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  1. RumBuggery

    Commonwealth Commanders?

    Well, yes. I think this is the best advice. I know I've been ambushed many times by enemy ships who know exactly what I am going to do and just sit in a good spot waiting for me to do it. I'm having a lousy morning. I've been playing kind of mindlessly like a candy crush addict and have been sunk early in about 6 battles in a row playing various DDs.
  2. RumBuggery

    Commonwealth Commanders?

    Yes, sometimes I get great help from cruisers behind me. But it really seems like I get the single brain cell types more often than the good players. Quite often they simply don't have line of sight into the cap. As for your other advice, yes, I am generally cautious approaching caps at the start. I generally do ok at caps unless the enemy has a really good ambush (or lucky torps). The real frustrating situation is when my actions are a mirror of the enemy DD's and he survives and I don't. This must happen to every DD player. The enemy DD is identical to me and his team at the cap very similar to mine. We spot each other at exactly the same time. Every red ship within range opens up on me, and none of my team shoot back at the red DD. That has happened to me so many times that I have adopted a much more cautious approach to capping.
  3. RumBuggery

    Commonwealth Commanders?

    I was assuming I could use my 20 point British captain. After all, Britain is part of the Commonwealth. I like your note about catching subs. The type 21 U-Boats were slightly faster submerged than Corvettes but still a lot slower than a proper DD. Battleships and Cruisers in the real world have Destroyers escorting them to protect against Submarines. However in this game the big ships have much better ASW than us poor under appreciated DDs.
  4. RumBuggery

    Commonwealth Commanders?

    Yes, I know that one ๐Ÿ˜‰ I sometimes do it, too and it is surprising how often it works well. Enemy DDs panic and "Notser" islands. My real question, which nobody has answered, is whether there is some way of improving team coordination that I am not aware of. It just seems to happen too often that I come up against the A-Team where players coordinate perfectly with each other for long enough to demolish my poor little DD. Nobody ever tries to coordinate anything with me. I mean players who are not in a division. It's probably just my bad luck. So far in the Vampire II I've had more bad luck than good IMHO. Of course there are many anti DD elements in this game so it's no surprise to get them all at once sometimes. You know, I think they are trying to kill me!!!
  5. RumBuggery

    how old are you (in this game)

    Just over a year, I think. I got some kind of one year bonus from WG a month or two ago. As EvilJade said, it's been a rough year for a newbie. I've been playing a lot, hours nearly every day. I am a slow learner, but I do learn eventually. My biggest mistake was to play 1000 co-op battles before progressing to Random. I wanted to learn to play before playing much against humans. Unfortunately, co-op teaches that the only way to play is to rush forward as fast as possible and be generally hyper aggressive and bold. So, it's nice to hear someone say that it is a difficult game. Why are some players so hard on 'noobs'? It really annoys me when someone presses their "Well done!" when I get sunk. Dckheads... Those players are usually in a ship that is extremely safe in the early part of the game. I am in a ship that is highly vulnerable. Let them play a DD and see how they get along. It is a game of risk management. Being over cautious does not win battles. Over aggression gets one sunk... I'm now a half decent player of DDs in my opinion and very often get into situations where I have absolutely no chance at all, mostly because I sail unknowingly into a perfect ambush.
  6. RumBuggery

    Commonwealth Commanders?

    OK, there's no need. I quite like the short summary you just gave. But it applies to 1 on 1 situations and my bad battles all happen because it is me against many. ๐Ÿ™‚ That is everyone's problem, of course. Capping is a very tense and dangerous time. There are many anti DD systems! I'll figure it out ๐Ÿ™‚ What I really want to know is... - How do I arrange to have 2 radar ships backing me up in the cap? - How do I arrange for the CV to spot the enemy DD in the cap at the perfect moment? - How do I get the big ships behind me to choose positions that allow them to shoot into the cap? - When I spawn in front of the middle cap, how do I stop my team members from all sailing to the left and right and leaving me stranded? I probably need to change my focus a little. Many have noted that this is not a team game, or at least you can't rely on anyone (usually). It is a very frustrating game if one has expectations of one's team members. Maybe I should not worry about winning and just try to do well with the hope that it will make a difference. Kind of like life, really...
  7. RumBuggery

    Commonwealth Commanders?

