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  1. NewMoskva

    Soviet Superships

    This design is based off the Kreml- Class. If added, AA should replace some secondaries.
  2. NewMoskva

    Soviet Superships

    Talk about suggestions regarding new Soviet superships. I currently have one that I think would work with a few changes. My Design (New Moskva)
  3. NewMoskva

    Soviet Supership

    Yeah, I hope this is a joke. Otherwise I do not know what to say. The 3 funnels on the ship can create a 24/7 smoke screen.
  4. NewMoskva

    Soviet Supership

    I was thinking of something like this (My own design)
  5. NewMoskva

    Soviet Supership

    Discussion about A possible Soviet Supership, Superships in general and Soviet tech tree expansions. Feel free to talk.