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Found 1 result

  1. Hello there. I like to talk to about Akizuki Japan's 8 tier DD. I think this ship is awesome. 2.4s to reload and fire, 4 Torps. very high HP. But this ship is 8 tier. Not 10 tier. You can say this ship has other side that Maneuver is worse than other nations' DD in same tier, and HE shell don't give any damage. But good things cover all bad things for this ship. This ship should be 9 or 10 tier. Firing rate is faster than USA 10 tier Gearing, HP is higher than USA 10 tier Gearing. And speed of shells are faster than Gearing so gearing have hard time making hits over 7 km but Akizuki doesn't. Please consider droping stats for Akizuki. I am riding Gearing when meet Akizuki in 7 km. I have hard time than other ships. Compare to other nations' same tier DD. Benson, Tashkent..... When Akizuki go on 1:1 with those DD, I bet Akizuki will win most times. Please drop... Thank you