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    Supertest Academy

    Academy regulations 1. General information 1.1. These Regulations define the main elements and procedures of the educational process of the Academy of Supertest (hereinafter AST) within the framework of the World of Warships project, the norms of relations between students and curators, as well as mechanisms for their regulation. 1.2. The graduate of the academy receives a personalized electronic certificate (by the player's ID), confirming the full completion of the courses (perhaps we will make a unique achievement). A graduate of AST has the right in the future, if desired, to apply for participation in the specialized group "Supertest". 1.3. AST students, during the period of study, do not have the official status of volunteers (volunteers) of the project. 1.4. AST students do not have any special privileges over other users, but at the same time they must maintain a positive image of the group, observing the Forum Rules and the Game Rules, in disputes and discussions - remain constructive. 1.5. The current control over the implementation of these Regulations is within the competence of the Academy's curators. 1.6. Participation in AST is recommended for users who: like to play World of Warships, want to help in its development and be the first to see all the updates, sometimes at the prototype stage; Are interested or even versed in game development, are not afraid of difficulties, like to delve into the essence of things thoroughly and get results; Want to gain/expand knowledge in the field of external testing of game projects. 1.5. The AST rules are mandatory for all participants to read and follow. 1.6. The AST rules can be supplemented or changed with mandatory notification of existing participants. 2. Admission to AST 2.1. Recruitment in AST is carried out on a general basis using applications in the topic, on the official forum of the game. The statistics of the candidate's gaming profile must be opened without fail. After the approval of the application and before admission to the AST, the candidate must wait for the announced start date of the educational process and join it. 2.2. All candidates, after enrollment, receive an email with instructions and their personal test accounts, which are valid only on the supertest server. Candidates are fully responsible for issued accounts. Transfer of the issued accounts to third parties is strictly prohibited! When registering on the supertest forum, he must accept special rules agreements and a non disclosure agreement (NDA), after which he receives the official status of "Student AST" At http://st.worldofwarships.ru/ supertesters can change the password given to them in their personal account. Logging in to ST forum is available only with issued ST account. 2.3. Upon admission to AST, the student receives: Account for ST server; Authorization and rights to Bugtracker ST Forum group "AST" in the primary group (on the forum ST). 2.4. In case of early exit from AST, access to all of the items listed in 2.3. is removed from the former student. Also, some accesses can be revoked for violations. 3. Organization 3.1. The duties of the teaching staff include: Ensuring admission to the academy; Monitoring compliance with the charter and rules of the AST; Assistance in authorizing supertesters in accordance with clause 2.3 Assisting AST leaders in data processing and activity tracking; Organization of educational processes and their conduct; Resolution of controversial situations arising in the learning process; Making a final decision on the student's course of study. 3.2. Academy students are required to follow the instructions of teachers and supervisors, who, in turn, must always act in the best interest of the AST and adhere to regulations. Feedback and complaints about the activities of the teaching staff can be sent to the head of the AST by messaging him on the official forum, with the obligatory addition of the discussed teachers to the correspondence. 4. Means of communication 4.1. AST uses the following means of communication: Official forum of the game (special AST section and private messages) Supertest Discord server Supertest Forum 4.2. AST members are required to use all three means of communication. 4.3. All AST members, immediately after enrollment, must subscribe to the forum topic "News and Announcements" in order to receive prompt notifications of important events. 4.4. All AST members must be authorized in Discord. According to the instructions in the "Academy ST - first steps" topic . 4.5. For all members of the AST, the nickname in Discord must match the game nickname. Example: MedvedevTD 5. Regulations of the educational process 5.1. Instructional lectures are held on predetermined days and times. The lecture schedule is determined in advance and posted in a publicly accessible place (the official forum in a special section). 5.2. Each lecture is an important stage of learning. The training is divided into three main topics. Two lectures are organized for each topic. 