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  1. the_deejus

    Battle Pass in Update 12.5

    Noticed how this season the premium battle pass USED to have a 'remove upgrades for free' option as one of the perks... For some reason WarGaming has now removed that perk and now one has to pay 25 gold to remove upgrades - like some commoner, when one has already paid double the normal cost of a battle pass... AND they didn't even make the Premium battle pass any cheaper because of it. - poor show WG, poor show.
  2. the_deejus


    Just a issue (I find) when the mini map is at its largest, the digits overlaps the crosshair scale digits making it confusing to accurately gauge the distance needed to open fire. IF the mini map was shrunk to the next lower level then it becomes difficult to see. Is it possible to resize the mini map so that (at its second most largest size) it just is under the cross hairs scale? Like shown in the mock up picture...