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  1. Majmac

    I reach 50% WR, am i a good player ?

    Does it matter if others think you are "good" The more important question to ask yourself is, "Am I enjoying the game?"
  2. Majmac

    Druid review

    Change its name to a Russian one and suddenly it will be made into a super DD by WG staff!
  3. Majmac

    Set Sail Without A Commander

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. That makes sense, as you are sailing without a Commander. You would need a commander to earn Commander XP.
  4. Majmac

    Set Sail Without A Commander

    If you sail without a captain, I think you do not get any ship XP or (of course) Commander XP. I am less sure about Free XP. Anyone able to confirm if I am correct?
  5. Majmac

    Fair winds, friends.

    Good on you for getting out before the Russian Mafia make you walk the plank ... as has happened to a NA employee recently.
  6. Majmac

    How do i get a 50%+ WR ?

    It is not just you that will get you above the 50% win rate. It is also the "team" you are on. Teamwork is a rare thing. I was in a Random game today in which we had the A Cap. I was at the C Cap, along with a BB & a DD and we were contesting the cap against a BB, 2 CAs & a DD. I glanced at the mini map and noticed that our FIVE ships in the A Cap were running away from a red BB & a CL! They then bunched up in the corner of the map and were slaughtered like sheep! The two red CVs joined in and worked well together, focus firing on each ship in turn until it was sunk, before moving on to the next. Now that was great teamwork! Needless to say, by then we were so far behind on points that we lost. Those five players could not/would not work together to knock over the BB and then the CL. I have been in many 'blow-out' matches today! 🙂 Each time I have been on the losing team. My win rate is slipping backwards. All the best on getting above 50% if you have to rely on team play.
  7. Majmac

    Test ship encounters thread

    I ran into a Zieten (tVIII German?) BB today. The player seemed fairly inexperienced as the ship pushed in early in the match, ahead of two cruisers and one DD (Did the player think it was a Co-Op match?) and died quickly. Do their testers have much experience?
  8. Majmac

    Another CHAOS just happened.

    As someone (Flamu?) pointed out, this posting by this person implies that you should not criticise the food you get at a restaurant unless you are a chef. You should not criticise a movie unless you are a movie producer. Do you see where this is going? He is basically saying, "Do not criticise us, we can do what we like and you just have to wear it."
  9. Majmac

    Excessive Png/ Lag today

    I think that their computers and servers are flat out trying to count all the money they are raking in and shuffling it around the world to try and get it into Russia and avoid any money laundering trails. 🙂
  10. Majmac


    Yep, the joy of the YOLOs on your team. I have been in two MMs today which, in both of them, 3 or 4 BBs and 2 CAs just waited in a corner, then, when the rest of the team (in both games) was overwhelmed, they charged in line astern and were fed to the wolves! I love the kids who play this game! They play not to win, but just to sail around and try to stay alive. Until of course, they are backed into a corner and have no choice but to die.
  11. Majmac

    New CODE

  12. It may have surfaced just as you ran over it.
  13. Majmac

    Excessive Png/ Lag today

    I have not noticed that lag rate or had anyone on the PTS complain of it.
  14. Majmac

    Excessive Png/ Lag today

    In a few random games yesterday, the day before and one just now, people complained about 6000 ping rate at times. I have not experienced it yet.
  15. Majmac