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  1. djvillageidiot

    4 days STRAIGHT !

    This pic is an example of their matchmaking system having almighty smeg up! I was the lowly T9 against 4 superships, one of which took a distinct disliking to me at the beginning of the battle and wiped me off the face of the planet with three shells! I, along with everyone else here it seems, it rather p.o'ed with this whole thing. So, make a reply, let's have some ideas of things we could do make WoWs sit up and take notice.
  2. djvillageidiot

    Dubloons to XP Debacle

    Now I am sure that there are a lot of you out there that are sick and tired of having to spend real cash on Dubloons to access the XP on the elite ships so that you can use it for purchasing new ships in other tech trees. So, I think that we should boycott buying items with real money in the game until they decide to change this functionality so that we can access the XP via exchange credits, FAIRLY, none of this millions of credits for minimal XP stuff. I personally have about a million XP built up in my elite ships, with no way of being able to access it. So, I ask you again, join me in this boycott, to send a message to these people that what they are doing is wrong and we won't stand for it anymore.
  3. djvillageidiot

    PT 0.11.9 Feedback Thread

    I think that overall, this update is a good one so far. I haven't found too much which I would change/adjust/alter. I would like to see in the Halloween Operations and the other themed operations the opportunity, for example to earn community tokens for sinking a Rasputin ship for example. I think that the notion of firing on your allies to heal them (?) is an interesting concept, but only works within the confines of these operations. I would like to see more involvement from the destroyer class in the escort Transylvania Operation. At the moment there is not much for it to do. The Wolfpack Operation I think would greatly benefit from having at least one Aircraft Carrier in tow for Air support. That or some cruisers with fighter capability. I still think that you need to open up the Ranked Battles to other tiers. Having it just for Tier X is rather discriminatory to players who don't have them. So, I think that you should be opening them to Tiers VIII - X which gives more people a go at playing ranked battles.
  4. djvillageidiot

    MM - Win Rate Balancing Mechanism?

    Don't waste your breath bud. I have been trying to tell these people the same thing til I am blue in the face but they won't admit to it. The only way they are going to listen is if people stop playing the game. If their numbers drop, they might do something about it. But, knowing them, if the money keeps coming in, then they will do sweet FA.
  5. djvillageidiot

    Summer Days in the Armory

    Again shafting casual players. I feel so sorry for people who don't want to buy your ******* dubloons!
  6. djvillageidiot

    Convoy Game Mode

    I have an issue with the new game mode: Convoy. Now while the premise is a very good one, attack or defend a convoy of supply ships heading for a rendezvous point(s). However, the mode mechanics at the moment make it so that it is very easy for the attacking team to win. All they have to do is just blow up the supply ships before they reach the rendezvous point and they win. Whereas the defending team, while they only have to have one convoy ship survive and reach the rendezvous point, have to get through the barrage of enemy ships who camp the rendezvous point(s) with all their ships, making the entire exercise utterly pointless, as the attacking team just tears through the defending team like wrapping paper. I know that this is an inherent issue and the defending team could also choose to defend just one ship, but when you're trying to defend a ship that has 20,000 hit points, it seems quite futile.