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  1. Ralgon

    Best CV at tier 6?

    If you're going to do that, clear out or spot the enemy dd's that aren't potato 1st. At t5-6 they are stupid strong when they don't have to worry about air spotting.
  2. Yeah, no. It's more a consumer entitlement thing, and it absolutely happens anywhere where real money microtransactions have stats attached. People get hung up on what they see as "bait and switch" when it's just game balance. OFC it doesn't help when multiple changes seem rushed same as the last 2 patches.
  3. Unless 21.5km was always the target and they were just easing players into it. OFC that doesn't help with the mixed message communication though
  4. Coal does not cost you $$$ for starters, so no you did not "buy" it, WG make nothing from a direct purchase in coal or steel, period. Secondly "buying" a ship should not give you an overly strong ship at it's teir, otherwise that's "pay to win" and a whole lot worse. Thirdly, you agreed to the T&C's that lets them do this when you made your account, so suck it up. The only reason you haven't seen it done more often is as a courtesy to you, the player. 95% of the time encouraging people not to buy will NOT do what you think it will, and will generally make things worse.
  5. Ralgon

    Is T8 worth grinding to?

    ^ This too. It really is a level where you're either the bug or the windscreen, you need to check the ship list properly every battle to avoid a blattfest.
  6. Ralgon

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    It's not just a fallacy though. By the time a feature hits the PTS big $$$ have been spent getting it there. The accounting dept doesn't want to hear that's wasted money they want returns/a product for it, especially if it's something like that new buff mechanic they have floated an idea for that can't get monetized. And people wonder why things get poop canned by players at the "idea" level. NO, we are trying to prevent the train wreck BEFORE it's too late.
  7. Ralgon

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    Even then how do you separate sincere but misinformed reports such as would come from these examples... just looking at stats wont give you an accurate measure if player decides to go "full troll" for a day
  8. Ralgon

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    But that's just it, As Max proved your system doesn't either. All it will do is waste a shipload of time chasing genuine reports vs the toxic ones without the benefits of the match backend data to see what happened, while at the same time giving an extra platform to express that toxicity. As for the "months of development wasted" now you get why bad play concepts and updates still happen in games. The company still paid it's devs to make the feature/ship/function happen, so last thing they want to do is bin it.
  9. Ralgon

    Is T8 worth grinding to?

    Short answer, yes but it depends on the navy and your playable. Right now I'm collecting a t8 of each class, purely for missions and campaigns
  10. Ralgon

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    quiet you, you snail cancer giverer you..... Must admit some of the downvotes from your thread are good for a laugh
  11. Ralgon

    Torp, stop gunning, stop, TORP

    But then those people are wondering why you aren't just in a kitakaze instead........ Sidebar, ranting at someone serval times in general is getting on my nerves, just quit this session od the game after watching wall o' text all battle thrown at a cv about him not dd hunting only to have that player finally respond in the non english boxes......
  12. Ralgon

    Torp, stop gunning, stop, TORP

    What gets me is players yelling at my Jag and Skane because i wont drop smoke for them.......
  13. Ralgon

    WG pls Care for the old players.

    Ok that one nearly made me spit coffee. Ineternetz cookies for you , Sir (But apparently no dark side cake.....)
  14. Ralgon

    Vampire II

    You and me both, i even would have had her at regular dub prices. But between what i need in RB (not ven unlocked yet), no fxp to skip any of it, and now splitting my time with Super Mecha Championship it's just No Buenos.