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  1. yoru_night_sailor

    more scernario modes

    Even though I love playing random battles, I'm starting to feel bored of playing random battles and started to crave shooting brainlessly at bots in coop or scenario modes. In relation to that, I noticed there were also players who enjoy coop and scnenarios, yet there were only t6 and t7 scenario modes (t8 near future). So, I wish there were more scenarios at t8, t9, and t10. My suggestion here is WG to make a scenario mode with a fantasy taste. This is the scenario mode, in which players have to fight against sea monsters or aliens with enormous amount of hit points (like 10 million or 25 million or even more. it can be as ridiculus as possible to be honest), and these sea monsters have different chatacteristics, e.g., some have weakness against, AP, HE, or torps, or if there were some flying monsters, then, it would be advantagesous to play ships with heavy AA. Despite the fact that the concept of the game mode is simple, making the mode difficult to accomplish in a way that players have to plan their choices and combination of ships to make the team effective or strong otherwise they fail, the mode could have a potential of becoming a different kind of enjoyment of the game. Thank you for your attention.
  2. I believe it reasonable to have seperate commander skill sections for CA and CL, since these two types of ships have totally different characteristics. For example, it is not effective to appoint a commnander that is grinded for CA to e.g. a premium CL, due to the fact that these two types ships require different skills.
  3. yoru_night_sailor

    a turret fixing function

    That'll be great if the game is added with a function that enables players to fix the angle of turrets, for example by pressing ctrl and left click at a turret. The reason is that, for example, when you are playing a bb and want to ambush an enemy ship, you want to emerge from right behind the island. Let's say you want to emerge from left side of the island and ambush an enemy ship. You might just keep going straight and shoot at it. However, often the time, there is a time when you want to make a hard right turn, in order to shoot at citadels or avoid enemy torps etc.. In that case it will be very likely that a turret(s) at the back of the ship is pointing at the island, not the enemy ship, so you can only shoot at the enemy with 1st (and 2nd, depending on a ship) turret(s). If the player knew he wanted to make the hard right turn after passing the island, it would be convenient for him to have such a function, so he can shoot all his guns at the enemy. With this function, therefore, it is possible that each turret points at different directions. I haven't thought more details about this function and how it would affect the game in general, but this was something I felt I needed to mention at this forum. Thank you for your attention
  4. yoru_night_sailor

    light cruisers

    That'll be great if there were more tech trees as well as premiums of light cruisers from Japan, Germany, Italy, France, and more other nations. I'd aprreciate it if WG would consider adding them to the game...
  5. yoru_night_sailor

    some ideas...

    thanks for the tips and info. I watched the tutorial video from Notser and tried to do the same, then failed. lol. I discuss about the Schlieffen with my clanmates, but they saying pretty much same thing that Schlieffen's secondaries are great, but the ship is soft, so when it is time to rush in the middle or the end of a match with half or less health, it sinks very fast. I guess I will practice this ship and see how it will go.
  6. yoru_night_sailor

    some ideas...

    As I said, Rupprecht is good. I like it. But not FDG and Schlieffen... they are hard to play. If you could describe how you play them, please do so. I would like learn about them.
  7. yoru_night_sailor

    some ideas...

    Do you have any replays of FDG and Schlieffen in random battles? I just can't play Schlieffen very well. I agree that Rupprecht is good. What I'm guessing is that Schlieffen is not that bad, but not very useful in t10 environment. When I played rank battles, I had lots of victories with Rupprecht, but not with Schlieffen. I have more victories with Preussen in rank battles, regardless the fact that I thought Schlieffen would do better. About FDG as well, I can't play it very well. Preussen's dispersion is fine to me. Some of the shells land and even penetrate a ship in 20km or even further.
  8. yoru_night_sailor

    some ideas...

