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  1. Majmac

    A quick PSA

    Just had a T8 game with three subs, two DDs and 2 CVs per side. It was not enjoyable.
  2. Majmac

    Warship Strike!

    WG borked it, so they have pulled the game until they work out how to fix it.
  3. Majmac


    Was not me. It was in a match I was in, as the original post states.
  4. Majmac


    Disregard, I have found out how it can happen. If continuing to hit friendly player after warning, damage is reflected back on the offending ship.
  5. Majmac


    I was just in a match where an Helena sunk itself. It had just received a warning for unsporting conduct and was penalized. Then, about one minute later the battle report stated that it was sunk by itself. I have seen (and can understand) how a CV can do this, but a cruiser? It was a Co-op game.
  6. Except now that Cvs have AUTOMATIC ASW! Any other class have that level of hand-holding? Oh, yes, SSs cannot really hunt each other underwater. No hunter-killer subs.
  7. Majmac

    US 3rd Battleship line is coming!

    They will probably make it a submersible craft. This is further proof (along with the pitch for new players) that this game is in serious trouble.
  8. Majmac

    Should I get the Rio De Janeiro ?

    Sea Lord Mountbatten has put out a YouTube overview on it. He gave it 7/10.
  9. Majmac

    How Is It Possible?

    The player only played one T1 Random game. They played 22 T4 Random games and 38 T5 Random games. It is not of any concern to me, I was just intrigued when the player died so easily in a 1vs1 encounter.
  10. Majmac

    How Is It Possible?

    Perhaps a bit of methamphetamine helped. 🙂
  11. Majmac

    How Is It Possible?

    I was more interested in the Random number of games. I know about the Co-op, and I only mentioned it because it seems like an abnormally low number of Co-op games in relation to the number of Random games. Further with the Co-op; all three games were T1. The two wins had an average XP of 194, with the highest being 355. The loss had zero XP with zero damage being caused to the other team. Then ... the player bursts upon the Random scene and has such a high win rate. Still I wonder how someone can play so many Random games in less than 24 hours and have such a high WR?
  12. Majmac

    How Is It Possible?

    Just encountered a play today. They have played 89 Random Battles and three Co-op battles. All well and good, BUT they only registered yesterday (5 September, 2022). How is it possible to play that many Random battles in less than 24 hours? That works out at more than three battles per hour, playing non-stop for 24 hours. By the way, their Co-op win rate is 66.67%, so they are well below average in winning. However, their Random win rate is 50.56%! That is above average.
  13. Majmac

    Which Tier 10 Coal ships?

    It depends on what class you enjoy. I would never play a CV.
  14. From your avatar picture, I would say you have something FAR BETTER than anything you can get from WG. 🙂
  15. Majmac

    ​📰 Public Test 0.11.8, Balance Changes

    BIG buff on the Champagne! That is a 15% increase on its HP pool. Nerfed the Leander! Why? It does not overperform.