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  1. Sambo_Cigars

    Selling Camos Post Economy Rework Query

    I too would like to sell off the visual part of the expendable camouflages, since they serve no real purpose, but keep the economic and other benefits of these expendable camo's. Is that possible? It should be, since they are decoupling the bonuses the camo's bring from the visual aspect.
  2. Sambo_Cigars

    For the Coal !

    It was tough, frustrating and humbling. Now I can go back to my favorite mode: co-op.
  3. Sambo_Cigars

    People you've encountered in-game

    I just exchanged torpedoes with [BELLE]SgtSullyNZ in a brawl. He was playing his Saint-Louis while I was in the Agir.
  4. Sambo_Cigars

    Your Funny Games

    Then I got a second chance, right after the previous exchange with a Kearsarge: no draw this time
  5. Sambo_Cigars

    Your Funny Games

    First time this happened to me: a draw (I launched torpedoes on port side from 2 km distance from the Kearsarge, then tried to turn to launch the torpedoes from the other side, but Kearsarge wouldn't let me and rammed me)
  6. Sambo_Cigars

    When you play ONLY Stalingrad

    That is an excellent result, why care about your win rate?
  7. Sambo_Cigars

    General Questions Thread

    You can buy 5 port slots in the armory with a 20% discount.
  8. Sambo_Cigars

    Ruckus in the depot Bundles RNG

    This!👆 Why couldn't WG just put summer lootboxes on sale? Those containers, like the Santa containers, offer value for money and you knew what you were buying.
  9. Sambo_Cigars

    General Questions Thread

    The rewards for winning brawls is rather underwhelming, particularly so if you have to face a Rupprecht as a cruiser player in dozens of brawls. It doesn't matter what cruiser I am playing, Agir, Ibuki, Brindisi or Neptune, I haven't killed a Rupprecht even once. The Rupprecht players, of course, know that their battleship is king in this mode.
  10. Sambo_Cigars

    Wonder what's the hint of this?

    Operations (Killer Whale) has been available again for the last 5 hours.
  11. Sambo_Cigars

    General Questions Thread

    Yeah, accept slower progress in grinding a ship branch or pay to make progress. I am also worried about the changes in the battle economics, as it stands right now, I am already struggling to buy and equip the ships I unlock, unless I buy in-game credits with real money. It could be that World of Warships is moving in the direction of pay to win/progress. That would be the wrong direction. I like this game very much, and I do not mind paying for premium ships, permanent camouflages, for the premium containers, etc. but I wouldn't like it if I felt that I was being squeezed to pay to progress.
  12. Sambo_Cigars

    General Questions Thread

    I just noticed that WG changed the condition to get a reward in brawls: you now have to win 6 battles instead of 4 (as with earlier brawls). The rewards, however, have remained the same. So, we'll have to do more to get the same reward. Come on WG, increase the amount of coal and elite commander XP we get as reward accordingly! And by the way, I am enjoying brawls again. I didn't bother with the last brawl run with tier 10 ships because of the 9 vs 9 format. The current one-on-one format is more like it.
  13. Sambo_Cigars

    Wonder what's the hint of this?

    My guess would be this (convoy, brawls, and ranked are active as well as clan battles, their servers must be pretty busy)
  14. Sambo_Cigars

    Go go get this Commander!

    Got Pyotr Velikiy and assigned him to the cruiser Diana L which I got from a 'Ruckus in the Depot' container. I also got the cruisers Aurora and Alte Abreu from a 'Ruckus container'. Great fun in co-op.