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  1. Admiral_Karasu

    New Code

    Spotted one more on the EU forum. No idea what it gives, but it works here too. WAR5HIPSGEOGRAPHICS AND SAUSAGESSHIMAKAZE
  2. Admiral_Karasu

    Like WT* is this?

    Consider me surprised. Not.
  3. Admiral_Karasu

    Like WT* is this?

    Before my time.. so this is some annual cookie migration?
  4. Admiral_Karasu

    Like WT* is this?

    Anybody know WT* is this? It keeps popping all the time now, I keep allowing the cookies, I haven't made any changes recently, and on top of all, this only occurs on ASIA forum not on the EU forum.
  5. Admiral_Karasu

    Which of these coal ships shall I pick?

    I refrained from voting, but I've heard good things said about Napoli. Haven't checked for any reviews, though. Some I don't know, the ones I do know I really can't recommend. Well.. Yoshino, maybe, but I'm not that good with cruisers especially on high tiers.
  6. Admiral_Karasu

    I have Mackensen now :D, step aside Bayern

    The ship we now have is not, I repeat, is not the Bayern. It's an unhistorical fantasy refit. WG ruined the real Bayern.
  7. Admiral_Karasu

    People you've encountered in-game

    Spotted @Andy_Siau on the same team. Initially we had a good plan, a BB train to A (south team on Two Brothers), but our weaker D flank ran into trouble quick, and we were not fast enough on our flank against the enemy there. Essentially, we did too much of engaging a superior force where we should have disengaged fast. I was a bit guilty of that too, because I was really too far to help our D flank (which was not there much longer), and couldn't help to defend C cap either.
  8. Admiral_Karasu

    wows? wodds

  9. Still advocating an 'Era' based solution...
  10. Admiral_Karasu

    Is it fair in this room?

    Then again, if you guys spot me on the opposing team, your chances of winning the battle will have been boosted exponentially.
  11. TBH, I haven't touched the legendary Pepsicola in years, and I think there's been a lot of changes in meta and in USN cruiser lines since then (and I think I did not appreciate that ship all that much even then...). Still, cruiser play on tiers 5/6 is still a lot more enjoyable to me personally, than trying to struggle with them in the current high tier meta.
  12. Admiral_Karasu

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    First daily container, TYL. ... now all I need is 50 dates for Valentine...
  13. Unsurprising, as tiers 5 to 6 (and 7 somewhat) are the best balanced tiers in the game providing significantly better gameplay across the board compared to the higher tiers. In fact, I find it hard to figure out if there even is a mid tier ship that I wouldn't like.