1. Tasks and methods - theory course main goals of the group methods for testing of ST version tasks prototype testing methods culture of behavior on forums, discord and other social platforms motivation Feedback What is feedback and its value - theory Feedback: formatting - theory Feedback: standard - theory Practical assignments. Bugreports What is a bug report and its value - theory Bugreport: description of the steps of reproduction - theory Bugreport: preparing the necessary files - theory Practical assignments. 5.3. Sessions are conducted online, by voice or video, so it is extremely important to maintain order and not interfere with the educational process. 5.4. The beginning of the session and its end must be announced in the "AST announcement" Discord news channel 5.5. Small files (screenshots, replays and small logs) must be attached using the Supertest forum functionality. 5.6. If, to ensure the learning process, there is a need to attach a large file (dump, for example) or a video, the student of the Academy has the right to use the YouTube service (video) and Google Drive (other files). Please note that you need to upload large files to your personal Google Drive. Prerequisite: in these services, for all content related to confidential information, "access by link" must be set and this link must not be disclosed on third-party resources. 5.7. In order for the students of the Academy to monitor the progress (progress) of their studies and understand the current state of training, we will publish special reports on the Supertest forum. 6. Confidentiality 6.1. If during the course of training the student of the Academy is provided with access to confidential information (this is reported separately) or to the Supertest client, then the student is obliged to observe the confidentiality rules. 6.2. The ST client, as well as any associated logs, files, screenshots and videos, are confidential information. 6.3. A student of the Academy has the right to post confidential information on third-party services only in accordance with clause 5.6 6.4. Violation of confidentiality is considered a gross violation of the rules and can lead to: Exclusion from Supertest Academy Blocking a game account in World of Warships. Blocking a game account in all projects of Wargaming.net 6.5. Also, a violation of confidentiality is the discussion of any information from the Supertest client that is not in the public domain on the official sites of the game, in the presence of persons who are not ST members or developers. 7. Incentives 7.1. The Supertest Academy does not have any system of mandatory payments of doubloons or other compensation and incentives. At the same time, we reserve the right to give various gifts to the Participants of the Academy. 8. Penalties and restrictions 8.1. The system of punishments and restrictions is designed to maintain order, comfortable conditions of stay at the Academy, as well as maintain a positive ST image in all Wargaming projects. This system does not replace, but only supplements the Forum Rules and the Game Rules. Whenever possible, the Forum Rules, the Game Rules and the Supertest Rules shall apply together. For example, if the Forum Rules prohibit begging, then this prohibition will apply to the Academy; The described set of rules applies to all possible AST communication channels, including: forum, game and chat (all clients and servers), TeamSpeak, Discord, BugTracker and any other channels where AST-related communication takes place; Any controversial situations under clause 8 and the nuances of applying the rules are resolved and considered by the leaders of the AST; 8.2. Missing two lectures on one topic automatically entails the student's expulsion from the Academy. 8.3. Violations: 8.3.1. Interfering with other trainees (directly or indirectly) 8.3.2. Flood and offtopic, swearing, shouting, rudeness, trolling, insults, persecution of users 8.3.3. Discussion of contemporary politics, negative discussion of religion, racism 8.3.4. Discussion of clans, direct advertising, spam 8.3.5. Inconstructive discussion of the actions of the project administration 8.3.6. Dissemination of knowingly false information 8.3.7. Negative discussion of participants of other volunteer groups of the project 8.4. In case of violation of one of the subparagraphs of clause 8.3 for the first time, unsystematically or with partially justifying circumstances, at the discretion of the curator or the head of the Academy, a "Verbal Warning" (hereinafter VW) and an explanation (what they did wrong, as they should have done) may be issued; 8.5. The violation is entered in a special list available to the curators and leaders of the Academy; 8.6. With the accumulation of three violations, or in the case of serious violations, the student is expelled from the Academy. Re-admission is possible only after a six-month "penalty" period; 8.7. In case of a serious violation of the rules or a simultaneous violation of several points of the rules at once, instead of several verbal warnings, the student is expelled from the Academy. 8.8. In case of serious violations of the Rules of the Game, not directly related to the activities of training at the Academy (for example, use of prohibited modifications of the game, bots), the student is expelled from the Academy.
