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  1. Atardacer

    Goodbye or something

    I really don't like the discord. Other people have outlined why it sucks but I just want to say that Discord is a horrible place to have a lot of discussions. That's what a forum does best. Really looks like they just like yes-men. Companies never change, huh? Looks like this is my final post on this place, even though I haven't been that active, it has been great, especially reading the OG threads on Puerto Rico and the CC exodus. Unfortunately, that is over. Cya, I guess. Cheers, Atardacer
  2. Atardacer

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    OOF. Well, guess this is the end. I enjoyed this place while it lasted. RIP WoWs forums. Also RIP LWM's guides as well. 😞 Cya!
  3. Atardacer

    Dockyard missions

    Fun fact: you can do this easily with 3 things: 1. Play in Convoy. You can do this for this mission. 2. Run Schlieffen with a full secondary build. 3. Have half a brain. 400 secondary hits isn't the hardest thing in the world. Just spam the mode and if you play it correctly, you'll stack ribbons like it's nothing. I got 600 secondary ribbons on 150k dmg easily
  4. Atardacer

    I am gonna sing....

    sounds like a skill issue 🤣
  5. Atardacer

    Nottingham Tokens?

  6. Atardacer

    BB Hannover or CV Eagle?

    I vote no. Unless they are SAM, then yes, please.
  7. Atardacer

    Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022

    Yes because this game needs more planes, doesn't it?
  8. Atardacer

    WOWS Anniversary not started yet?

    Not yet. Battle rewards start on September 16. Read about it here: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/sales-and-events/wows-anniversary-2022/
  9. Atardacer

    Santa Container Drops (Post your luck)

    I got Agile and 2.5k coal from the 2 free containers
  10. Atardacer

    Twilight Hunt

    It appears that way for now at least
  11. Atardacer

    Tier 11 incoming

    Conde seems quite overpowered in PTS but Annapolis seems like a better Des Moines. Hannover is a HE magnet and long so good luck with HE spam and subs.
  12. Atardacer

    Stucked in Logging In screen.

    When did they care lol