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  1. Admiral_Karasu

    HP Bonus Code

  2. Admiral_Karasu

    Strange stuff

    Maybe they are confusing adrenalin with something else.
  3. Admiral_Karasu

    Renown Obtained!

  4. Admiral_Karasu

    You've been warned - Aegis is now unwinnable

    This bug has also been discussed on EU. It's not limited to one server, it seems, and it's not limited to just Aegis either because something seems to be wrong with the operation bots in general. I haven't played operations since last week, at that time everything seemed to be working normally, at least in the operations I took part in.
  5. Admiral_Karasu

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    1st container of the day, TYL. These two are BD SC's.
  6. Admiral_Karasu

    Mansion Browser Event - Thread

    Here's a code for the first window top floor, from EU, courtesy of VenividiviciNL. DISISSANTA2022
  7. Admiral_Karasu

    Camouflage - a miscalculation backfired or what ...

    Japanese destroyers?
  8. Admiral_Karasu

    Name and Shame PSA

    Quite. It needs to have a 'Sir' placed there somewhere.
  9. Admiral_Karasu

    Narai warning!

    Narai 5 stars can be really easy, it depends on what kind of a random team you get. Also, it seems DD's are very challenging to play in Narai so ideally maybe you want a mix of cruisers and BB's for it.
  10. Admiral_Karasu

    New Code

    New code from NA, thanks to MidnightPhoenix07 and via Ocsimano18 on EU. WOWSJPCA4NOV Gives 3x of each basic/gray booster. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/166061-new-code/
  11. Admiral_Karasu

    Zipangu gone

    WG being both openly racist and having a heavy pro-Soviet/Russian and anti-Japanese bias further confirmed. 'Glory to the Soviet Navy' apparently is just fine. They are still prepared to make money with IJN ships, because the Japanese actually built real ships while the Soviets only managed to fiddle paper designs around on the drawing board. Pathetic. They won't be able to change the outcome of the Battle of the Japan Sea, though. And they aren't getting any more money out of me now that there game's up, and the actual game is foundering due to repeated development failures. As you can gather WG never fails to get me even further p***ed about their game. /rant