  2. VoodooPopeye

    Supertest admission

    Hello commanders, You can apply for participation in the World of Warships in this thread. Before applying, read this thread and short FAQ. Requirements for SuperTest candidates: To be considered, SuperTest candidates should meet the following requirements: You are fluent in written English and can understand spoken English. You have a Supertest Academy certificate Your application should be done through the application form. Applications submitted not according to the form are automatically rejected. Game experience in World of Warships: at least 1000 PvP (Random) battles in your profile stats not less than 200 random battles on 3 (of 5) different ship classes 100 battles on tier X ships ( in any PvP battle type) of any class. Game statistics of the candidate at the time of consideration and processing of the application must be open for viewing. Applications from candidates with closed statistics or with access by link won’t be considered! Decent behavior on the forum and in the game - before deciding on the application, we will check the candidate for violations of the game rules and forum rules for a certain period. In case of exceeding a certain number (closed information of the Supertest, no comments are given) of violations, the application is rejected. You are 18 years old or older. Headset for communicating in TeamSpeak/Discord Application form: Supertest Academy certificate number issued to you. Do you have any experience in testing games? Detailed answer to the question: Why do you want to become a Supertester? Typical period in which you can attend Supertest sessions (it usually goes from 08:00 UTC [16:00(+8)] to 10:00 UTC [18:00(+8)] and 12:00 UTC [20:00(+8)] to 14:00 UTC [22:00(+8)] you can come later and/or leave earlier but period stays the same). Are you a volunteer for another World of Warships team? If so, which one? If the Supertest candidate at the time of submitting the application is already a member of the "Contributor" or "Moderator" volunteer groups, the application will not be processed because responsibilities for supertest are not compatible with other volunteer groups for the same product. Application processing: Any application in this thread is visible only to the candidate, developers, ST coordinators and section moderators. The candidate cannot see other people's applications. Each message you leave in this thread is considered an application, questions, other comments, and statements are ignored. Be careful when filling out the application in accordance with the form and if there is a need to supplement and/or change your application, then use the message editing function. All the main work on the selection of candidates is carried out by the Supertest Coordinators - they can be recognized by the corresponding forum group. If the application is rejected, a comment is added to its text, indicating the reason. When a user has 3 rejected applications, his candidacy is not considered for the next three months. If the application is accepted, a comment is added to the application text (your message is edited), and the candidate is sent a personal message with instructions on further steps. If the Supertest candidate at the time of submitting the application is already a member of the "Contributor" or "Moderator" volunteer groups, then their application will be rejected, because their responsibilities are not compatible with Supertest responsibilities. Thank you for your attention, we are waiting for your applications. If you have any further questions, please ask them in the "Supertest - FAQ" thread. Action stations!
  3. VoodooPopeye

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hello, You’ve just reached the gateway to one of the most secret, and important, sections of the forum: the SuperTest Program! But you see only a small part of it, and somewhere in the depths inaccessible to you (so far) Supertest is at full swing. What it is? What do they do there? How to get there? (All questions not related to the Supertest program will be deleted, so please be mindful). Q: What is the Supertest program? A: Through the Supertest program, a group of volunteers—the supertesters—help our development team to guarantee the quality we consider necessary for our game: By testing game versions that have not been released yet. By preparing future installments of the game for public release by means of a rigorous process that includes scanning for and elimination of bugs, and meticulous tests to check the integrity of contents and functionalities. By participating in the evaluation of new ideas, from the prototype stage to their full completion. Consider the program like a ship, where the heroic crew works together to reach their destination, by challenging the wild waters of development (full of nasty shark-shaped bugs of course!). The supertester should: Love playing World of Warships! Have a burning curiosity and drive to test right from the prototype stage of new functionality. Be interested or even versed in game development. Prepare yourself to deal with all the stimulating challenges this process can offer, while always aiming for the maximal result! Be eager to become a vital part of a friendly, close-knit team; united by common goals and super-nerdy interests. Q: Sounds great! How can I be part of the program? A: You need to undergo training at the Supertest Academy, upon completion of the Academy courses, apply in the Supertest admission thread. Q: I was already