    Dear WOWS team, Since WOWS is the only game that I play, it is my wish that this game becomes more popular and starts to gain more players. So, please let me give the team some of ideas I came up with that might make the game more interesting and fun for potential players. But, before I do so, please let me make simple requests that I felt after completing a couple of tech-trees. 1) Please give FDG and Schlieffen some sort of buffs. In my opinion, they are useless without, for example, thicker armor, faster shell reload time, better maneuverability, and so on. I had to skip FDG by spending free experience points, because it was too painful to play. For Schlieffen, I came to conclusion that Schlieffen is not useful in random, rank and clan battle. Preussen is better at all battles. 2) I don’t know the reason why t8 CAs/CLs (except British CAs/CLs) don't have any repairs. I think it is nice to have at least one repair (players may increase it to two repairs with the captain skill) so that t8 cruisers become more playable when they are at bottom tier. 3) In relation to that, I think it will be fairer and give more fun when the matching system allows only one tier gap. So, the matches will only be like t10 and t9, t9 and t8, t5 and t6, and so on. 4) Please set a “No CV Week.” No CV week literally excludes CVs for a particular time length (a week or two), so there will be only DDs, CAs/CLs, and BBs in the game. I’m quite confident that it will make certain number of players excited, because there are quite good amount players who believe that CVs don’t belong the game. Above four are my requests after playing WOWS for two months. I’d appreciate it if the team consider these requests. Now, the ideas that might make WOWS more interesting and fun to new players: 1) Super Observer Mode When playing a ship, the player can zoom the view and have a very close image of turrets and the super structure of own ship, yet the camera position is fixed to certain points (or areas) (even with the free look camera mode). The super observer mode allows the player or the third person, who doesn’t control the ship, to set the camera position anywhere he/she wishes and fix it. Once camera position is fixed to a certain position of a certain ship, the camera follows the ship, just like normal zoom of the ship or free look mode. This should allow the player or the observer to capture completely different, interesting and exciting images of the ship. Such images will be collected and edited by creative players and released onto social platforms, like YouTube or Twitch. Since there is a plenty amount of battle footages from WOWS on such social platforms, there should be at least two types of viewers. One is WOWS players who can relate themselves to the battle and can watch closely and analyse the player's mind in the video. The other is non-WOWS players, who don’t necessary find battle videos interesting, because they don’t understand the game in general. For non-WOWS players, it doesn’t really matter whether a ship causes 300k, 400k, or 500k damages. The video should look like slow and boring to them, because the ship looks small and enemy ships are so far away and moving slow. But once the camera zooms into the ship, the viewer can realize that it is actually sailing fast (even with BB), and canons fires and AA guns look powerful, especially when they are engaing fires. I think this video is a symbolic video. I remember feeling excited, a couple of years ago, watching and realizing so many actions were actually taking place on the ship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1N6y00oehE I didn’t even care whether this Bismarck did 9 kills or caused a lot of damages, because I didn’t play this game back then and couldn’t understand whether 9 kills are great or not. So, the point of super observer mode is to make players or observer to capture more interesting footages of the ship and to share them on social platforms. Such creative footages should not only attract non-WOWS players, but also make the WOWS community in general more exciting. Another creative and fun footage is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6kpoVZLtyI I think he had a couple of observers providing him with their replays and edited them into this video. This video has images from many different angles. I think this is the key to an interesting video that make viewers never get bored and keep expecting something new are always coming. So, in order the super observer mode to function, the player will be able to make a squad with maximum two or three super observers. The super observers don’t participate the battle. The only thing they can do is looking at the ship that is squadded with. This means, the player of this ship can have one or two other normal squad teammates. I have no idea about the technical difficulty of this idea, however, I believe if the super observer mode was implemented, there would probably be more interesting videos released onto social platforms. Getting more attention on social platform is the main purpose of this idea. 2) My Port Since WOWS has an element of “social game,” it will be nice if a player could create and design his/her own original port, which other players can take a look at it as the player’s profile. Building a port will be setting up some facilities and infrastructures that are necessary for a naval port, modifying or adding land mass, and decorating the port. The port is capable of berthing, for example, maximum 30 ships. Additionally a viewer can sail the port with a small boat and explore. I don’t know whether this idea will attract new players, however I believe it would give players an opportunity to show their sense of humor. This is just for fun. 3) Realistic Camo It will be nice to have a camo that show crew on the ship. The color of ships may be simple, like a permanent Italian camo Grigio-azzurro chiaro. When a ship takes a damage crew also need to die, but not necessary that they bleed. Crew on a ship would give an impression of how massive the ship actually is. 4) Ship Museum WOWS has numerous numbers of ships as the title of this game suggests and has educational elements that teach players the history and the mechanics of naval ships. Since there is a certain number of players who like to collect and observe ships rather battling, I think letting such players to step onto a ship in the first-person view and explore its exterior and interior will add other characteristic to the game. For example, if a player wants to enter “the museum of Montana,” he/she must pay entrance fee (e.g. 100 doubloons for one entrance, 3000 doubloons for a permanent entrance fee), then explore the Montana’s exterior and interior. I am aware that creating graphics of interior of any kinds of ships is a hard task, hence it is not clear whether 3000 doubloons for a permanent entrance fee is worth or not. However, focusing on not necessary only the battle aspect, but also educational, historical, and engineering aspects might attract new players who are into such areas. What I’m imagining is like this, but not necessary that it would be that detailed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnsQiGXNAXM Above all are the ideas I came up with. All these ideas are not necessary intended to improve the battle experience of the game, but rather suggesting some other directions to the game, in order to attract new kind of players. I am not surprised if none of these ideas would be taken into consideration. However, these are not only suggestions to attract new players, but also something I would like to have in the game to enjoy it more. That is the reason and motivation to post these suggestions. Once again, I am not surprised all these ideas would be disregarded, but I would be grateful if some of ideas gave a clue to improvements of the game. Thank you very much for your attention. Best regards.