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  1. nah, they're fine (maybe with the exception of wet noodle aa on a lot of ships) it's more MTWGA (make teamwork great again)
  2. I remember the days when bb shells did what they should. It was pretty much "dd must be in smoke or island ambush" or they just one shot in a smoking heap from the 1st bb volley, BB's just wern't scared of them nor did they have a reason to be. As is, it's much more natural/realistic, BB's should be running with support to defeat dd close in.
  3. Ralgon

    Do U think Dazzle does something?

    Rng skill is rng skill. It's only as good as it's next use and it's not reliable. It does something, but no sane min/maxer will recommend it with the options it competes for.
  4. with all the regular internet complaint static over mechanics and ships it's easy to forget WG has really stepped up the visuals since 10.0 (planes/water/underwater) which is all something they cant monetize but still happened anyway. Good vid!!
  5. Nah, it's the new anti sub..... the ears give 10 sec detection any time a sub pings or fires and the tail absorbs pings that hit it (so the new tactic is show that sub your aft and wiggle it like crazy!!) ......
  6. Ralgon

    Am I investing too much in this game

    at least you've got you time out of it. I have nearly $600Au sunk into star citizen, but i refuse to play until it's released so i don't get attached to jettisoned mechanics The Missus and i just spent nearly $2KAu on Kingdom Death : Monster to spend more time together (but $1200 of that is unreleased stuff on backerkit). A single campaign play through is supposedly like 20+hrs, and theres plenty of randomness. Pretty sure your good, as long as you're enjoying it.
  7. 1) we're on the internet, Crying things are too hard (indirectly or not) is par for the course, about anything. 2) Not restricted to WoWs. You can find it occuring in pretty much every team based title out there that doesn't have a pro competitive image to keep up. 3) Devs (or their marketing and accounting overlords at least) seem to think it's the ONLY way to increase playerbases. Most likely due to 1
  8. Ralgon

    Double First Blood

    By that logic the whole map could get it, but i'm pretty sure it'd cause a heart attck for the hamster trying to power the server to detect it properly and crash it.........
  9. In other news, In 11.0 Wows Wots and WOWPS merge, hybrids now use players for the plane flights and all maps get a land perimeter for the tanks to fight off
  10. Ralgon

    Broken Match Making

    And as much as this is for the lols, its also sadly true. concealment? forget it once we have several hybrid options....... next it will be 3 hybrids or 2 hybrids + a sniper bb div. on top of this the dutch will replace dd's and become the island humper terrors.
  11. Ralgon

    Coming from the enemy New Mexico....

    not forgetting the concealment can go away completely with the press of a button, usually with only 1-2km of give between attack range
  12. Ralgon

    I just want to talk about Public Tests

    I think the community mostly overestimates the role/ importance of pts. By the time it hits that stage most of the big work is done. We aren't supposed to be there to alter the mechanics, just fine tune some values and make sure the client stability in a larger play control group is there, and report bugs missed so far to follow up on. Couple this with the obligatory, "can't agree on anything" nature of the interwebz and voila! You've done your test gunieapig duties.
  13. Ralgon

    I'm a battleship

    Hi, i'm a BB. My side calls for support and pushes into a seemingly uncontested cap, so i follow a few km behind because teamwork right? Oh, now there's actually shells firing back they are all turning around, it's ok, i'll push up a little and angle tank so we can destroy them with focus fire. Guys?, shooting? ahh, it wasn't to let me tank, it was to go dark and run. Because of my concealment that just means i'd die in a hail of black ribbons and ear ringing, guess i'll see if i can shoot my way out. Well, i'm down. traded myself for that 1 crusier that got overconfident and a chunk of an enemy BB or 2, but at least my side got away to cower back in the spawn................
  14. Ralgon

    MM based on what thing exactly?

    Because, as i explained above, that just encourages the campy, snipy cheese at high level we are already complaining about............. Edit: oh and lets not even go near the fact it'd introduce bracket dropping by afk/potatoing into the enemy team. That's sure going to be more fun than bots.
  15. Ralgon

    MM based on what thing exactly?

    as i've noted before, *if* the matching screen is accurate in random it's trying to match around 2-300 ships in the entire play range pool, take 5-10% out, and do it in under 3 minutes or so (based on what they allow with bots in the lower teirs, asia server). After that it usually gives me the "server full, try another gametype". What do you expect out of it other than broken? Not the 1st time and certainly not the last i will see it