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  1. Capt_Sizes

    People you've encountered in-game

    Bro, the bot Haarlem's pathing was dumb, even for a WoWS bot LOL o7
  2. Capt_Sizes

    People you've encountered in-game

    Almost snoozing away, completely missed you in the other DD for a good few minutes(!)
  3. Capt_Sizes

    How Allliance...... whatever this submarine is...

    Huh, so apparently the player-base has mastered the art of 'just dodge' so well, subs needed counterplay to that, for which the counterplay for surface ships appears to be... 'dodge harder'. Cool beans, cool beans... -_____-'
  4. Capt_Sizes

    Shortest game of World of Warships ever?

    Huh, that's STOCK Albemarle, too... guess they really didn't want to put any effort in.
  5. Capt_Sizes

    Make Airship gamemode permanent!

    If only it could be, though apparently WG are planning to roll it into Randoms like Arms Race.
  6. Anyway... OT: I wonder how much they'll price Hayate for given its current 2x price tag over the other ships.
  7. Capt_Sizes

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Woo, first time ever getting steel from a supercontainer (one of the rewards from the Yamamoto campaign, slowly working my way through that).
  8. Capt_Sizes

    ​📰 Closed Test 12.0 - Changes to Test Ships

    No nerfs to Z-42... cool. No buffs to Z-42... sadge.
  9. Hector's going to be RB, IIRC, Brisbane will be coming for coal, though.
  10. I'm being stupid with the rest of this patch, saving FXP for Groningen (i.e., before patch 12.0 hits so I can get my 83 steel, goddammit!) since by the time I get enough coal to get Brisbane (my first bundle is 10k coal), it'll be at least half a patch before she's even released into the Armoury. Currently at three quarters of a million, and I'm wary about my chances of playing enough to get there, so I'm leaving the pittance of an FXP total as is for now.
  11. Capt_Sizes

    New Year's Mission Chain - Dido vs Canarias

    Be doing more or less the same waiting for the PanAm CL line... even though I'm rather unenthusiastic about it... 😕
  12. Capt_Sizes

    New Year's Mission Chain - Dido vs Canarias

    Based on experience with Rahmat and other super-light cruisers... that... isn't the point of them? Dido is an HE spammer a la Atlanta/Flint (and they also can't citadel anything for toffee). That said... I'm leaning more towards it since this patch's BP reward *is* a 10pt Spanish captain... and the hammy Spanish voicelines have been growing on me (got Nueve de Julio from a Mega Santa Crate).
  13. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/happy-new-year-for-2023/ So with this mission chain kicking off in a few days, for those who have Dido, how does she compare against Rahmat. And for those who have Canarias, how is it? Currently on the fence about this, since I'm not especially interested in an AP only heavy cruiser, while on paper, at least, Rahmat scratches the same itch as Dido does, albeit with a different smoke and less DPM.
  14. Capt_Sizes

    How is PA CL Sejong doing for you?

    With how they've changed snowflake events, keep it and you won't even need to play it to get the steel/whatever reward. Given your time in the game, I wouldn't've thought port slots would be a problem(?)
  15. Capt_Sizes

    General Questions Thread

    I think there should be a grace period of about 30s (enough time to turn around for all ship classes and players to assess the situation and decide what to do next, even if they must choose how they die) when border-humping, and after that they take 0.5% max HP damage (which is completely healable) per tick (and after a continuous 60s, the game auto-kills them, with an auto-report for unsporting behaviour, but I doubt that actually does anything), with the game remembering when they left the border and if they start border-humping again within 90s, they don't get a new grace period. Don't think WG would have the balls to do this though, likely get a lot of complaints from career blue-liners.