in the Supertest program and I want to rejoin A: You need to get the Supertest Academy certificate. You can apply to Supertest only if you have the STA certificate. Q: Are there any age restrictions? A: Yes, you can only be part of the Supertest program if you are 18 or older since all the volunteers must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Q: What will I need to do? A: The duties of a supertester are multiple: The most important one is checking the new version of the game that is being prepared for release. Checking all the game mechanics and changes for glitches/bugs, then reporting them. Submitting feedback that accurately describes your opinion about the tested contents. Q: Is participating in the Supertest sessions obligatory? A: Yes and no. Based on your schedule, you can decide whether you have the time to participate in the Supertest session; but we do have some requirements that supertesters need to meet to keep being part of the program. This includes a certain amount of participation in the scheduled sessions and the completion on time of the tasks assigned to you. We don’t intend to keep players in the program who don’t actively contribute to its development, neither do we want to exclude our testers for minor violations or rare absences. Q: What is the schedule for the testing sessions? A: Testing sessions can be performed on various days, but for ASIA it usually goes from 08:00 UTC [16:00(+8)] to 10:00 UTC [16:00(+8)] and 12:00 UTC [20:00(+8)] to 14:00 UTC [22:00(+8)]. If you can’t spend your time during this period, it’s better not to apply. Q: Do I get paid or do I gain other kinds of perks? A: Being a supertester for World of Warships does not grant a salary: the volunteers of our Supertest program are just driven by the love we all share for this fantastic game. But you will have numerous advantages: you will be the first commander to play new versions of the game and you will be able to communicate and work closely with our development team. Furthermore, you will gain access to a special forum group and discord channel, exclusive for the participants of the program, where we will interact with you daily, expressing our gratitude for your work closely. From time to time, we also give rewards based on merit to the most active participants. Q: Who are the “Supertest Coordinators”? A: The Coordinators, like supertesters, are volunteers; but with more responsibilities and tasks. The duties of the coordinators include: Supervising the course of the various testing sessions. Supporting supertesters with their experience. Assisting the supertesters in processing feedback and bug reports. Coordinators are selected by the Supertest manager. This FAQ is genetically engineered to answer all your questions regarding the Supertest program; if, after reading this post, you would still need some clarification, don’t despair, you are more than welcome to leave a comment on this thread, and we will reply as soon as we can!
  4. VoodooPopeye

    Supertest Academy

    Hello commanders, We are opening admission to the Supertest Academy The main goals of the Academy are describing and explaining the main tasks of the Supertest group, types of testing, sharing methods for finding game errors and reporting them correctly for further consideration and correction, explanation of how to provide feedback correctly. In fact, this is a learning process, the application of which you will later find for yourself. Training is divided into three main stages: Tasks and methods - theory course The main goals of the group What/why/how we test Questions and answers Feedback What is feedback and its value Feedback: how and why? Feedback: structure (formatting and standards) Practical tasks Bug report What is bug report and its value Bugreport: tools Bugreport: describing steps of reproduction Bugreport: preparing the necessary files Practical tasks You can apply for Supertest Academy in this topic. You must be 18 or older to apply for Supertest Academy. To participate in the Supertest Academy, you must have an account with the WGC. Test tasks given during training are submitted on the Supertest forum. Currently, you can only register on the Supertest forum with a WGC account. We are working on the possibility of registering on the Supertest forum from an account registered in Steam. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. The training takes place in Discord. One of the Supertest Academy curators will send you an invitation to the server. Upon completion of the training, each participant who has successfully passed all three main stages, receives an electronic version of the Supertest Academy certificate. The certificate allows you to join the Supertest group, if desired. Admission to the Supertest group without an Academy certificate is not possible. Each certificate has a unique number that will need to be named upon entry. Important! The certificate is assigned to a specific player's account. Dates of admission, closing of admission, dates and times of lectures will be published as a separate topic in the Supertest Academy forum section. Topic is configured in a special way so that each participant sees only the announcement post and their own reply to the topic. Group enrollment is open for 1 month. At the end of the recruitment, the admission is temporarily suspended (the topic is closed). For the recruitment of the new wave of Supertest Academy participants a new topic is created in the same section as the previous one.
