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  1. 1. During game. Battleship (Frederick de Grosse) became permanently stuck on island at H5, west point where the village is. 2. Reproduction steps: Drive past island heading ~170 degrees, just skimming the shores. Turn left slightly. Image and replay attached, sollision at roughly 14 min mark to the end of game. 20211208_200943_PGSB109-Friedrich-der-Grosse_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  2. Started the game over the last few weeks and I'm playing with a couple of friends. The current state of matchmaking means that when we go in a division with a mix T6/T7, we often end up in matches dominated by T8 and T9. Facing +2/+3 happens a bit more than half of the time at this stage. The SEA meta of battleship dominates queues aside, how would you play as DDs or CCs while outgunned, outranged, and outspotted (20% disadvantage from lack of 10-point commanders and lack of CE)? Hugging islands more? Staying back more (even more so than BB players bee-lining for the back edge of the map)?