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  1. Tsukino_Muyoku1943

    Yesterday, I got two krakens in a row

    Well not in the same battle but different ones I didn't have any intent on getting the kraken achievement but I guess I was fired up and motivated in some way prolly. What are the chances haha
  2. I was in a game and I was the only one left and after a few moments of me clinging to the edge of my seat I got the Solo Warrior & Kraken achievement And I'm quite happy with it
  3. Tsukino_Muyoku1943

    Got my first premium ship

    Eh she really isn't She outran them So I won't have to worry about her when she's being ravaged with torps in all directions
  4. Tsukino_Muyoku1943

    Got my first premium ship

    Got my first premium ship! The Tier II Tachibana Lima. Ye, it's tier II, I know. But eh, she was the cheapest I could find. And at least I'm happy that I have my first premium Hope to sink as many ships with her! .
  5. Tsukino_Muyoku1943


    Yeah ik but at least I get to play some ships i don't own and have fun with them. That's the good part
  6. Tsukino_Muyoku1943


    So there was thing called public test and I gave it a go next thing I knew was that it gave me a lot of ships and good stuff So the first thing I did was purchase these 2 ships Now I got the 2 ships that I've been longing for
  7. Tsukino_Muyoku1943

    Sinking with a fellow comrade

    I wish I did lol But I'm grinding something else that's within my reach
  8. Tsukino_Muyoku1943

    Sinking with a fellow comrade

    This is my first post here on the forum. And here's a screenshot of me sinking with a friend