    Another example of coordination. I was contesting a cap with a Marceau. After a while he gave up... I got the cap. I went to cap B. The Marceau followed me on rpf (I have no rpf yet). When I got to B a DM was just entering, which cornered me and I had to shoot and attempt to torp. But it was the Marceau that finished me off. Now that took some coordination. I am assuming the DM knew what the Marceau was up to. That was clever play, I thought... Not genius level maybe, but I feel like I was up against some good players. Are they communicating and coordinating or just good enough to read the situation and act accordingly? I repeat that nobody ever tries to coordinate with me, even when I join a div. When I make a suggestion I am ignored and if it is a strong suggestion I lose all of my karma. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe I need to learn another language. This morning I have had 6 battles in the Vampire. 5 of them difficult, and only two of them wins. I have had 2 other battles, one in the Halland and 1 in the Jutland, both of which were much easier games and both wins. I topped the XP list in the Halland battle. I think that if I had been using any other DD instead of the Vampire in those 6 games the results would have been the same. Maybe when I drive the Halland I get troubled less by aircraft ๐Ÿ˜‰ [Examples of strong suggestions.] "Can we do the same to their DD that they are doing to me, Please!!!" "We lost the cap even though we have identical ships because they got in close and we all stayed back." "Will somebody please shoot at the red guys!"
  8. RumBuggery

    Commonwealth Commanders?

    Well, it was OK as far as it goes ๐Ÿ™‚ The basic advice for caution seems OK, but... Let me outline my typical experience over the past couple of days... This battle is still going, but I died first... There are 3 enemy DDs, Kagero, Yugumo, Marceau... 4 radar ships, Missouri, 2 x Petro, Alaska and it is a CV game. So, guess what happens? I approach the cap cautiously, but get spotted by the CV along the way. Nothing happens. I start capping. This is the C cap. Both Petros are sailing towards B, passing C, the Alaska is on the other side of C. Then the CV spots me again and the Marceau enters the cap... I smoke up then the radar starts... The enemy team has closed the cap but the closest green ships are way behind me and probably don't have line of sight to the middle of the cap. Also, the green cv is focused on another area and not overflying C at all. In other words, I have no chance at all. All of the DD killers came to my cap and demolished my ship. So what should I have done? I did not know they were all there. The obvious answer is nothing. Hang back and wait until I can see what ships I am up against, especially if my team is not closing the cap. But a DD is a scout ship too and I feel like it's really up to me to find out what is there. Maybe I should run away as soon as I see a red ship... Or maybe I should ping my team's map squares... So, this is my common experience. The most dangerous enemy ships always show up at my cap and I get smashed or sunk. In a battle yesterday there were 4 red DDs and 3 of them came to my cap. Groningen, Friesland, Gearing... As soon as I touched the edge of the cap I was overflown, spotted and that was the end of that. That overflight seemed like well coordinated action. So it seems that the red team is waiting around the cap ready to ambush a DD that comes close. When that DD (me) is spotted they coordinate their actions to wipe me out instantly. So my most important question is... Why am I never on the team that does that? Are they all so experienced that they know what to do, or are they communicating and coordinating? All I get is my map square pinged, or useless "get back" shouts. I feel like I am missing something... Teams rarely play as teams but when they do it is nearly always the red team and nobody ever communicates with me to arrange joint action (except maybe "Get out of your smoke and SPOT!!") Anyway, the obvious action I should take is to delay approaching caps until I know what is there. Also, I am developing a gut feeling about lurking dangers but ignore it too often out of impatience. As for your video, it was quite OK. What I like to see in battle videos is players commentating their battles and telling me WHY they are taking certain actions. Potato Quality, Notser and my favourite is probably Carbine Carlito. So your video is a great introduction to the Vampire II but not really a "How I play" video. One point of difference between you and some others is that they think the Vampire is made for cap contesting and you do not. I will try a more cautious approach... It seems right.
  9. RumBuggery

    Commonwealth Commanders?

