for not following. Players sniped at the back may find their damage output increased and their income is secured so keep sniping as a habit. Players at the side of victory may learn nothing useful other than rush forward to harvest more damage. Matchmaking is not equal and so is the human life. Unequal matchmaking is acceptable. For me, within 5% is OK. A good grand strategy may lead a team to victory even 5% win rate lower and it often happens. There is almost 10% difference in this match. I suggest it is good enough to be an example for discussion of extreme matchmaking.
  6. I get the impression that a lot of the time when more selective MM is mentioned it is soon followed by talk of increased queue times. So I want to leave you with this to think about. From my experience getting a game when there are 3k+ players on the server is no problem. At peak there are 3-4 times that number. Point being even if MM removed half the players from your MM pool (so that MM was more appropriate) there would still be, by my reasoning, plenty of players and short queue times. That's all.
  7. _____BOOM_____

    Proof of MM problem WG! fix it?

    So heres the MM they gave us to play and on the second screen shot you see the result. They gave them two super unicum divs and other t10 solo unicums. So things like these we get always.. i have also many other prooofs about some other MM problems i can show like playing t8 i get like 80% t10 games. What do u guys thinK?
  8. BunnyDragon

    LOL MM

    Hi y'all, I just had this lol mm moment. Screenshot below. Warning, it will cause someone salt.
  9. Fortgas_Sabo

    Fix MM please

    Hi captains, this morning I had a match like this, and guess what? Our DDs can't do anything, they have 3 radar CAs and a division with 2 radar BBs, and how much we have? Only 1 radar CL. I really wonder how MM system work and how it give us this kind of team.
  10. RDF IS AWESOME!!! oh wait, the MM..... did they just change the MM mechanic? As of patch, matchmaker will make matches with an equal amount of top tier Battleships and Cruisers and with the same amount of Carriers of the same tier. As of patch, matchmaker will limit aircraft carriers to one per team in battles where the top tier ship is of Tier VIII, IX, or X. As of patch, matchmaker will once again attempt to uniformly distribute ships of different nations between the teams. (Example: If two Soviet Gnevny destroyers and two Japanese Minekaze destroyers are present, the matchmaker will attempt to put one destroyer of each nation on each team.) oh there must be some change to MM now, everything in Wiki is after 5.90 i am starting to miss my CV i will be back after my CV got repaired at the dock....
  11. 航空母艦敵1味方ゼロはあきらかにいないほうが不利になるのは想像できるはずなのになぜこういうマッチングになるのですが? 戦艦が食われはっきりいって正常な戦闘になっていません また、巡洋艦スキルの防空スキルなくしたのはなぜですか?
  12. そもそもゲームとして適用される種類が少なすぎなんです。このゲームに実装されているモノは少なくとも正規空母、軽空母、戦艦、巡洋戦艦、重巡洋艦、軽巡洋艦、嚮導艦、嚮導駆逐艦、駆逐艦、あと実装されるかどうかわからないものも含めるなら航空巡洋艦と航空戦艦もありますね。これだけ種類があるのに、実際にMMには「空母」・「戦艦」・「巡洋艦」・「駆逐艦」の4種類でしか分けられていません。 この4種類でしか分けられないために、 「軽巡洋艦なのに重巡洋艦よりもしぶとい」(軽巡が撃たれ弱いことを考慮した結果の調整によるチート回復力の実装) 「同じ駆逐艦なのにほぼ絶対に撃ち勝てない」(嚮導駆逐艦と普通の通常の駆逐艦を一緒にすることによる弊害) 「駆逐艦なのにcapできない」(嚮導駆逐艦とry) といったようなことが発生するのです。 提案したいものは、少なくとも巡洋艦は重巡洋艦と軽巡洋艦、駆逐艦は嚮導駆逐艦と駆逐艦というように分け、それをMMに反映させることです。 このゲームが少しでも良くなってほしいと思っていますのでどうかご検討よろしくお願いします。
  13. Well i have spent some time playing on the EU server and i noticed something that maybe of interest for you? I believe they do match you up based on your "Service Record". When i was at the lower levels IE 1-7 or so i found nearly everybody did not have camo or 10 point captains etc.... so basically I had all the fun in the world smacking potatoes. As i got my 10 point captain every game i had 10 point captains against me and far more experienced players as they rarely sailed in a straight line, hell i hardly saw a PINK ship. I do not believe they MM on w/l but i do believe they are far more friendly to new players, and it does make sense. Is this just a perception? Well I guess i need someone else to start on a different server or perhaps different account? I would be interested in other peoples experiences. Thanks in advance.
  14. BunnyDragon

