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  1. Capt_Sizes

    New Code

    Redeemed as well, the camos are the Golden Week one and it's a More Resources container, though it might be fixed for 2 x Coal batches ('cos that's what it gave me).
  2. Capt_Sizes

    New French cruisers branch

    Wrong question, IMO, since they're fundamentally very different ships. Better comparison would be how it stacks at Tier VII with Graf Spee at Tier VI.
  3. Capt_Sizes

    General Questions Thread

    Another of the human players stuck around to spectate. All human players need to actively exit from the battle to end it the way you describe. EDIT - oh wait, never mind, didn't realise this was already pointed out.
  4. Capt_Sizes

    WTF Leone

    Annoyingly, I see ramming as the best form of ASW, since getting good depth charge runs off while dealing with enemy surface ships/dodging CV strikes is borderline impossible. And any money if the Leone had any ASW, it'd be the useless stern roll sort.
  5. Capt_Sizes

    SHARE your Tech Trees

    Such a heartwarming sight to see, I'm a sucker for a well laid out chart. I'm nowhere near that far in detail (nowhere near to unlocking RB), but this is similar to what I'll be setting up for what I unlock/play/grind, though I'll likely add points for leg/seasoned captains, levels of enjoyment and perma-camos etc.
  6. Capt_Sizes

    Unique Commanders

    You DON'T have Nikolay Kuznetsov?(!) I'd've thought Will for Victory by itself would make him worth it.
  7. Out of interest, how's the economy side of things working out playing them? Losing much even with the carries?
  8. Capt_Sizes

    Kriegsmarine Large DD line

    Hmm... thanks for the feedback all, looks like it'll be one I'll keep on the shelf for the time being. Still, one thing I'd like to complain about is the torp reload: Z-31's Vierlings with low speed torps, lower alpha (if by only 700 per) and no upgrade option for longer range, why on earth does it have a 2 minute reload (whether for area denial or damage fishing)?! At least Maerker's is reasonable (solid upgrade in both torp reload and alpha).
  9. Capt_Sizes

    Kriegsmarine Large DD line

    So, I'm grinding through the utility DD line atm and I'm having fun with it thus far (looking forward to the Z-46). But whenever I look at the second DD line, even though it starts at Tier VII, all of them fill me with dread (the Elbing a little less so, but it still does). They're all large, slow, and clumsy, with slow torpedoes, low artillery DPM (whether HE or AP), terrible concealment, and little to no utility or actual DD'ing ability. Their only strength is AP penetration and improved ricochet angles, which... doesn't really seem to make up for all of their myriad faults. Now, this is my interpretation of it based on stats, their wiki pages and YouTube replays. To those who have ground this line: sell me on it(!) What are these four DDs (particularly the Z-31, since my comfort zone is Tiers VI-VII) actually good at as far as its controlling player is concerned (already heard loads of jokes about it being a free XP pinata and kill for enemy DD/CL players)?
  10. Capt_Sizes

    People you've encountered in-game

    @Aegis_Destroyer_VN (Georgia) outpacing me in my big-butt Prinz Eugen LOL & @Manacetamol (Salem), and I'm still faffing around with the quick chat wheel wondering what could pass for '...hi!' before booping a bot Hindenburg. -_-
  11. Capt_Sizes

    General Questions Thread

    Kind of answered you're own question there. Dismiss to get a bit of ECXP, recruit at Lvl 6.
  12. Capt_Sizes

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Blech, all I got were Cmdr XP flags (Easter Egg sprint rewards), already drowning in those... -_-'
  13. Capt_Sizes

    I'm in DANGER!!!

    What camo is that? o.0
  14. Capt_Sizes

    Easter Egg Counter

    No such luck, just 1k doubs.
  15. Clausewitz probably, but she'll likely just be a port queen I occasionally shrug and use all her weapons, then get blapped back to port. Not interested in any of the others, except Conde, but holy crap does her exhaust funnel offend my sensibilities.