    OK, thank you, I will watch it with great interest. (My Vampire WR currently 37% after 38 battles. Overall WR 46% but rising slowly) And if you get a chance to suggest an Aussie captain, that would be great and much appreciated. It would be especially nice if Capt. Waller was made to be a good fit for the Perth the way Jerzy Swirski is for the Halland. The Perth/Houston history is interesting too and I think WG could do something with that, maybe. But then of course I'd have to fork out some gold and learn to play cruisers ๐Ÿ™‚ and I would, too.
  10. RumBuggery

    Commonwealth Commanders?

    Strangely, I have had a string of very difficult games in the Vampire... CVs locate me quickly then hound me to death.. In between air attacks I get radared... When the enemy team has only 2 DDs they both come to my cap... Up hill all the way. On the other hand yesterday I had my best game ever in the Halland. 6 ships sunk for about 290k damage. (arms race, so reload buffs helped a lot). The big ships just would not stop walking into my torps... Easy, easy game. But in the Vampire it has been a hard fight every inch of the way for small results... I got called a noob (yet again) in my last battle. Sigh... The reason I mentioned Captain Waller is that he was quite special. He was a great Destroyer Div captain and went on to be the last captain of the Perth, which went down alongside the Houston in a fight against impossible odds. Everyone here probably knows this already ๐Ÿ™‚ His special talent could be dodging air attack. Perth was bombed many times but only hit once, I think, and one near miss. So, if I want to make this suggestion to WG, who do I contact?
  11. RumBuggery

    Commonwealth Commanders?

    Are there any unique commands for commonwealth ships? I just got hold of the Vampire II and it seems like a keeper. I would like to see Hec Waller as a unique commander for Aussie ships. Where can I make this suggestion?
  12. RumBuggery

    General Questions Thread

    Well, I am currently regrinding several lines to get the Vampire II. It's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll. Currently all of my ships are standard tech tree but I keep getting smashed by premium ships, so maybe it's time to upgrade (or get better at the game...) But the good ships I can buy for dubloons seem way to expensive. Anyway, thanks for the replies. I'll consider whether or not to save up for the Groningen. I wish they'd bring back the Smaland... That thing is a pure DD assassin and I am its favourite target whenever I am on the opposite team ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. RumBuggery

    General Questions Thread

    Are there any free xp ships still available? I can't find any place to get one.
  14. RumBuggery

    Your Funny Games

    This is a little off topic, but kind of funny to me. Fairly typical, too, actually. Playing a Yugumo I was cautious in the cap because I was outspotted by the enemy Yukikaze. His supporting cruiser started shooting at me so I smoked up and ran away. Someone was pressing their "Cap C" button, but I kept going around an island. Then I hear the "Well done!" from one of my team. But when I got around the island I headed straight back to the cap, as intended. I got spotted by the Yukikaze again and we exchanged a few shots while he smoked up. I sent torps and got him with one but his CV was right there and hit me with 2 torps, finishing me off. And of course another team mate hits his "Well Done!" key. Our team completely melted so none of us did very well. Even with that poor performance I was second in XP at the end. I quite enjoy working with people towards a common goal. That is why I don't like the smart arses who shout "Well Done!" when I get sunk. I just remembered another one. Near the end of a standard battle I was on very low hp. Any hit would have sunk me. Two enemy DDs entered our cap and started capping. I was the closest ship but had no chance against the two DDs. A friendly cruiser with good hp was coming fast and I just sat there safely outside the cap waiting. One of my team wanted me to get in to the cap and asks "are you a bot?" My torps came up so I fired them off into the smoke and got one of the DDs. The cruiser got the other one and we won the game.
  15. RumBuggery

    Remove "Report" from the game, Please!

    Well, yes. It has no purpose. I think compliments are OK, but a "Well done" during the game is enough. So I guess I agree 200% with your 50% agreement.