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  1. Luke_Flint

    Speculation on drop rates and China

    That better with farming, just use bot like usuall and tadaa many premium ship in a account can be sell.
  2. Luke_Flint

    Weekend Random pains

    Random is really enjoying only for div / bot farming as far I know. Play coop or operation more fun then watching your cv capping in early game without spawn any plane
  3. Luke_Flint

    Invitation spam

    I just telling from what I see, since well I never see someone got banned in here and it still a big business for get premium tier 7 container
  4. Luke_Flint

    Invitation spam

    In here many netcafe selling bot account for invitation... well seems its legal cause its work.
  5. Luke_Flint

    About Asia Server so many bot

    Well in netcafe close to my apartment is base for selling bot account too and they doing great to sell it in NA server too.. Maybe in formal only wg tell they detect some bot in reality who know XD All I know its great bussiness selling bot account for them since they always expand their pc for rent. And I dont have interest to report them since I dont get any profit? Report 1 net cafe didnt do much... WG didnt dp anything too for me that why just accept it help them farming more money.
  6. Luke_Flint

    Invitation event

    Not all. Some still open in here. Some used for bit coin too, some used for farming bot service in other game like farming mats rpg, some still used for playing too like csgo and dota. SEA is big dude not like a small city with everyone same condition. Maybe they still can do for money since pandemic but I know pandemic punch really hard. But die I dont think so. Well I already know about bot issue since people already talking about bot and only wg can handle it... but well I just thinking bit weird and cant do anything since its not secret even some netcafe dont shy advertise their netcafe have cheat on some online game too in their pc XD that what happen in my place
  7. Luke_Flint

    Invitation event

    Nope its still open here. Well not all but some still open and the big one net cafe in my city still open really but if you asking its a normal like before pandemic, maybe no since the pc on without anyone on there for farming rpg mats with bot, I heard for bitcoin too, and I see some wows with aimbot for bot aiming... well I already know but they try sell the invitation too... that what I really dont sure if it work with many net cafe pc?
  8. Luke_Flint

    Invitation event

    I recently go some net cafe and its like usual for bot farming any game include wows. But recently they selling service for farming contribution and for t 8 ship. Well I dont know it work or no but they probably using that netcafe pc
  9. Luke_Flint

    About new player in random again

    Well have many reason too since first I keep playing in my main as belfast and georgia then bored cause Idk want farming what, I already got ohio too but you know I just more like playing hardly and enjoy Grinding more harder but just reading people said make me sick. Well this game have many bot too even campaign too is something I just know now how massive people botting (while I see in Guangzhou too a net cafe for used minning have sone pc rented as bot wows cause its keep.playing without any one sit in there. Not one pc but maybe more then 10... I have hard day as foreigner in here too working hardly and remember when closed beta open try farming battle for premi iwaki lol... people talkly more better then now lol... maybe I stop it now thanks
  10. Luke_Flint

    About new player in random again

    I think I delete my account and my main too well rip that georgia and Belfast haha I just think this game is not like before. I dont mind sincd my aigle already lose streak 8 game now but yeah all I got is f*ck aigle cant kill dd (since they got div atlanta and leander smoke cap radar and person said that is bb who snipping close to cv) I just think its time to finish since yeah someone said my stat is bad anf trash for new player with that aigle doesnt have +50 persen win rate ( I meet people who said your aigle win rate is trash stop using it idi*t like that in mt chat... just making ticket to delete both my game... I even having Iwaki Alpha too make me sure I am one old too maybe... I just leave a match and got called coward too cause deal 80 k dmg and my team suicide then calling stupid no spot (since I on other side focus pushing and I deal 2 Dd compared with other place without enemy dd and 1 dd sinked by bb) and called my aigle trash win rate. Just feeling like I try back playing new game not same as before...
  11. Luke_Flint

    About new player in random again

    And that mean we can be toxic in game without any reason and let make people.got triggered while he try play cause have bad day... I just dont understand I try win and still lose then got karma. sometime chat call noob dd or what even I still do dd job torp and spot then try survive if some radar ship there... Maybe Its my fault thinking this game like 2015 before when lose or win not much people toxic each other.
  12. Luke_Flint

    About new player in random again

    But well I just dont enjoy got blamed recently, yeah if I got.mistake but many time is ridiculous without reason and I just tired to find screenshot or replay for upload every game to report is as ticket even I dont know my benefit from report it too. Maybe I should play dd more agresive like rush then suddenly double strike A DD and Cruiser then Devastating a belfast with dodge her he since I am on her radar
  13. I got a few match when someone said My DD is trash and I am playing like disabled person without hand and leg im a match chat. I dont really take it but maybe for my mistake to noob for random in dd and maybe I should not play random? Cause I got many match lose and people just rampage on me with some of them telling me I should learn 1 Years in Coop battle...
  14. Luke_Flint


    It is new style to farming exp easily idk that
  15. Luke_Flint


    I dont know but its normal too see campaign and lost 3 ship in first wave agains kuma fleet even a bb just rush got torp and fire no repair and sink. Once too I got team got destroyed by second wave of tier 4 BB and only me survive cause all my fleet just forward without shoot anything happen many match with this behaviour