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  1. BiteMeBigTime

    So sick of cheats

    I just played a game in Brawl where I used my Amagi, there was another Amagi on my team which I followed through to one of the key areas. On the way I was doing what I think everyone does, scanning for someone close enough to shoot at. I noticed the other Amagi was shooting and watched where he was shooting at. The ship he was shooting at and hitting well was over 24kms away and I was right behind him in a lower position than he was, closer to the ship he was firing at. Now unless I am really missing something in this game the best an Amagi can do is shoot 19.9 kms. I cannot find anything that will have it so it can shoot that far. If there is something I have missed please tell me as right now I feel that I am being told it is just my inexperience that is stopping from doing so.
  2. BiteMeBigTime

    So sick of cheats

    The video may be in the training room but I would bet for sure it would work in everywhere else as well. Sorry you are right, I did get you mixed up somehow with Skarhabek and I apologise for that. I have edited my post and changed it.
  3. BiteMeBigTime

    So sick of cheats

    Why would I apologise, you are the one in the wrong here and being the more insulting. For starters I am 62 years old and likely been playing games on the net for a lot longer than you have. I also know programming and have worked in consulting on computers. Yet you want to try make me out to be some sort of idiot that doesn't know what I am talking about. You now admit to there being cheats whereas before you tried to make it sound like I was full of it and didn't know anything because of lack of experience. Yes you and I and everyone else do not have hard evidence but the devs can easily do that automatically. They know better than anyone else what is possible and what is not and coding can be done to detect such. That does not appear to be happening. From what I have seen in these forums every time someone brings up the subject on cheats people like you come in and try to say it is just some players are so good that it looks like they are using cheats. I took that as the case earlier and believed it was just a matter of getting better at the game. But now I know better, I know the mechanics to the game and what can be done and what can't. I am getting better at the game and improving my skills, not quite there yet but not to far off either. But as you gain that experience you can also see clearer on what is possible and what is not. I will repeat to you what I am on about in this thread, lately more cheats have appeared and there must be a reason for that. This video I found could be at least part of the reason, it was easy to find. I just typed in world of warships aimbot into google and up it came.
  4. BiteMeBigTime

    So sick of cheats

    Stuff it, I am posting the link to this video because I believe to many people in this game like Skarhabek are to naive to realise what is going on. I know that by posting this it could make things worse, but what I have seen in the game lately is that over the last few weeks there has been a growth in the amount of people using cheats like this, the problem is already to big and people need to seriously start objecting to it being allowed to go on before something will be done. Edited and removed video as suggested.
  5. BiteMeBigTime

    So sick of cheats

    We shouldn't have to though should we, plus it takes out a lot of the bonuses you can earn in playing things like Brawl and such. Typical answer by some in these forums to cheats, sorry but I no longer accept this BS. I have been in the game long enough to know what a good player is capable of and which ships are better and not. We get to know our own game and where things happen that are far to unusual to be just a player that is really good at what he does. It is in fact insulting with what you say. Do you think we are really that stupid that we can't tell the difference. I have watched all the videos and read all the tips on how to improve my hits and how to go about the game. I know quite a bit about which ships are vulnerable in which places and know how to aim. Most times now I get a few good hits almost every time I shoot. Yes there are players that make themselves very hard to hit, I like to think I am now one of them to a certain extent. But when someone comes in where when your shots don't land where you aimed you notice it and it doesn't take that much experience to be able to notice it. I respect the guys that are good at making themselves hard to hit and have learned from them. But no way was this particular guy doing any of the things that good players do to avoid being hit. He was sailing along straight, no dodging, no nothing. My shots from less than 5k away should have clobbered him, but no they mostly missed in a very unusual way. Plus all his shots were knocking off large lumps of points, something that even the very best of players cannot do. They can get more than others yes, but not every shot. There is no possible way that any player, no matter how good he is, can hit certain spots on a ship from long distance every time they shoot, he can improve the amount of times he does but that is it. If a player is taking away large amounts of hit points every time he shoots especially from long distance, then it is a cheat. If you don't agree with that then you need to get experience. So before you go thinking that unless we have been playing this game for years we just do not know what we are talking about, maybe you should start thinking about how stupid you sound to be trying to convince us that it is just inexperience. Are you really trying to say there are no cheats in this game, seriously.
  6. BiteMeBigTime

    So sick of cheats

    I know we all know that there are cheats in world of warships but lately there seems to be more of them. The last few weeks I have noticed that people seem to be getting a lot more accurate with their shots and hitting good hits on them has also become much harder. I have noticed for the last couple of weeks that a lot of my shots were going no where near where I aimed them, falling a long way behind the ship or in front. The last game I played I saw this with a ship when I was shooting at him from a distance away. I ended up, as he had gone behind an island to me having a battle with another player on the other side of my ship. When I went back to him he had destroyed 2 cruisers without getting much damage and he had appeared from the island only a short distance from me. We ended up in a battle about 5kms apart and when I shot at him my shells went either behind, over or in front of him, lucky to get one to hit him. Normally from that distance at least 3 or 4 of the 10 shells fired hit. And his shots finished me off pretty quickly hitting hard with each load he fired at me. I logged out and started looking into cheats for would of warships and found a video that was posted on the 7th Jan 2023 which shows a cheat working in the game, it actually has like places that show up on the ship being fired at as marks it will hit, parts of our ships that give high hit points. Not all shells seem to hit but 3 or 4 will hit these high point marks. I think to keep it looking like a normal shot. I decided not to put a link to the video as it is likely not allowed and also don't want to advertise it. After this message I will send a report to the devs as it seems to be fairly new, just a few weeks old. Has anyone else noticed a rise in the cheats in the last few weeks? Edited to add, I just tried to report the video but after going through all the questions in the report section in this forum it said " If you believe that a player is using forbidden modifications, no need to contact support. Player Support specialists don't investigate tickets with complaints about forbidden modifications because the project Administration checks all accounts regularly. If a violation is discovered, the perpetrator is punished. Our company allocates enough resources to fight game rule violations and possesses all the necessary tools to discover perpetrators. Rest assured, all perpetrators will be brought to justice. So how can I report this guys, it has a link to the download page and a full description of how it works on that video.
  7. BiteMeBigTime