  5. Greetings! In this topic, you may leave the application for participation in the clan test (CST) WoWs. Before applying, be sure to read this post and the short FAQ. The requirements for the clan-candidate to the CST: What will be taken into account when evaluating: A well written application. Incorrectly completed applications will be rejected. Game experience of participation in clan battles in World of Warships. (Not less than 400 battles according to the statistics of the clan, including at least 200 battles for just passed season). Otherwise, the application will be rejected. Experience of participating in ship tournaments is welcome. Writing feedback experience, competent writing, knowledge of graphic editing tools and spreadsheets (at the basic level) is welcome. Proficiency in English for clan reps (reading and writing with dictionary would be sufficient). Test coordination and all tasks description will be in English. Being ready to uphold the general culture of communication on the forum and in the game - before making a decision on the application, we will check the history of ingame forum violations. The application will be rejected in case of exceeding a certain number (this number can't be disclosed) of violations. Number of applications submitted. The application may be filed only by the clan commander. Application form The clan name and a brief description of the achievements in World of Warships,Clan battles and tournaments, the history of the community (the name changes, alliances) - as a free description. The list of people, who will participate in testing, with designation of two representatives. If any clan member has previous experience of testing in games, please specify it by links to game profiles, which indicates the status of the tester. Detailed and honest answer to the question: "Why do You want to participate in CST?". A typical time period in which Your clan will be able to play regularly on CST sessions and the number of hours per week, that you are ready to spend on it. Personal Discord profiles of clan reps (clan commander and one deputy commander) . The applications selection process: Any application in this topic is visible only to the applicant, developers, CST reps and section moderators. The candidate can't see other people's applications. Every message you left in this topic is considered as an application. Questions, comments and other remarks - ignored. Be careful filling out the application. If you need to add and/or change your application, edit the message. Applications are accepted and reviewed as requires. If the application is rejected, a comment will be added to the text, if possible, with the reason. Submission of the repeated application is possible only after elimination of the reason, but no more than two times within three months. When the clan collects 5 rejected applications, his further candidacy will not be considered. If the application is accepted, a comment about it will be added to the text. After the test task will be sent to the clan commander. Everything associated with the test task and the next stages of adoption in CST, will be discussed in private messages. The disclosure of test tasks or correspondence to third parties entails the automatic rejection for the current application and terminate the processing of subsequent applications from the clan. Thank you for attention. Any questions you can ask in a special topic. Good luck!
  6. VoodooPopeye

    Clan Special Test FAQ

    Greetings, commanders! You might have heard something already about a clan test and have guessed what its members are doing. This topic is created specifically to lift the veil of secrecy, so you can get answers to some questions. If you can't find the answer you wanted, feel free to ask your question in the comments: together with the CST clan representatives we will try to help you. When leaving a comment in this thread, please follow these simple rules: Please read the questions, which were already asked, and don't repeat them. If a repeated question will be asked, we will indicate you where to find the answer. Questions, that are not related to the clan test, will be deleted without warning. Be polite and civil. What is a Clan Special Test? Clan Special Test (referenced below as CST or clan test) is a test of prototypes, ideas and activities, for example preparation of the new season of clan battles. This process allows the idea to pass a basic test, to note it's disadvantages and collect the initial feedback from the players-volunteers - clan testers. What's the difference between CST and supertest (ST)? First and foremost - their tasks. CST deals with team activities and game modes, and ST - with testing versions in general. However, some tasks may overlap. Second: you will need a clan to participate in the CST, while in ST volunteers participates as an individual. You can't get on clan test without a team. How to join the clan test? The special topic has been created. Now we would like to recruit 2 clans. Is there an age limits? Yes, only people who are at least 18 years old can participate, because they will need to accept the Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). What will I have to do? The main goal - to gather your clan and complite the tasks that the coordinator will put in front of you. Testing is carried out on special versions of the game, which will need to be pre-downloaded. It's a large amounts of data. - Play certain versions of the game as part of your organized group (clan). To do this, you will need to download large amounts of data. - Collectively write detailed feedback; fill in special surveys. To participate in the testing, you must have an account in WGC. Is CST an obligatory assignment? The clan test is a voluntary activity. But note, that to be the part of the CST without activity - impossible. The clan will leave the CST. What time do the test sessions are usually organized at? CST involves all 4 game servers. Thus, you can pick up almost any convenient testing time. Test sessions are usually not held on the days of clan battles, as the most of CST participants are active players in CB. Who are the clan representatives on CST? Each clan, that participates in CST, has 2 representatives (reps) who are responsible for coordination both inside the clan and with other clans. Can a CST member be a part of ST? Supertesters, community contributors and other volunteers may be part of clans, participating in the CST. However, remember, that any volunteer activity takes time. Any benefits in participating? There are various bonuses for participating in the CST, you can find out more details after joining. How many people should be in a clan and participate in CST? CvC now are 7 vs 7 mode. It means, that you should have at least 7 very active players. Sometimes one of them will not be able to participate in testing, so you will need a replacement. That's why, the recommended minimum is 10 players for clan.