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  1. Sambo_Cigars

    Goodbye or something

    I just joined WG's Discord community server and promptly got rewarded with a container with 250 doubloons and some other stuff in it. So, I advice everyone to join their community server if only to get the container. By the way, did anyone find a discord server or thread with the specific purpose to track and share all the new bonus codes WG gives away? Well, I guess this is my last post in this forum, so I would like to say goodbye to everyone I met in this forum.
  2. Sambo_Cigars

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    It looks to me that WG didn't like the feedback they got from the player base in the various forums and decided to get rid of the forums. As others have pointed out, Discord can not be considered as a replacement for the various forums that offers equal value. Anyway, decision has been taken and there really isn't anything the player base can do about it. However, I was thinking that maybe the players could launch their own forum, independent of any WG involvement. This could be a single forum with sub-forums for different languages. All the valuable posts, like the reviews, from the different forums (Asia, EU, NA) could be transferred to this new forum. This requires that players chip in to cover the cost of setting up and running a server, some qualified folks would have to take care of the technical aspects, as moderators, etc.. One important function of this forum was to share bonus codes, this is where I got all my bonus codes, so I am wondering where should I look for new bonus codes?
  3. Sambo_Cigars

    Mission Requirements

    A question on an other mission: why are the requirements to complete 2nd, 3rd and 4th missions so extreme (to finish the 4th and final missions you need to earn 45k base XP playing the Split, Katsonis or Gdansk). These are quite demanding requirements to complete in co-op.
  4. Sambo_Cigars

    Mission Requirements

    The page announcing the events in update 12.6 has some kind of mission, possibly related to the release of the Spanish cruisers, however, to unlock the mission you have to meet certain requirements. It is unclear to me what these requirements are. Does anyone know? https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-126-spanish-cruisers/
  5. Sambo_Cigars

    Which ROUTE to choose?

    😆 You are not the only one who just discovered that you are allowed to unlock the missions in both directions.
  6. Sambo_Cigars

    Got Scammed Out of the Summer Event

    Most likely a software glitch.
  7. Sambo_Cigars

    New Code

    I just did.
  8. WG is quite stingy in how it rewards the losing party in brawls. Look at the damage I did to the Kremlin in a light cruiser and consider the fact that this map allowed me to win this brawl by playing the 'hide and seek game', as many do unfortunately. I don't mind losing the brawl, I knew that there was a more than 50% chance that I would lose this brawl when I left my cover and sailed towards the Kremlin (a brawl should be a brawl), what I do mind is how little I get in FXP and commander XP despite all my work and grey boosters for FXP and CXP.
  9. Sambo_Cigars

    New Code

    It's now stuck at 2877 despite the fact that I just reached the 40th stage of the battle pass. I also noticed that WG replaced 1000 coal as reward for each additional stage with 50 summer tokens. I feel a bit cheated.
  10. Sambo_Cigars

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    The mode requires that you play a battleship, one with staying power.
  11. Sambo_Cigars

    New Code

    I am stuck at 1308 BXP. I logged out, did an integrity check, played 4 games but counter did not move past 1308 BXP. Anyone else having this issue?
  12. I knew from my experience with previous tier 10 brawls in the 1 vs 1 format that it was going to be tough. The Schlieffen and Mecklenburg rule in this format, these two ships I just couldn't defeat. I had the Schlieffen in port but I am no good with it (in fact, I am no good with any of the battleships in this line), so I bought the Mecklenburg for precisely this purpose. And thus far it has not disappointed me, 3 brawls with the Mecklenburg and all 3 wins. It plays like the Brandenburg or Tirpitz. And by the way, the recommended secondaries build did not work that well for me, I almost lost my first brawl with Mecky against a Columbo: the Columbo kept knocking out my main guns. So I switched to a build centered around the main guns and its much better, no more disabled main guns. The Meck even defeated a Kurfürst. I am not so sure I could win against a Schlieffen though.
  13. Sambo_Cigars

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    I really do not understand the disapproval expressed at battleships dominating this mode. What's wrong with it? Destroyers and torpedo cruisers dominate co-op. Finally there is an enjoyable PvE mode where battleships matter.
  14. I have reason to suspect that some kind of hanky-panky is going on. I was just in a brawl playing the tier VIII Italian battleship Veneto, with me was a Prinz Eugen, the other team consisted of a Nebraska and a Z-23. All the other players have an emblem and are with a special color clan. Right at the start of the battle, one the players in the other team types a message in a language that is not even displayed, my team mate types something back. As we enter the cap zone (the map is 'Loop'), Prinz Eugen parks itself next to an island to the left, showing full broadside to the Nebraska and fires once or twice at the Z-23 (without doing much damage), the Z-23 launches its torpedoes towards the Prinz Eugen, the Prinz Eugen just sits there to take the torpedoes. To me it looked very much like the Prinz Eugen just offered itself as a target. Something similar happened in a brawl yesterday.
  15. Sambo_Cigars

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    Remove the timegate and I will hardly ever bother going into co-op. This illustrates one of the problems with co-op, the only reason I got 300+ BXP is because I capped. I frequently end up wondering, when playing tier 9 or 10 cruisers, why I was even in the co-op battle.