    2 carrier games are one thing, but this was a joke

    As I said 2 carriers in a game is one thing, I understand there are a lot of people wanting to play carriers and they need to have a go even though it normally means getting hit hard by them in the game. But 2 carriers with only 6 players on each side is something else, that means no matter how good you are in any other ship you are going to be out of the game very quickly, 2 carriers with only 6 ships to target gives then a hell of an advantage. The game went down to just the carriers in a matter of minutes.
  8. I think it's a network problem, with Optus in particular. It doesn't seem to be as bad with Telstra users. Optus has always had problems when it comes to busy times with connections to certain countries. But then other countries seem to be fine. As far as the game goes I don't think there is much that they can do about it, other than maybe look at possible server switching. Aussie Optus players would be far better off using the South Korean server for instance.
  9. Recently I have noticed that every second random battle has 2 carriers which makes those games a little unfair. It is hard to survive long at all especially if the other teams carrier players know what they are doing. But I just had the biggest joke of a game I have had in WOW. 6 players, 2 carriers, 2 battle ships, 1 cruiser and 1 sub. And on top of that the other battle ship on my team was AFK. Come on devs, this 2 carrier game thing is getting beyond o joke.
  10. Lol, yep that is confusing. Sometimes though it's like Australia post, it goes around the world to get around the corner. It depends on the IPs route to different locations. Like for me I am in country Victoria near the border to NSW, but to get to a server I know is in Albury which is just over the border the route goes to 2 different routes in Melbourne 300kms from me, up Sydney through 3 different routes 1000kms from Melbourne and back to Albury.
  11. If you mean that a client hosts the match like in some virtual world games I don't believe that to be correct. If so then the bad ping wouldn't be so consistent. It would be scattered, like one game you get bad ping then the next you don't, as the host would be different each time. The ping in WOW can be fine one day or even days and then bad for days consistently. Plus if the game worked that way then what would happen if the host died and logged out, the game would have to switch hosts to someone still in the game and the game would pause while it did so. So I think the server does all the hosting, it wouldn't work well enough with client hosting, but that is just my opinion, who knows.
  12. The ping is getting to be a real problem for me, I experience it more often than not lately. I have looked at the pings to all the different servers and find that for me anyway I think I am on the wrong server. I use Optus in Australia which I know has different routes to other countries compared to Telstra, so likely is different for people who use Telstra. From memory when I joined I was allocated the server I am on, the Asia server which I believe is in HongKong. Looking at the pings to the different servers I would do much better on the South Korean server, the ping to it is always much lower. Also for people who may not know as it comes in really handy, you can see the different server pings here.... World of Warships server ping - GameServerPing.com It would be good to see some others post their pings to these servers.
  13. BiteMeBigTime

    WTF is this nonsense WG

    I agree, the lag often makes the game unplayable, even if all players are in. Constant lag putting me running into islands and unable turn and shoot when I need to.
  14. BiteMeBigTime

    CONDE : No need for Equipment Upgrades

    Ok, I can understand that and can see the point to it I guess. But they should make it more known than they do that at minimum, superships do not offer credit bonuses in their bonus package. In tier 10 you get a 50% credit bonus in the package and without it you find it hard to make any credits. The service charge rises by a small amount through the tiers and tier 10 offers a higher credit bonus, most people will assume as I did, that superships would work much the same with maybe a slightly higher service charge and a 50% credit bonus in its bonus package. If I had known that most games would cost over 100,000 credits to play a supership I would not have bothered. 47 million credits is a lot to spend to find out the hard way. They are giving their customers goals and disappointing them when they get there. I believe it to be too much a penalty for playing a supership and is likely to be costing WG more than they can make if they were to do it differently. For myself and I would imagine a lot of others after finding this out I will not be getting any other superships. So the large spends I would have had to get the ships I had my eyes on are gone for them. I would rather see it how it was in the tests where no credits are earned or lost and even further no bonuses offered on XP. That would still be a influence away from playing superships constantly but would allow people with low budgets to be able to use them. Games like this already give advantages to cashed up people but this is going to far. I think that WG need to look at how much business they could be losing through measures like this.
  15. BiteMeBigTime

    CONDE : No need for Equipment Upgrades

    I just got one and had 3 games in random battle, I like the ship but I really do not like that we aren't warned about the bonus package for it has no credit multiplier. It cost a shit load of credits every time to play it. I had a game with around the same amount of Damage as you did and it still cost over 100,000 credits. Great ship and it is the 1st supership I got, but looks like you have to keep paying to play it. Won't be bothering with any other superships. Edited to ask, I just noticed that on one of your pics it shows credits cannot be added or deducted after battle when playing superships, is there something I am missing in the setup?