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  1. Ralgon

    You should read this... ... ...

    side note. pretty sure the dates are out but nostradamus had a prediction on this one, and it's scary if it tracks true..........
  2. Ralgon

    this is illegal..........

    i stand corrected.....
  3. Ralgon

    this is illegal..........

    yeah but it doesn't award kraken down there either iirc. it means a whole lot of missing info or something is sus.... Edit: incorrect info
  4. As always, Will. not. work. Money dries up, they shutter the game /servers and focus on their profitable products (probably the mobile version). Like it or not, the backend of movies/game development means you have to keep on them for longer than the money will last before they can even think about change, much less effect it. Said it before and i'll say it again, if it hits the general pop ptr it literally has to bug break the game before they'll pull it/major redesign, coz they ain't wasting the development time and $$$................................ and that ain't just a weegee thing
  5. Ralgon

    Armoury QOL improvement suggestion

    a1000 times this^ (not totally jumping on you alone kek, sooo many forums dwellers need to be spammed with this until they get it!!) The entitlement average joe player seems to get from f2p $$$, crowdfunding, and open beta is the worst thing to ever happen to game development.
  6. As always, the issue is usually the company economist (ie the accountants) usually recommend to veto and or cut corners on these roles and their resources, and they get listened too..........
  7. Ralgon

    PC Powerplay Cover

    in mag publications like that deadline would have been 2-3 weeks before issue date , with the actual interview possibly a month old or more. One more reason digital is taking over, much less to worry about with page formatting, length of piece and ease of proofread which flows on to faster lead times (assuming they keep staffing levels).
  8. Ahh just do it anyway, As @Max_Battle would say " All mackra is gud!"
  9. How many $4appers could a good S4pp4 Sap, If a good Sappa could Sapp3r S4pp3R? I'll let myself out............
  10. And as always, be careful what you wish for. MM can barley get fair tier match ups based off the available player pools. Imagine what wait times are gonna be like if it really segregates by skill as well, not to mention the repetitive names you with match with.
  11. Ralgon

    Playing on EU from Brisbane, Australia

    almost makes one wonder if they've merged servers, but just keep em separate coz. 120 to 180 could easily just be "on the day" variances.
  12. Ralgon

    Submarines are Cancer

    Nice! Tell me, is MWO still as much of a dumpster fire as WoW these days?
  13. Ralgon

    Submarines are Cancer

    The real star crab! Both big tin cans people think are overpowered.....
  14. problem with the mentality like that is nobody wins, the hate is toxic and will eventually shutter the game if not the studio. Then is the next guy struggles to get startup funding to build a future product demand or not, because the bean counters point at the previous failure and say "no, you're just going to do that".