    CV Match Making Question

    I don't about the rest of you, but I've been noticing some T6 CVs being matched with T8 ships, usually NC and other AA forts. Don't they all have plus and minus 1 tier? Or was that changed with the last patch?
  15. Ok let me say something abour MM.It has been a problem and it is a problem in WOW.I just played a match that I sailed with Donskoi today.I suppose to go to Top 9 tier match or Top 10 tier match.I like to know why our team have a 7 tier Colorado in 10 top match(division system need to be fix, too), one short on DD, Lexington is on our team and Shokaku on other side, and TWO pink(team-killer) in our team.Other side? Just normal. No pink no 7 tier in top 10 tier match, No Lexington, and USA DD on their side against our Japan's DD.We only had one Shimakaze for our DD and other team with one shima, and one fletcher for capturing mission.It is gotta fix!!!At least match the number of DD for each side!!!If match it with almost same nation's DD for same tier will be the BEST!!!And gotta fix LEXINGTON and RANGER for 013 formations.Can't do anything if they meet Japan's CV.And same teammates can't rely on our CV.Developers need to work hard on fixing balance of MM system. Duplicate post. Thread locked, user warned. ~amade
  16. Ok let me say something abour MM. I know it has been a [content removed] problem in WOW. I just played a match that I sailed with Donskoi. I suppose to go to Top 9 tier match or Top 10 tier match. I like to know why our team have a 7 tier Colorado in 10 top match, one short on DD, Lexington is on our team and Shokaku on other side, and TWO pink in our team. Other side? Just normal. No pink no 7 tier in top 10 tier match, No Lexington, and USA DD on their side against [content removed] DD. We only had one Shimakaze for our DD and other side with one shima, and one fletcher for capturing mission. It is gotta fix!!! At least match the number of DD for each side!!! If match it with almost same nation's DD will be the BEST!!! And gotta fix LEXINGTON and RANGER for 013 formations. Can't do anything if they meet [content removed] CV. Developers need to work hard on fixing balance of MM system. Derogatory, profanity. Post edited, user sanctioned. Please take note on the rule regarding abbreviation of Japan/Japanese: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/8251-notice-on-the-abbreviation-of-japanjapanese/ ~amade
  17. First of all this is a thread of my personal opinion based on my personal experience. so feel free to agree or disagree me. i have play this game since last year, since August 2015-May 2016 most of the tier i had been playing was a tier 5 match. back in those time, i often got a tier 4 or even a tier 3 match.at that time i do feel playing is fun becuase we can easily club face other ship and win. Our current MM made the tier 5 almost always face a tier 7 match. at first i tought it was because the tier 4 is protected. but then when i play tier 7, i get a tier 9 match and when i bring my tier 8, I even face that Meanie Yamato... so i guess the MM really like to make me into a bottom tier in a match. no matter what tier i am using ( excet if i using a tier 10- which i dont even have at the moment) Some member keep yelling, throwing salt about this current MM. while some defend it and say it more challenging and sometimes you do get a MM where you are the top tier. Curently i am grinding a tier 6 cruiser, tier 7 batleship and destroyer, tier 8 batleship and cruiser. and guess what, in term of experience, i prefer whenever i am in bottom tier. Stupid? Crazy? well no! For me, when i am a bottom tier, i dont really depend on how good my teammates was. even if i lost the game, as long as i gave all my best, i will get a decent amount of XP, why? well melon reveal to me that my xp is depend on how many damage i dealt to someone HP (the % of his total HP) and how much the tier differential between me and the ship i damaged. The teammates is a problem that been here for long time and will always been. this is a free multiplayer game, many people paly this game with diferent goals and playstyle. so i think that instead of blaming them, why not focusing on hone my skill and become better in WoWs. better aim, better map and situational awearness.. In term of grinding a new ship and collecting as much xp as i can, i am gratefull for the current Meta where Wargaming gave us a chance to screw a higher tier ship. Shooting a Shimakaze in my Takao.... burning a North Cal using Cleveland..... cap contest between Sims vs Fubuki ....it all fun...and gave me tons of XP. and by keep playing as bottom tier, i feel that my skill is better and better... also the game still gave you play as top tier sometimes, and when you get that chance, You can have fun by deleting other ship... just like a poor wyoming in a tier 7 match yesterday that I manage to 1 shot him Right now if WG gave us a poll and the question is :"should we revert back MM into the old way?" i will definitely say that i love the current MM. I know the current MM should be fix into a better meta but i think the +2 tier is kinda fun. if a match only consist of same tier like a rank battle, it will become boring, because most people will bring 1 Op ship on that tier.. Maybe i am the only player who dont hate Wargaming for the current MM, maybe this thread is silly but i still on my believe that World of warship is a fun game to play, so instead of focusing any weakness, i will try to find some positives things that available... And if one day i will think that playing WoWs become a burden and too stressfull, then i will quit playing. but until that time, i will always sails into the sea of world of warships. no matter if it was +2 tier, or only my team is lack 1 DD i will keep playing and have as many fun as i can. Division with some player make my life as a player become so much wonderfull, so to all player who had div up with me in the past and will do it in the future, thank you again fow allowing me to be your Division mate.. the honor is mine! Looking foward to sail with you guys again....
  18. Aaditya_AJ

