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  1. 그 전함 라이벌 광개토대왕급구축함 (KDX-I Okpo Gwanggaeto the Great-class Destroyer)
  2. WOWs 경제적 이익 증대 습니다(Free XP 3750%) 우리를 질투하지마, 우리는 U-Boast - Totale Sieg
  3. Hi Administrators Is the Test Server undergoing maintenance @ 1130pm 1 Feb 2023? Our normal WOWs platform which we played a couple of months ago is fine these few days Cheers User ID: Avalonion
  4. Avalonion

    Just leave request .

    Hi Any idea if the Test server was down @ 1130pm, the WOWs Test server seems to be experiencing technical issues WOWs normal play is ok since this morning 1 Feb 2023 Thanks for the contacting Player Support, can't post on their BUGs page seem like also bugged Cheers User ID: Avalonion
  5. All New Maps Especially Special Features Should Incorporate Into All Battles and Missions (So that we won't see the same maps again and again unless rematches were a new battle type)
  6. 戦友 エントリー曲は? 意気揚々と歌う 【日本雅乐】《兰陵王入阵曲》1000年以上前の曲 (55) 平調 越殿楽 - YouTube 祖国はオクトーバーハンターを歌う "À la poursuite d'Octobre rouge" (The Hunt for Red October) (55) RED OCTOBER - OCTOBRE ROUGE - Basil Poledouris arr Peter King - YouTube ドイツ第三帝国 Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand (55) JOJO RABBIT Full Opening Credits/Intro/Song - Komm, gib mir deine Hand - YouTube あらゆる面で包囲され、あらゆる面で待ち伏せ (55) 纯享:#喻言《十面埋伏2》中国风酷飒来袭! | 青春有你第2季 EP11 | Youth With You 2 | iQIYI综艺 - YouTube
  7. 제독과 함장 여러분 안녕하세요! World of Warships에는 운이 좋은 일격이나 천재적인 일격이 있습니다. Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) Lucky Strike - 삼도수군통제사 이순시(李舜臣) Myeongnyang Log 13 Joseon Vs 300 Nippon
  8. Which Battleship Best For Escorting Zeppelins? Some players seldom play Escort as they felt WOW should provide weaponry similar to anti-aircraft guns for bringing down Zeppelins
  9. 各位玩家 古有孔明灯 今有無人駕駛 : 潜艇护航
  10. [content removed] Non English language post in English language section. ~Beaufighter
  11. Ahoy Admirals and Captains If you have not been using Auto-Pilot, time to press M, SHIFT and choose max 5 points to concentrate on gunning your enemies. One of the useful feature is if your battleships got stuck between a hard rock and the great blue seas, shallow waters, run aground on rocks, reefs, use Auto-Pilot. - Got time on ur hand, Auto-Pilot and set course to the Home of the 1st Olympics E-Sports in Singapore 2023
  12. Hi WOWs 四时佳兴与人同 Happy Holidays ahead。 The Test should include the new Graphics & Maps which make gameplay more interesting, with subterreanian, volcanic, geological, all weather conditions, human settlement and human / animal rock figures, Even the Taiji YingYang route is found in Zeppelin Escort. For a start, U-2501 was a Type XXI U-boat (one of the "Elektroboote") of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine, built for service in World War II. An elektroboot ("electric boat" i n German) was a submarine designed to operate entirely submerged, rather than as submersibles that could submerge as a temporary means to escape detection or launch an attack
  13. 同意您的观点,其实玩家们也可以用德意志潜艇

    除非他们笃信潜龙莫用。祝各位玩家们 突🐇飞猛进

    - 有空来首届奥林匹克Esports @ 狮城


  14. Newcomers:Forewarning Some WOW Administrators liked to ban players and highlight certain groups with discriminatory labels In this superinfomation highway, they are so naive to curtail free speech So funny when they curse and swear see our U-BOATS in Brawls and All Types of Battles Happy Holidays Everyone Roll On Leap Forth
  15. 请问大家有类似经验吗?狮城首届奥林匹克电玩之家 潇潇雨未歇:发现WOW删改战船战果