    Lets Talk about MM

    MM has become so useless these days It just doesn't wanna balance teams at all. Sometimes we can see totally unbalanced teams like the one in the spoiler. I mean if you don't have enough players don't make it a 12 on 12 match. And in some circumstances It will just give DD advantage to the enemy team in domination mode. Like really? It is just handing over the advantage to a particular team in domination. I'm still playing with that +2 MM but things like this make it even more harder.
  19. I know that at certain time of day at certain tier, it's hard for MM to assembly a full 12 vs 12 match, so it have to reduce some. I understand that but there's should be limit to that, like a 'minimum' player in match if it can't get 12 vs 12 I'm fine with 11 vs 11 down to 7 vs 7 like in rank. but less than that, it's.... not fun anymore =w='a 4 vs 4, 5 vs 5 etc... if I remember correctly, there's a time when I watch steaming play that 1 vs 3 compensate by only tier (1 player side have higher tier than other team with 3 people, it's quite long ago though.) call me noob if you want, but I like blending with team to deal some damage. the less player, the difficult it become. in other word, the less player, the more personal skill is to shown T_T some win, some lose but i still don't like it... if I know in advance that I'm gonna being put in less than 7 vs 7 match, I'll leaving queue and pick other ship.
  20. Randy_SI


    発生した現象: 3vs3 でのマッチング 艦種:恐らく無関係 (一応 自チーム:RYUJO CLEVELAND KIROV  敵チーム: RYUJO AOBA KUMA) マップ:関係不明だが、TRIDENTのDomination 頻度:一度のみ 再現性:再現不可 重要:中度 移動に時間がかかるゲームの仕様上、さすがに3vs3は少なすぎる。
  21. sorry if I'm wrong in grammar but... you know what I try to mean right now it still be okay, but in future where old player are most likely to have very high level commander (level 15+) compare to newly buy ship with level 3 (25 doubloon) for new player. no need to tell that how much advantage that high level commander gonna get, even it's a same ship. right? so I wonder, aside form ship tier, when commander level deference become very vast, should it be include for MM to considered?
  22. Is this MM balanced enough? We do not even have a T6 on our side. Inappropriate content. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  23. Like the title says; why does MM hate me so much? Sail my Mikasa ... have to fight T4 (Nikolai, Ishizuchi) sail my Ishi or Nikolai ... have to fight Texas and Warspite sail my Texas ... have to fight Warspite and Nagato sail my Warspite ... have to fight Tirpitz sail my Tirpitz ... have to fight Yamato maybe 1 in every 8-10 battles I get to fight my own Tier. WTH is going on?
  24. Kleiss

    Division tier notice

    did this in paint. pretty self-explanatory.